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South African Citizens’ One-Week War

South African Citizens One Week War, PDF format

Karl Marx said: “The first battlefield is the re-writing of history.”  Christians should work to preserve and teach true history, and to counter false historical revisionism.  True history should also be a major part of the education of the young.  This is an age when, very rapidly, the truth about the past is being “revised” by Marxists, liberals and others, and unless this wicked revisionism is resisted people will be thoroughly indoctrinated with lies and myths presented as “truth”.  Already vast damage has been done, and even many who lived through more recent historical events have been so well indoctrinated, and conditioned to think along the “party” line, that they actually believe the lies and myths they have been fed.  Very few people think critically anymore.  They do not even know how to do so.  They simply swallow whatever they are told by their Red, almost-Red, and religious-Red heroes and masters.

The purpose of these articles is to counter the deliberate re-writing of history with those stubborn things called facts, and that wonderful thing called truth.  “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil” (Isaiah 5:20).

The Most Destructive Riots in South Africa’s History
  For just over a week throughout the South African province of KwaZulu Natal (KZN), and also in the province of Gauteng, tens of thousands of blacks went on a violent rampage after a former South African president and a Zulu, Jacob Zuma, was imprisoned. The rioters looted and then burnt to the ground over 200 shopping malls and countless thousands of shops and businesses, caused vast damage to infrastructure, property and equipment, and killed well over 200 people.  Major freeways and many other roads were completely cut off, as rioters set trucks and cars alight and stoned vehicles and their occupants.  As a result, food and fuel deliveries were brought to a standstill.  The electricity and water infrastructures were also sabotaged in many cases.    The economy has been devastated, with hundreds of thousands of jobs lost and multiplied billions of Rand up in smoke.  Over 50 000 tonnes of sugar cane were burnt to the ground by the arsonists on farms across KZN.

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The Bishops’ Dilemma: What to Do About Joe Biden?

The Bishops Dilemma – What to Do About Joe Biden, PDF format

Throughout his presidential campaign Joe Biden presented himself as a “devout Roman Catholic”, going to mass regularly, praying the rosary, laughing with nuns.  He has boasted of being devoted to the Mexican Mary-idol, “Our Lady of Guadalupe”,[1] and he once said, “The next Republican that tells me I’m not religious, I’m going to shove my rosary beads down their throat.”[2]  He has been hailed as “America’s second Roman Catholic president” (after John F. Kennedy).

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Pastors Arrested for COVID Violations: What is the Christian’s Duty?

Pastors Arrested for COVID Violations, PDF format

  It is important to issue a disclaimer at the very outset: by reporting on and analysing these shocking events, we are not claiming that the churches and pastors involved are sound in the faith.  All we know about them is what has been reported in the news, and what we have been able to learn about them online.  In the case of the church pastored by James Coates, looking at its statement of faith we are in agreement with many aspects of it, but we have no further knowledge about the church or its members than this.  As for the church pastored by Artur Pawlowski, if it has been correctly reported that this church celebrates the Jewish Passover, this is contrary to the New Testament and a denial of Christ’s finished work.   This article is therefore not meant to convey that we are in agreement with the doctrines and practices of these churches.

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Rehabilitating Judas as a Roman Catholic “Saint”: Will This be the Supreme Blasphemy of the Jesuit Antichrist?

Rehabilitating Judas as a Roman Catholic Saint, PDF format

The Jesuit/Vatican Newspaper’s Attempt to Give Judas a Makeover

“In a ringing endorsement of the world’s best-known traitor, the Vatican’s most prestigious publication has dedicated its Maundy Thursday Italian edition to rehabilitating Judas Iscariot through word and art.” So declared a Roman Catholic website in April 2021.[1]

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The Pope of Rome and Noah’s Flood

The Pope of Rome and Noahs Flood, PDF format

This is just a very brief article so I am not addressing the myth of “climate change”.  Myth it most certainly is.  But it’s not the subject for now, and it is a huge one.  For now we will be looking at what the Jesuit pope, Francis I, said about the great Flood of Noah’s day, a possible second great Flood still to come.  In a new book, he said the world could again face a catastrophe like the great Flood if human beings fail to address “climate change”.  “A great flood, perhaps due to a rise in temperature and the melting of glaciers: that is what will happen if we continue on the same path.”[1]

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The Great Reset: The New World Order by Another Name

The Great Reset, PDF format

Only if a political matter is a threat to the Christian Church, fulfils Bible prophecy, or adds to the body of evidence exposing the enemies of Christ and His Church for what they really are, is there any need for Christians to spend time analysing and exposing it.  Beyond such matters, believers need to concentrate on spiritual matters, the building up of the true Church of God, the sanctification of the saints, the evangelising of the lost, and preparing for heaven; for they are strangers and pilgrims in this world, and are to live as such.

Founder of the World Economic Forum Calls for “The Great Reset”

  The internationalist puppet-masters are pushing this idea of “the Great Reset” as the solution to all that is supposedly wrong in the world, especially since the emergence of the coronavirus.

  Remember when, not too many years ago, anyone who mentioned the New World Order was immediately branded a “conspiracy nut”, mocked and written off as an idiot?  Yet now we hear the term everywhere, and on whose lips?  On the lips of Francis I, pope of Rome; on the lips of Socialist politicians; etc.  Suddenly they are speaking openly about what they so vociferously ridiculed before.  Why?  Well, back then they needed to conceal what they were doing, whereas today they are so confident, and so powerful, that they don’t need to hide their agenda.  They have so completely indoctrinated the majority of the world’s people that they now speak openly of their one-world plans.

  But they have renamed the New World Order since the onset of the coronavirus presented them with such a great opportunity.  They now call it “The Great Reset.” Continue reading

The Jesuit Pope Endorses “Same-Sex Civil Unions”

The Jesuit Pope Endorses Same-Sex Civil Unions, PDF format

During an interview in a documentary on the life of Francis I, entitled Francesco, which premiered in October 2020, the Jesuit Roman pope caused a worldwide stir when he advocated civil unions for homosexual couples. 

  “Homosexual people have the right to be a part of the family.  They’re children of God and have a right to a family,” he said.  “Nobody should be thrown out, or be made miserable because of it.”  Then he added: “What we have to create is a civil union law.  That way they are legally covered.  I stood up for that.”[1]

  Traditionalist Roman Catholics were horrified, claiming this was a departure from official Roman Catholic doctrine – that Francis had actually changed Roman Catholic teaching.  Meanwhile, “progressive” Roman Catholics rejoiced at the pope’s words.  True Christians, of course, knowing that sodomy is a great sin, reject sodomite “marriages” and “civil unions”, for such “unions” are merely stepping-stones to “marriages”. Continue reading