March 2020 – The Month They Shut Down the World

March 2020 – The Month They Shut Down the World, PDF format

Within a matter of just a couple of weeks, the world has changed.  The lives of the world’s citizens have been turned upside down, and governments now have powers they only dreamed of before.  The coronavirus isn’t the black death, it isn’t the Spanish flu, and there was never any need to shut down the world.  But it has been shut down anyway.  It is all too obvious that there is far more going on here, behind the scenes.  And yet the vast majority of the world population remains ignorant, because people foolishly trust their leaders.  In a matter of days, “We have handed control of nearly everything in our lives to the government.  In many places, they are telling us when we can leave our homes and when we must return to them.  They have decided what events or religious services we can attend, how many people are allowed to be there and which businesses are allowed to stay open.  In the process, the global economy has crashed with the assistance of the media stirring everyone into a mass panic.  People are hoarding and fighting over toilet paper as if it is the cure for COVID-19 and grabbing every canned and dry food they can find.”[1]

  It is tragic just how gullible people are – even those who profess to be the Lord’s people.  Very few stop to think this through logically, sensibly, and calmly.  They just swallow what they are told.  When people’s lives, health or money are threatened, or perceived to be threatened, they start desperately begging government to “do something”.   And government is only too willing to step in – with draconian measures and dictatorial legislation that destroys people’s freedoms and increases government power.  But so panic-stricken are the masses that they don’t care.  They will gladly, willingly give away all their freedoms to save their lives or health.  As Satan said, “Skin for skin, yea, all that a man hath will he give for his life” (Job 2:4).  It is, sadly, all too true.

  We could wish that none of the Lord’s sheep are full of sinful anxiety (not to mention unnecessary anxiety) over the coronavirus matter.  But alas! such is the power of the media that doubtless there are those of the Lord’s own people who have fallen for the hype and the lies being fed to the world by the media, politicians, and the foolish followers of social media who endlessly circulate lies, half-truths, propaganda, misinformation, and scaremongering stories with no basis in fact.  May this article help to put things in perspective, and remind the saints of the promises of the Lord.

  Speaking about these things to the people of the world is fruitless.  Like sheep they follow what their earthly overlords tell them.  This is not written for them, but for the remnant of the Lord’s people.  When it comes to the people of this world, believers have only one message for them: the blessed Gospel of Jesus Christ, the good news of salvation by a crucified and risen Redeemer.  The worldly man is troubled and distressed about the coronavirus, yet he has no concern for “the plague of his own heart” – sin! (1 Kings 8:38).  Unlike the coronavirus, sin is 100% lethal, to 100% of the world’s population!  Yet with no concern for their souls, they ignore the plague of the heart and panic about a virus that will not even touch the vast majority of them.

  From the outset I have maintained that: a) we have been lied to about the coronavirus, and b) it would be used to greatly increase global people-control measures.  And nothing that has occurred over the past couple of weeks has in any way lessened my convictions about these things; indeed each passing day only serves to strengthen them.  Yes, the virus is real; yes, it is contagious; yes, people are getting sick and some are dying.  But when the virus broke out, the globalists, the Marxists, the one-worlders, the Illuminati branches, the Council on Foreign relations, etc., etc. – in a word, the entire “Deep State” as it has come to be known, the powers behind the powers that be, the shadowy and very powerful forces behind the scenes who are seeking absolute world control and world government – sat up and took notice. They had been presented with a golden opportunity for a massive, global exercise in population control and the advancement of world dictatorship.  Such men live by the maxim, “Never let a crisis (real or imagined) go to waste.”   

  Many others have maintained the same thing from the outset, such as Shiva Ayyadurai, a scientist with four degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  He did not deny that the virus was very real.  But he stated: “As an MIT PhD in Biological Engineering who studies and does research nearly every day on the Immune System, the #coronavirus fear mongering by the Deep State will go down in history as one of the biggest fraud (sic) to manipulate economies, suppress dissent, and push MANDATED Medicine!”[2]

  It is a true saying: “The first casualty in war is truth.”  But it is not only applicable to a time of war.  It applies to times of crises (real or imagined, natural or created) as well.  We are living through such a time right now.  You are being lied to, reader!  Lied to by politicians, the media, religious leaders, and others.  Yes, the coronavirus is real, and it is contagious.  But it is not the bubonic plague.  There is a very low infection rate, a very good recovery rate, and in a world population approaching 8 billion, those who have died from it are an infinitesimally minuscule percentage.  

  By all means those who have it should be treated.  But there was never any need to shut down the entire world!  It is a massive over-reaction.  But it is not accidental.  It is not knee-jerk.  It is very deliberate.  And it is not for the purpose of containing the virus.  That is merely the excuse.  The virus is not the real threat to the world.  The real threat is something far worse.

  How widespread is it?  And how deadly?  Do the calculations!  Think it through logically.  If people would do this instead of viewing it emotionally, if they would turn their lying TV news reports off and quit listening to the mainstream media who are parroting the “official” line, they would be able to keep things in proper perspective:

 As of the 20th March, these were the figures (they will be higher by the time you read this): worldwide, 248 683 people infected; 88 563 recovered; 10 082 deaths.  This out of a world population of almost 8 billion!  What minuscule percentage, then, is sick?  And of that minuscule percentage, what even more minuscule percentage has died?  

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