Are Christians Unloving, Intolerant Bigots?

Are Christians Unloving Intolerant Bigots? PDF format

“Love worketh no ill to his neighbour” (Rom. 13:10)

“speaking the truth in love” (Eph. 4:15)

  Sodomites love to tell the world that Christians are unloving, intolerant bigots for condemning the sin of sodomy and calling it an abomination, whereas they – the “poor, maligned gays” – are the quintessential nice guys, harmless and gentle, brimming over with the milk of human kindness and tolerance for all, just wanting to be “accepted for who they are”.  And because this has been said over and over – and over – again, ad nauseam, for so many years, multitudes have come to believe it.  Tell a lie, tell it often enough, and eventually people come to believe it as the truth.  And the lie that has been repackaged as “truth”, in the minds of multitudes, can be reduced to a simple refrain: “Christians bad, gays good.”  This is the message being trumpeted everywhere, via the media in all its forms, from every possible platform.

And under such a barrage of lies, an almost constant bombardment, even some who name the Name of Christ may at times be tempted to succumb to this blatant propaganda, and to start questioning in their hearts if perhaps, just perhaps, they are too harsh, too “unloving”, too “intolerant”.  They may not go so far as to start thinking that sodomy is acceptable (although there are plenty of false professing “Christians” who have succumbed to this devilish lie), but they may begin to think that their message needs to be toned down.  We note this trend even among some who stand for the biblical truth that sodomy is a sin: they say things like, “Although what he said in condemnation of sodomy was true, perhaps that preacher could have said what he did in a gentler way”; or, “Perhaps he should apologise for being too harsh, even though what he said was the truth.”  When people speak this way, they have already begun to capitulate to the sodomite agenda.  They have already departed from the biblical and apostolic method of preaching (Acts 4:8-12; 5:29-33; 13:6-12; etc.).  Instead of standing firm (Eph. 6:13,14), of holding their ground (2 Sam. 23:11,12), they have taken a step backwards – and are thus already in retreat.

It is of course true that evil has been done by people professing to be “Christians”.  There have been men, professing to be “Christians”, who have physically harmed sodomites, or who have called for them to be physically harmed.  And of course, the sodomite activists clutch at these things and say, “See?  Those hate-filled Christians want to harm us!”  But just because a man may say he is a Christian, this does not mean he is a Christian.  If a man says, “I am an atheist, but I pray to God every day”, no one would believe his claim to be an atheist.  And if a man says, “I am a Muslim, but I reject the teachings of Mohammed”, would anyone believe him to be a Muslim?  Of course not.  And yet, when a man says, “I am a Christian, but I want to beat up or kill sodomites”, the response is, “Do you see what Christians are like?”  They will acknowledge that a professing atheist who prays to God is not an atheist, and that a professing Muslim who rejects Mohammed’s teachings is not a Muslim; yet when someone professing to be a “Christian” rejects the teachings of Christ and acts contrary to them, they insist that he is a Christian, and then they proceed to smear all Christians as “gay-bashers” and “haters”.   What a double standard!  But it is done deliberately, for above everything else they hate the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

There is the world of difference between someone who merely professes to be a Christian, and someone who truly is.  A true Christian follows the teachings and example of Christ.  Therefore (regardless of what those merely professing to be “Christians” may say or do), a true Christian condemns the sin of sodomy, just as he condemns all sin; but he does not physically harm any sodomite, nor does he call for them to be harmed.  The Lord Jesus Christ spoke out strongly against sin, but He did not lay violent hands on sinners, nor did He teach His disciples to do so.

Let us, then, put the sodomites’ claims to the test:

Sodomites shout and scream that Christians are unloving, because they condemn the sin of sodomy.  Yet true Christians, although hating the sin of sodomy (just as they do all other sins!), do not shout obscenities at sodomites, threaten them with physical harm, or actually physically harm them, for to do any of these wicked things would be contrary to the teachings of the great Founder of Christianity, the Lord Jesus Christ, and anyone behaving in such a way demonstrates that he is not a true Christian (Eph. 4:29; Col. 3:8; Matt. 10:16; Lk. 9:53-56).  They seek only to preach the Gospel of Christ to them, in love for their never-dying souls (2 Cor. 5:11).  It is not hatred to tell the truth about sin and its consequences!  It is love.

But sodomites frequently do these things to Christians!  With hatred in their hearts and spewing out of their mouths, they rant and rave at “those hate-filled, unloving Christians!”  Oh, the irony – displaying their hatred even while accusing those they hate of hatred!  They frequently scream obscenities at Christians, curse them, call them all kinds of names, mock and ridicule them, their faith and their Saviour at every opportunity, institute lawsuits against them, and even at times threaten them and their families with physical violence, including  rape (just as the men of Sodom did to Lot: Gen. 19:4-9).

Who, then, are the unloving ones?

Sodomites hate what Christians believe; they hate what Christians say; and they hate Christians:

They hate what Christians believe, even though what they believe does not harm sodomites in any way;

They hate what Christians say, even though “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me”, and they are not forced to listen to what Christians preach, nor to accept what they say; and even though what they say about Christians is often spewed out in extreme hatred, even as they hypocritically condemn Christians for their supposed “hatred”;

And they hate Christians, in general, with a real, often vicious hatred, even though true Christians do not harm them physically in any way.  It is true that Christians hate their abominable sin – but they hate it just as they hate all sin (1 Cor. 6:9,10), including sin in themselves no less than in others (Rom. 7:15-25).

Who, then, are the unloving ones?

Sodomites brand Christians, “homophobic”.  They use this word to mean that Christians hate homosexuals; but the word does not mean this.  To be “homophobic” properly means to have a fear (“phobia”) of homosexuals.  Yet sodomites, so quick to label Christians as “homophobic”, are themselves truly “Christophobic”: they have a great fear of Christianity, which is why they direct so much energy into fighting against it.  But why do they fear it?  They fear Christianity, because the true Gospel condemns sodomy as an unnatural lust (Rom. 1:24-27; 1 Cor. 6:11)!

And if sodomites insist on broadening the term “homophobic” to mean a hatred of homosexuals, then Christians can broaden the term “Christophobic” to mean that sodomites have a hatred of Christ and Christianity, and “Christianophobic” to mean that sodomites have a hatred of Christians – for sodomites truly do hate the Lord Jesus Christ, true Christians, and true Christianity (many of them have created their own false version of “Christianity”, of course, but this does not count).  They hate and fear the message of Christianity, so they hate its messengers as well.

Who, then, are the unloving ones?

Sodomites brand Christians, “homophobic”.   But in truth, sodomites are “heterophobic”!  This is a fear of “heterosexuals”, which, to put it bluntly, is a fear of people with natural and right desires!  For even sodomites themselves refer to “heterosexuals” as “straight”.  Well then, if to be attracted to someone of the opposite sex is “straight”, then it is natural and right, whereas to be attracted to someone of the same sex is “bent”; it is an unnatural and sinful desire, just as the Bible says (Rom. 1:26-28).  At the very beginning God made a woman for the man (Gen. 2:18-24); He did not make another man for him.  He made them male and female (Matt. 19:5) – not male and male.  This is natural.  This is right.

And if sodomites insist on broadening the term “homophobic” to mean a hatred of homosexuals, then Christians can broaden the term “heterophobic” to mean a hatred of people who have a natural attraction to someone of the opposite sex!  For indeed, many sodomites truly do hate them.  Not all of them, of course; but many of them truly hate people possessing natural desires.  They even refer to them as “breeders” – because they are able to have children.   This displays their hatred of the true and only family unit: a (male) husband, a (female) wife, and children.  They hate such people because they are able to procreate; they hate them because they are happier; and they hate them because, innately, the vast majority of the human race has always known that sodomy is unnatural and vile, and no matter how they try they will never fully succeed in changing this innate revulsion against sodomy.  Even when they bring in pro-sodomite legislation, it cannot legislate away this God-given revulsion.  All the legislation in the world will never change that.  And so they hate them.

Who, then, are the unloving ones?

Sodomites shout and scream that Christians are intolerant, because they condemn the sin of sodomy.  Yet it is not Christians who are demanding special “rights” for their lifestyle; it is sodomites who make this demand.  It is not Christians who are rushing off to the courts to get this, that or the other aspect of free speech made criminal and illegal; it is sodomites who are doing this.   It is not Christians who threaten and shout and scream to shut down any and all attempts to have robust discourse in the public square; it is sodomites who do this.

Sodomites cannot tolerate true freedom of speech.  They are rabidly intolerant of any who disagree with them.  Their demand is, “Shut down all speech and all publications which we don’t agree with!  Use whatever means necessary – use bullying tactics, use intimidation, use the courts, use special legislation, use any means whatsoever!”  Yet for freedom of speech to mean anything at all, it must apply to everyone.  As it has been famously put, true freedom of speech means that even though I may not like what you say, I will vigorously defend your right to say it.  Only in this way can there ever be true, robust discussion, discourse, reasoned argument, etc.  Christians are all for robust discourse (Acts 17:2,17; 18:4,19; 24:25); sodomites are not.

Who, then, are the intolerant ones?

Sodomites shout and scream that Christians are “bigots”.  The dictionary defines a bigot as someone who has strong, unreasonable beliefs, and treats those who are different from him with hatred and intolerance.

Yet in the first place, what is unreasonable about believing that sexual relations should only occur between a man and a woman, within the bond of marriage?  The Bible says this is how it should be, of course, and thus all true Christians believe this (Gen. 2:21-25); but to believe that sexual relations should only occur between a man and a woman is a belief that is also fully supported by biology (the sexual organs are self-evidently made for the coming together of a man and a woman, not a man and a man); by health and hygiene concerns (sodomite sexual acts are unhygienic, unhealthy, and potentially deadly); and by 6000 years of history (sodomy has, apart from only a few exceptions, been confined to the very margins of almost all societies, and held in disgust and abhorrence throughout all human history).  It is, therefore, an entirely reasonable belief.

And in the second place, true Christians do not treat sodomites with hatred and intolerance.  They hate the sin of sodomy, certainly, and do not permit sodomites to be members of their churches – just as they hate all other sins, and do not permit (for example) fornicators, idolaters, adulterers, thieves, covetous, drunkards, revilers, or extortioners to be members of their churches either (1 Cor. 6:9-11)!  The sin of sodomy is not the only sin, nor is it the unpardonable sin.  All men are sinners, committing sins of all kinds, and they must repent of their sins and receive Christ Jesus by faith to be saved.  This is the true Gospel, the Gospel which has been preached since the very beginning, and Christians preach this Gospel to all sinners out of love for their souls, and do not seek to harm them.

Sodomites, on the other hand, possess a strong, utterly unreasonable belief (since it is contrary to all evidence) that sodomy is perfectly natural and right (it certainly is not: Rom. 1:24-27), and they frequently treat those who disagree with them with extreme hatred and intolerance – cursing them, ridiculing them, often threatening them with rape and murder, vandalising their property, taking them to court, etc.   Such a belief, and such acts based on such a belief, constitute the very definition of bigotry.

Who, then, are the bigoted ones?

It has, therefore, been plainly demonstrated that sodomites’ claims, when put to the test, fail miserably.  In truth, they themselves are guilty of the very things which they hurl accusingly at Christians.

The Bible utterly condemns sodomy as a vile, unnatural sin; and in obedience to God’s Word, God’s people, for 6000 years of human history, have condemned it as well.  We are not going to stop condemning it now, just because sodomite activists demand that we do.  To do so would be to sin against our Lord, and His Word.  The Bible says that sodomy is a sin, and that is the end of the matter for every true Christian.  We are not going to suddenly say, “Oh, we’re sorry for offending you by following the Bible and calling your practice a sin; we will now turn our backs on the Word of God, which has been our rule of life from the beginning, and we will now believe and proclaim the very opposite of what it says, merely on your say-so.”  This is not going to happen.  We stand by what true Christians have believed and proclaimed from the very beginning.  Sodomy was a sin in the past.  It is a sin today.  It will be a sin in the future.

They can protest and demand all they like; they can scream about “bigotry” and “hate” and “intolerance” till they are blue in the face; they can prance about in their vile parades, or demonstrate in front of church buildings (they are generally too cowardly to demonstrate outside mosques! – thereby providing solid evidence that they know Christians will not assault them); they can misquote the Bible all they like, and rope in all the liberal, Bible-denying “ministers” they can find; they can run off like cry-babies to this, that or the next government department or commission, squealing that they are “offended” or “hurt” because they heard a Christian say what Christians have always said, and will always say; they can do all this and more – it will not change a thing.  The true Church of God does not take its orders from the ever-shifting standards of the world, but from the never-changing standard of the Word of the living God.  We will never be told what to believe, or how to live, by unloving, intolerant, bigoted sodomite militants, or anyone else.

“We ought to obey God rather than men” (Acts 5:29).  And so we shall, by the grace of God, “speaking the truth in love” (Eph. 4:15).

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