21) How You Can Help Us

If you are interested in assisting Bible Based Ministries in some way, please take time to read through this.  The active support of the Lord’s people who desire to see this work for the Lord expand and reach even further afield would be a great blessing to us, and would enable us to accomplish more for the Lord Jesus Christ.

  1.          PRAYER

We earnestly request the prayers of the saints for the many needs of this ministry!


The cost of purchasing and maintaining necessary equipment, postage costs, stationery, the printing and publishing of our literature, as well as the supply of free materials, as we are able, to those who cannot afford to purchase them, are all ongoing ministry expenses.  In addition we are reliant solely upon offerings from the Lord’s people for our personal income.  Any financial assistance is always a great blessing to us.

Donations may be sent to our U.S. contact by cheque; our UK contact by cheque or via the Paypal facilities on our website.


You are welcome to send us the names and addresses (email or postal) of Christian friends, members of your church, churches and bookstores in your area (or anywhere else), etc.; as well as the addresses of any Roman Catholic relatives, acquaintances, etc.  Please specify the religion of those whose addresses you supply.

  1.          PROMOTERS

If you would like to be kept on our list as a promoter, we are able to supply you with copies of our partial catalogues, book flyers, etc., from time to time, so that you can distribute these to others (individuals, bookstores, etc.) to introduce them to this ministry.  Alternatively, you are welcome to photocopy the catalogues and flyers yourself; or to receive these by email from us, and pass them on by email to others.

  1.          TRANSLATORS

Are you able to translate any of our literature into other languages?  Some of our tracts are available in Afrikaans and French, but we would love to have literature available in other languages as well.  We have some translations in Zulu, Swahili, and Chichewa, but these need to be checked by someone who is competent in these languages, and then properly typeset, before we can publish them.

Please note that we are unable to provide any remuneration for translation work.  Also, even if a translation of one of our tracts, pamphlets or books is made, we will only be able to publish it once funds for such a project become available.

  1.          BIBLES

As we are able, we distribute Bibles free of charge to those in need.  Perhaps you are able to donate Bibles to us.  In English, the only version we request is the King James Version.  We welcome secondhand donated Bibles, provided they are in reasonable condition.  If you have Bibles in other languages, write to us first to ascertain whether the translation is an accurate one or not.


We welcome newspaper clippings, magazines or magazine clippings, or books on Roman Catholicism and related subjects, for our ongoing research.  Please always give the name and date of any article sent, and preferably the publisher’s address as well.

We have placed these matters before you, that you may be aware of where we are in need of assistance, should you be led to help in some way.  Thank you for taking the time to read this.

In Christ’s service

Shaun Willcock
Bible Based Ministries