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Oscar Romero: Rome’s Political “Martyr in a New Light”

Oscar Romero, PDF format

Oscar Romero

Francis I, the Roman pope, recently beatified South American Roman Catholic archbishop, Oscar Romero, who was murdered in 1980.  This was not just another Popish beatification.  This was a beatification of immense significance to the vast Roman Catholic population of Latin America, and to the entire Roman Catholic world.  For in beatifying Romero, the Papacy gave a huge boost to the violent doctrine of “liberation theology”, which is nothing less than Roman Catholic Marxism, and sent a message to the world that could not be clearer: the Roman Catholic “Church”, the largest and most powerful religion on the face of the earth, has committed itself, from its pope all the way down through the ranks, to a Marxist world, and will readily endorse violence to push this Red ideology.  Continue reading

Roman Catholic Necromancy – Praying to Dead Popes

Roman Catholic Necromancy – Praying to Dead Popes, PDF format

At an historic and unprecedented canonisation ceremony in April 2014 the reigning pope of Rome, Francis I, watched by his predecessor, the retired Benedict XVI, canonised two dead popes, John XXIII and John Paul II.  Over half a million Roman Catholics attended the huge event, along with large numbers of cardinals and many political heads of state. Continue reading

Limited Time Offer on Indulgences

Limited Time Offer on Indulgences, PDF format

Hurry Now Before “Treasury of Merits” Slams Shut Again

Although it’s an ever-diminishing number these days, there are Protestants who still know that a mysterious thing called indulgences had something to do with the start of the Protestant Reformation in the sixteenth century.  But of those who do know this, many of them are under the impression that indulgences are a relic of earlier, less enlightened times, and that they are hardly ever, if ever, mentioned within Roman Catholic circles nowadays.

How wrong they are, as the Roman pope, Benedict XVI, showed to all the world in 2012… Continue reading

A Brazen Claim that Rome had a Role in the KJV

A_Brazen_Claim_that_Rome_had_a_Role_in_the_KJV, PDF format

This really – really – takes the cake.  A travelling Bible exhibit, called “Passages”, which is set to open in the Vatican in October, claims that the Roman Catholic institution made a significant contribution to the production of the King James Version of 1611, the most accurate and faithful Bible version of all time and the Protestant Bible! Continue reading

Bones of Contention: Have Paul’s Bones Been Discovered in Rome?

Bones of Contention, PDF Format

The Vatican is in a froth of excitement. The pope of Rome, Benedict XVI, announced in June that the remains of Paul the apostle may indeed be inside what Rome has for centuries claimed to be the tomb of Paul, known as the Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls. In 2006 excavations in the basilica brought to light a marble sarcophagus which had been resting on a layer of clay floor dating from 390 AD. Tests were conducted on the sarcophagus. Continue reading

Rome Still Claims to be the One True Church

The One True Church, PDF format

Despite Four Decades of Ecumenism, Protestant Institutions are Not Churches, Says Rome

To the dismay of ecumenically-minded Protestants, the Roman pope, Benedict XVI, made it clear, in a document released in 2007, that the Roman Catholic institution is the “one, true Church”, and that Protestant institutions, not being in full communion with Rome, are not true churches. Continue reading

The “Fatima” Project: Mariolatry And Roman Catholic “Salvation”

Fatima Mary and RC Salvation, PDF format

I received, through the post, a free copy of a book entitled Fatima: Past or Future? The Unheeded Message, by Antonio A. Borelli.  This came from the “South Africa Needs Fatima” project, a Roman Catholic project dedicated to spreading the message of the supposed apparitions of Mary at Fatima, and thereby actively promoting Mariolatry. Continue reading