March 2020 – The Month They Shut Down the World

  Always, follow the money!  And always, follow the power!  Who stands to gain from all this?  This virus provided the globalists seeking world control with a massive opportunity – to carry out a global practice run in international people control measures: creating and then controlling a situation of worldwide panic.

  It happened with 9/11.  Muslim maniacs may have carried out the terror attacks, but the internationalist puppet masters in the US and elsewhere knew it was going to happen because they planned for it to happen.  It provided them with an unprecedented opportunity to destroy freedoms and increase control over the population.  And America and the West were never the same again.  Draconian legislation and people control measures were implemented.

  Now an even greater opportunity has presented itself.  After 9/11 Americans were frightened into giving away some of their freedoms in exchange (as they thought) for government protection.  But this virus is frightening the whole world into doing the same.  And with the world in panic, the globalists have shut down the world for a time, to see how far they can go towards global dictatorship in the future.

  The stock markets are collapsing.  Investors are in panic mode, businesses are closing, cities and countries are in lockdown.  Travel, tourism, and other businesses are collapsing.  This will have a massive negative impact on the global economy.  It will in fact be far, far more serious than the virus itself ever will be.  International Communism is a far more dangerous threat than the coronavirus – and Communism is what is making massive gains worldwide as a result of the panic.  The world will emerge from this with far less freedom, and far more State control (Communism) over nations and people.

  France, to give just one example, has declared that it is ready to nationalise big companies suffering financial turmoil![10]  This is Communism/tyranny/dictatorship!  Police and soldiers are stopping people in the streets of Paris and demanding to see their interior ministry document justifying their movements.  And yet people are willing to accept these tyrannical measures with hardly a whimper.  Frightened people are foolish people. 

  Truly, the world’s reaction to the media-created frenzy about the coronavirus has shown that it is indeed ripe for slavery!  In the United States, “If the government can order society to cease functioning… due to a health disaster, it is highly likely that a Democratic president and Congress will similarly declare emergency and assert authoritarian rule in order to prevent what they consider the even greater ‘existential threat’ to human life posed by global warming.”[11]  Yes, the kinds of powers now coming into effect will be a tremendous help to a future American dictator.  But it is not just America.  It is everywhere.  Governments the world over will now have powers they never possessed before, to control the citizens of their countries.

  Already, freedom of religion is under grave threat.  In South Africa, for example, a number of religious institutions – most of them always subservient to their ANC/Communist overlords in government – threw their support behind the government’s efforts, and suspended all large religious gatherings in line with the government’s banning of all public gatherings of more than 100 people.[12]  The same thing is happening in other countries. 

  Media freedom and freedom of access to information is under threat as well – and as is so typical of liberals, Socialists and Communists everywhere, they think it is wonderful that at last governments are going to clamp down and control the flow of all information!  For example, in an article published in South Africa’s Daily Maverick, the author stated: “Viral misinformation and fake news pose the biggest risk for the spread of the coronavirus”.[13]  But who gets to decide what is “fake news” and what is not?  Why, government, of course.  And we are expected – nay, commanded – to accept that all information emanating from the government is trustworthy! Truly, we are already under State control as never before. 

  The article went on: “It should be welcomed that the Department of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs (Cogta) has gazetted regulations that grant the government powers to act against those who deliberately endanger themselves and others during the pandemic.  The new regulations prohibit deliberately infecting others with the coronavirus, or spreading fake news about the virus.”  It is absolutely the government’s place to prohibit people deliberately infecting others; but “spreading fake news”?  Again, why are we just expected to believe that the government tells us the truth?  Governments everywhere lie to the citizens all the time.  It is just plain stupidity to trust the government to provide the populace with accurate information!

  And then came this breathtaking statement: “Therefore, the public must be advised to simply stay away from publishing, forwarding or creating fake news and misinformation about the coronavirus…. The government is bestowed with the sole responsibility of disseminating or ordering the dissemination of credible information about the virus.  If the information or communication transmitted has no endorsement by the government, treat it with caution.”  Re-read that!  It is draconian.  It is tyrannical.  It is nothing less than dictatorship.  

  Once the government has given itself the power to order all citizens to stay at home, to get vaccinated, or to refrain from publishing anything of which it does not approve, it has granted itself the powers of Stalin, Mao or Hitler.  And then comes this question: what will it do next?  If it can prohibit what it declares to be “fake news” at a time like this, then when this crisis is over it can prohibit “fake news” again – and again and again; in fact, whenever it deems it advantageous to itself to do so.  When this virus runs its course, will these draconian measures be repealed?  We can say with certainty that in many countries they will not.  They will remain in place, and – just like happened after 9/11 – people will just accept these things as the new norm!  They will now begin to live with this kind of oppressive Big Brother enforcement and it will in time become second nature to them.  After all, “it’s all for your own good”, they will assure us.  And so the lies will continue and the power will increase, and the world population will be slaves to their leaders on a scale never before imagined, let alone achieved.

  But what if the coronavirus really does continue to spread, infecting perhaps millions eventually, with hundreds of thousands of deaths?

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