The Truly Greatest Africans of All Time

As for Winnie Mandela, a convicted kidnapper, child abuser and thief (not to mention the many crimes she got away with in the past, as the wife of Nelson Mandela and a leading female terrorist in South Africa, who made the infamous statement, “With our matches and our necklaces we will liberate this country!”), she was voted the “most popular woman in Africa.”

Revealing abysmal ignorance of African and world history, some of those nominated included black Americans such as Malcolm X (a racist thug), Mohammed Ali (a man who made millions beating other men to pulp), Michael Jackson (a filthy sexual pervert Rock star), Bill Cosby (nothing but a sometimes off-colour comedian), and Louis Farrakhan (another racist thug). Aside from the fact that none of these men deserves a place in any list of “greats” anywhere, the fact is that none of them were or are Africans! Nor is Brazilian footballer Pele – but he made it onto the list as well.

The poll appeared to shock the editors of New African. They pointed out that although they had asked readers to vote for the greatest Africans of all time, over 95% of the nominations were from the post-Colonial era. And they asked, “Have people forgotten Africa’s history?”

Sadly, although it may be that many have indeed forgotten Africa’s history, there are many, many other Africans who actually think highly of the brutal post-Colonial black thugs, tyrants and dictators who have disgraced one African country after another over the past 40 years or so. These wicked rulers are heroes to vast numbers of black Africans, for no other reason than this: they are viewed as men who “liberated” their countries from white rule. And because of this, “the people” will excuse their horrendous crimes, their massacres of innocent civilians, their torturing of political opponents, their milking of their own countries. It speaks volumes about Africa and Africans.

So then: who should be on a list of the greatest Africans of all time? There are many; but tragically, they will never be accepted, by the wicked, as truly great souls.

Here are just some of the Africans who could truly be called great. Some of them great in a worldly sense, because they achieved great things; as the dictionary defines it, they were “eminent in point of attainments or achievement; exhibiting signal excellence in some important work”. And others, while not great in the world’s eyes, yet certainly beloved of the Lord, good and faithful servants of His, who shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven: men who were truly great in the highest sense of the word: eminent in point of spiritual attainments or achievement; exhibiting signal excellence in the most important work of all – Gospel work, and living for Christ and for the extension of His kingdom; people of integrity, magnanimous and truly noble.

Let us first consider those who were great in a worldly sense. There is only space to consider a mere handful of men. Many more could be named, and women too.

South Africa’s Jan Smuts was one of the greatest Africans of all time. Not a Christian, indeed an advocate of world government and deeply involved in the creation of the League of Nations (forerunner to the diabolical United Nations); but great in that he was eminent in point of attainments and achievement. He put South Africa on the world map, he was a great statesman (not like the media-created fake “statesman” Nelson Mandela), and a true gentleman at the same time.

Although it would make liberals, Reds, and their fellow-travellers livid with rage, former South African State President P.W. Botha deserves to be included, at least among the greatest South Africans. For he was eminent in point of attainments and achievement, and exhibited signal excellence in an important work Under his leadership, South Africa made great strides in dismantling the apartheid legislation – but Botha was adamant that Communist terrorist organisations such as the ANC, SA Communist Party and others should not be unbanned. “Die Groot Krokodil” (Afrikaans for “the Big Crocodile”), as he was known to friend and foe alike, took a bold, giant leap; but he would not go further and hand SA over to Marxist murderers. In this he was perfectly right, he had the best interests of SA’s citizens at heart. But for this he was betrayed by members of his own party.