Correspondence June 2020

Correspondence June 2020 PDF format

Our purpose in publishing a sampling of the correspondence we have received, in the words of Arthur W. Pink:

“…the time has again arrived for us to indicate to our loyal supporters before the Throne of Grace something of the manner and extent to which the Hearer of prayer has been pleased to grant their requests.”

“Our object in compiling this…feature is to evoke praise and thanksgiving on the part of those who are most deeply interested in this work, by quoting excerpts from some of the letters at hand telling of help and blessing received, under God…”

“Our purpose…is to evoke praise unto the Lord, that in this cloudy and dark day He is still ministering to His own, giving seed to the Sower, and then blessing the same unto the eater.  We know not why the mighty God should condescend to use one so feeble and unworthy; sufficient for us that He is pleased to do so.  Our longing is to be used more widely, in sending ‘portions’ to a large number of Christ’s scattered and hungry sheep.  Will you not pray more definitely, dear reader, that this may be so; and that God will graciously fit and furnish the writer.”

We have just listened to [your sermons].  They were so clearly delivered and “spot on!”  The second part clearly laid out the Papacy, which we understand as Antichrist.  How could the Church be “looking for another”?

We have shared your article The Lonely Christian with others, as it is so relevant to us and others we know in this city.  It seems they have all run greedily after Futurism and the errors accompanying it!

May the Lord bless and encourage your “little flock” in these last days.  They are blessed indeed to have you!


 Rome has always made “saints” of the worst kind of people, including Nazi sympathizers and operatives [after reading the article Rome Triumphs Over Canterbury Again: John Henry Newman Made a “Saint”].

Also, the book, The Antichrist, is well laid out and written, as usual!


I wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how blessed I was to listen to your sermon, Walk about Zion, this morning.  I’ve heard it before, but today was such a blessing to me as I’ve been down in the dumps about us not having a faithful church to be in.  It comes in waves.  This sermon encouraged me so much!

United States

I enjoyed reading… The Incomparable King James Version [by Shaun Willcock] and The Authorised Version [by J.C. Philpot].  We recently read an article by the Trinitarian Bible Society on 1 John 5:7-8 and why it should be in the Bible, which was also very good.  It’s amazing the sophistry which goes into “Textual Criticism”.  I heard a clip of Dan Wallace, who is as you probably know, one of the leading so-called textual critics around right now.  He sounded like a Jesuit trying to explain why this verse shouldn’t be in the Bible.  What a coincidence that it’s one of the most beautiful texts on the blessed Trinity in God’s Word!  These men flat out reject the obvious truth that the oldest manuscripts are not necessarily the best and why.  Sadly, every one of Philpot’s assertions [in the article mentioned above] have come to pass in spades. 

United States

Re: your article, Rhodesia Betrayed by the West, Zimbabwe Destroyed by Marxism and Mugabe, thanks for writing this most instructive and timely article.  The gripping account of the carnage that unfolded in Rhodesia under Mugabe’s rule, which your article so movingly describes was truly chilling and heart breaking.  How disturbing to read that the US and the UK sold Rhodesia down the pike and were responsible for the murderous rampage that Mugabe and his henchmen carried out.

Once again we see the diabolical Jesuits working behind the scenes in orchestrating this evil pogrom.  But this is their history and throughout the centuries we have witnessed the devastation they have wrought across the globe and the trail of victims they have left behind.  Their insatiable lust for power and blood knows no limits.  The Inquisition… the genocide campaign they prosecuted in Croatia… Rhodesia… and Rwanda… all bear this out.  One has well said, “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.”

Roman Catholicism is truly the “seat of Satan”, the one described by the Lord Jesus Christ as the “father of lies” and “a murderer from the beginning.”  How tragic that multitudes perish for lack of knowledge, both of history and the Scriptures.  This is so evidently borne out by the highly successful efforts of the Ecumenical Movement which have led countless professing Christians to their spiritual slaughter by imbibing their deadly doctrines.

What a wake up call it is to us in this country, who at present enjoy a time of relative peace and calm though our nation is truly rife with division.  I am persuaded that the Jesuits have been instrumental in creating the present highly polarized political climate we find ourselves in.

Sadly, in our complacency we may ignorantly imagine that Marxism will NEVER overtake our country.  But that would be naive on our part and would require our ignoring the undeniable signs and the abundance of evidence which indicates otherwise.  I truly believe these evil forces are at work in the US and are gaining momentum, but God only knows if they will prevail and culminate in the same blood-bath that was unleashed upon the dear people of Rhodesia.

This disturbing account of the horrors inflicted upon your former fellow countrymen affords a timely and welcome reminder to those of us who are Christians, who confess we are but “strangers and pilgrims on the earth.” (Heb. 11:13).

United States

Shaun, I want to thank you for your timely and instructive article entitled: Separation from False Churches.  When we were first converted we invested a considerable amount of time to find a church that was biblically sound in their doctrine.  We thought it would be fairly easy but found out very quickly that was not the case. 

At first we visited what we thought were Protestant (“reformed”) denomination churches, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Episcopalian, Baptist, and independent churches as well.  One by one we had to eliminate them as we discovered unscriptural practices and strange worship services, that included a stage where drama was performed, along with a karaoke machine and a small band on stage, complete with a set of drums.  In some we found what were supposed to be pictures of Christ. 

One of the first churches we visited was Lutheran, and to our dismay, the service was conducted very much after the pattern of Roman Catholicism.  Surely we thought that the church so named after the “father of the Reformation” would not in any way resemble Roman Catholicism.  But we were somewhat naive.  We were perplexed by what we saw.  A prominent crucifix was displayed in back of the “altar” and the minister was dressed in the same vestments as worn by the Roman Catholic priests.  A Lutheran version of the blasphemous Catholic “mass” was conducted.  In another Lutheran church the presiding minister was a woman.  Needless to say we moved on.

Of course the Bibles in the pews were rife with the “new” translations.  One of the larger churches, a Baptist church, had a huge big screen TV on the stage.  It was more like an auditorium. 

We went from church to church in the greater Toledo area, but after a diligent search we could not in good conscience become members of any of them.  Needless to say we were very disheartened and disappointed as we truly sought to fellowship with others of “like precious faith”.  That was 20+ years ago, and we know that since then many more unbiblical innovations have been introduced into the worship services of these churches, in an attempt to attract church goers and “grow the church” in numbers of course and at the same time, enriching their coffers.

In the main these so-called “Protestant churches” which sprang up during the Reformation have gone back to Rome.  Clearly they no longer protest.  They have fallen away.  Yet many professing Christians are not the least bit bothered by this development.  Such is the lack of biblical discernment and apparently a lack of Reformation history as well, they blindly follow these blind leaders into the ditch.  The Ecumenical Movement, the Interfaith Movement, and other Roman Catholic initiatives, i.e., the Manhattan Declaration, ECT – Evangelicals & Catholics together, have proven most effective tools in bringing their “separated brethren” (those in former years whom they called “heretics”) back into the fold of papal Rome.  How tragic.  As former Catholics, who were by God’s grace, converted to Christ, and came out of her, we find these things especially disconcerting. 

Your sermon entitled Of Whales & Worms, preached on texts from the book of Jonah, which we listened to yesterday was extremely helpful to me in putting these things in their proper perspective.  Namely that God is sovereign; God is all-powerful and God is in control of all that happens, even down to the minutest of details.  Nothing takes God by surprise. (Eph. 1:11).  How wonderfully you brought these glorious truths out in this sermon.  It was a delightful sermon – one that delighted our souls, and one that was a great comfort to us as well.  It was a most God-exalting sermon, and truly a “word in season”.

Shaun, we thank our God upon every remembrance of you (Phil. 1:3).

United States

I stumbled upon an online copy of your excellent work on Jesuit involvement in the TV and movie industry [the book Jesuit Hollywood]…. I need the hard copy in my hand in order to underline, make notes, as well as reread.

What I have read so far has so blessed me and blown me away – I have to finish it!… Thank you very much for your time and attention. I anxiously await your reply.

Country unknown (by email)

When I read this book [The Antichrist], I thought it is so important that I wanted send copies to my friends.  You did a tremendous job.

United States

I find it truly sad that Bible prophecy is so often not understood and Futurism is truly as popular as ever, and Bible perversions continue to multiply.  However, it’s all important to keep one’s eyes upon the Lord, and I’m so thankful for access to your ministry online, and the prophecy CD set of your messages on Daniel and Revelation.  Thank you so much.


We finished your last sermons on Contentment yesterday.  It’s very convicting and quite encouraging.  Our gracious Lord has given us so much and yet we tend to focus on what we don’t have!  What ungrateful wretches we can be.  And what are we here for?  To gratify our flesh or live a life of faith and obedience to our Lord and Savior who bought us with the most precious price there is.  We have everything if we have Christ and we are blessed to have spouses who are also Christians.  

United States

I came across your review on Faith like Potatoes and agreed with it very much.  I then looked into your website to see your beliefs.  While there I saw you seemed to support the early Christians speaking out against false teachings of the church.  I have been studying this lately so I was very interested.  I would like to hear your stance on believing in the trinity as I was surprised to see that you embrace it.  I feel that it is a pagan teaching.  It was made a cornerstone of the Christian faith over 300 years after Christ died after multiple gatherings with Christians and some questionable men (pagans and former pagans).  I was raised Catholic, not strictly (learned all of it at school).  My family never practiced or talked about it at home but I went to Catholic school from 3-18 years old.  I guess they practiced it in small ways like teaching me to pray to Mary or to the Saints when I lost something.  It took a year (8 years ago now) of searching for the truth to dig and dig.  When I started reading the Bible to really know and understand I was so excited because all the answers to my questions were right there!  I looked to each subject that I was questioning with all the scriptures on that topic and slowly pulled away from old beliefs and confirmed the whole message of the topic.  If you have time I’d love to hear your opinion on the trinity.

Country unknown (by email)

(In reply)

Thank you for your email.  You wrote graciously and this is appreciated, as many who hold to your belief (which is false) demonstrate a very aggressive and haughty spirit.  You said you’d love to hear my “opinion” on the Trinity, because, you said, “I feel that it is a pagan teaching.”  However, what you “feel”, or what your opinion is, is utterly irrelevant – as is what I feel, or what my opinion is; or anyone else’s.  All that matters is: what do the Scriptures say?  The glorious doctrine of the Trinity is not an opinion, it is the truth of God’s Word.  My expounding of this truth, so fundamental to the true Gospel, is stated fully in my articles and sermons available on our website.  They are free of charge and you are welcome to study them.  You should not be surprised (as you said) that I embrace this truth, for it is so clearly and constantly revealed in Holy Scripture that there is no true Christianity without it.  God is a Trinity, and that Trinity of Persons within the one Godhead has brought about the salvation of God’s elect.

I have to state this very plainly and firmly: no one who is a true Christian denies the doctrine of the Trinity.  Its rejection is heresy, and has damned multitudes who have raised their feeble human intellects against it.  The three divine Persons of the one Godhead, in the covenant of grace from all eternity, fixed upon the plan of the salvation of the elect.  I must therefore warn you that as it stands now, you are still a stranger to the truth of the Gospel, for you reject a fundamental aspect of that Gospel.  If God grants you the faith of God’s elect, you will come humbly to the feet of the Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God and Second Person of the Trinity, and call upon Him to save you, repenting of your sins.  He is God manifest in the flesh, the eternal Son of the eternal Father.

Although you haven’t done so, in case you are thinking of it I must ask you to please refrain from plying me with articles, etc., claiming to show that the Trinity is pagan.  I have been in the ministry for over 30 years and believe me when I say that I have often waded through the blind, unbiblical lies of men seeking to overturn this lovely truth of Scripture.  What I hold dear, and what I teach, is available online.  If you are genuinely seeking to understand and know the true Gospel of Christ, because the Lord is dealing with your soul and bringing you to see your error, that is a different matter; but if you only wish to attack the truth and put forward your own version of anti-Trinitarianism, this must be the final email on the subject (2 Tim. 2:23-26). – Shaun Willcock

Thank you for your ongoing ministry and witness which is highly valued and appreciated.  I look forward with anticipation to every new article – I think I have circulated every one of your past pieces.


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