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Reaction to Report on Mass Grave of Babies At Home Run by Nuns

Reaction to Report on Mass Grave of Babies at Home Run by Nuns, PDF format

The Roman Catholic institution in Ireland operated Mother and Baby Homes, for unmarried mothers and their babies, during the twentieth century.  About 56000 women and girls were sent to these homes from 1922 to 1998, and during this period about 57000 babies were born in them.  But things were not as they seemed.  There was a very dark side to these homes for unmarried mothers.

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Children’s Graves Discovered at Roman Catholic Schools in Canada

Childrens Graves Discovered at RC Schools in Canada, PDF format

Children’s Remains Discovered at Former Roman Catholic School
  In May this year, the remains of 215 children were discovered at a former residential school in Canada.  The school, the largest of its kind, had been run by the Roman Catholic institution between 1890 and 1969.  The children had been buried in what appeared to be unmarked graves, and it was unclear how they had died.

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Oops! The Priest Fumbled the Baby’s “Baptism”: Now What?

Oops the Priest Fumbled the Babys Baptism, PDF format

Rome Says: “Baptism Necessary for Salvation”

  The Roman Catholic institution teaches that what it calls “baptism” is the first of its seven sacraments, and that by it a person is regenerated (born again) and thus becomes a Christian.  Here are the words: “Baptism… is necessary for salvation…. By it people are freed from sins, are born again as children of God and, made like to Christ by an indelible character, are incorporated into the Church.  It is validly conferred only by a washing in real water with the proper form of words.”[1]  This is utterly false, unbiblical doctrine. Continue reading

The Roman Pope Backtracks on Married Priests and on Priestesses… Or Does He?

The Roman Pope Backtracks on Married Priests and Women Deacons, PDF format

In my 2019 article, The Vatican’s Amazon Synod: Blazing a Jungle Trail to World Government,[1] I showed how the Vatican, through this synod, was preparing Roman Catholics for a future possible relaxation of the Roman Catholic position on priestly celibacy, and on the eventual possible acceptance of deaconesses and then priestesses.  Yet in his post-synodal document, entitled Querida Amazonia, Francis appeared to backtrack from these possibilities and to re-assert the traditional Romish doctrine. 

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The Next Great Priestly Scandal: Priests Who Have Fathered Illegitimate Children

The Next Great Priestly Scandal, PDF format

Lawsuits against Priests by Their Lovers and Children

As everyone knows, Roman Catholic priests are forbidden to marry, but have to take a vow of perpetual celibacy.  This unnatural and unbiblical vow (see 1 Tim. 4:1-3) has been the root cause of innumerable sexual sins and crimes throughout Rome’s long history.  The international scandal of tens of thousands of priests being exposed as child sexual abusers in the past few decades has focused the attention of millions on one of the great evils which the taking of such a vow has done so much to promote.

But the sins and crimes go far beyond even this abomination: Roman Catholic priests have also committed sexual sins with other men, particularly other priests, in unnatural sodomite acts; with nuns in convents; with women who confess to them in the confessional; and – not surprisingly – their sexual activity has resulted in the fathering of illegitimate children all over the world.[1] Continue reading

Another Mass Grave of Babies Who Died Under the “Tender” Care of Nuns

Another Mass Grave of Babies, PDF format

It is like something out of the Dark Ages.  But it is unfolding right now in Ireland.

Whenever Protestants spoke or wrote in the past about how babies were discarded by nuns into unmarked graves, Rome always dismissed such allegations as nothing but Protestant “Rome-bashing”.  But even today, evidence is surfacing that it really did happen – and not a few times, but multiplied hundreds of times. Continue reading

“Mother” Teresa a Saint?

“Mother” Teresa a Saint? PDF format

Neither in Life Nor in Death

Known and Admired Worldwide – by the World


The woman known to the world as “Mother Teresa” was one of the most instantly recognisable human beings on the face of the earth.

She was born in 1910 and died in 1997.  She became a Roman Catholic nun, and went on to become the founder of an order of nuns (with some priests and monks in it) known as the Missionaries of Charity.  Beginning in Calcutta, it spread to over 130 countries, caring for the sick and the very poor.

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Babies Stolen and Sold by Spanish Priests and Nuns

Babies Stolen and Sold by Spanish Priests and Nuns, PDF format

Just when we think we’ve heard it all about the abominable deeds of the Papacy, something else is exposed to remind us that we’ve never plumbed the depths of this religious system’s depravity…

In October 2011 an investigation revealed that in Spain, up to 300 000 babies were stolen from their parents and sold for adoption over a period of fifty years.  Now such a revelation is shocking enough on its own.  But what makes this crime infinitely worse, is that this massive, criminal baby-stealing racket was carried on, not just by doctors and nurses, but by priests and nuns of the “Church” of Rome! Continue reading