2) About Us

Facts about Bible Based Ministries

Providing teaching from the Word of God, and a biblical exposure of the Papal system and all that is associated with it.


  1. To provide Christians with teaching from the Word of God, which: instructs them in the doctrines of the faith; exhorts them to soundness in doctrine and holiness in conduct; warns them of spiritual and physical dangers; reproves error, and rebukes sin.
  2. To provide Christians with teaching, in the light of God’s Word, which: instructs them about the false doctrines, pagan origin, evil history, present activities, and future judgement of the Roman Catholic institution; instructs them about its “daughter” institutions; warns them of its plans against, and assaults upon, the Christian faith and the Christian Church, and of the various trappings of Romanism to be found even within Christian churches and the lives of true Christians; and exhorts them to separate from all such trappings, and also to take a prayerful and active interest in the evangelisation of Roman Catholics.
  3. To proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Roman Catholic people, and to all who are lost; to baptize converts; and to teach them to observe all that Christ commanded.


  1. The publication of books, e-books, pamphlets, articles, tracts, and the production of MP3s, for instructing Christians, and for evangelising Roman Catholics, and those who are “Protestants” in name, but unconverted.
  2. The Bible Based Ministries website.
  3. Correspondence with Christians, Roman Catholics, and many others.
  4. Mail evangelism of Roman Catholics anywhere in the world, as we have addresses available.
  5. The spiritual instruction of new converts, that they may be established in the faith.
  6. Establishing independent local churches of the Lord’s people, and encouraging and assisting believers to establish such churches themselves, as and where the Lord opens the doors. Through the years, churches have been established in South Africa, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Zambia.
  7. Assistance offered to those desiring to leave convents and monasteries.

Brief Doctrinal Basis

We believe in, and earnestly contend for, defend, and proclaim: the divine inspiration and preservation of the Holy Scriptures, and we use only the King James Version in English; the Holy Trinity; the doctrines of sovereign grace; justification by Christ’s imputed righteousness; the creation of all things in six literal days; believers’ baptism; separation from the world and from false churches; the independence of the local church; and the Papacy being the prophesied Antichrist.

We earnestly contend against, expose, and oppose: the Roman Catholic institution; its “daughter” institutions; Arminianism; the pentecostal and charismatic movements; the ecumenical movement; the inter-faith movement; contextual theology; naturalistic textual criticism; and evolution.

Financial Policy

Our financial policy is based on the following Scriptures: 1 Cor.9:1-18; 2 Cor.8 and 9; Gal.6:6; Phil.4:10-19; 1 Tim.5:17,18.
It is the duty of preachers to preach the Gospel to the lost freely. For this reason we proclaim the Gospel to the Roman Catholic people and others freely, and provide Gospel materials freely to them.
However, as it is the duty and privilege of Christians to support the preaching of the Gospel as they are able (1 Cor.9:1-18; Gal.6:6; Phil.4:10-19; 1 Tim.5:17,18), we make the needs of the ministry known, thus informing those who may wish to support us, of how they may do so.
It is also the duty of Christians to support fellow-believers who are in need (2 Cor. 8 and 9). Although all our materials, except our printed books, are available free of charge on our website, many believers are unable, for various reasons, to purchase books; and for this reason they are supplied free of charge, whenever possible, to those in need of them.

The Need For Christians To Be Informed About Romanism

There are those who feel that to expose Popery in all its aspects is to have an “unbalanced” ministry. Significantly, one does not usually hear the same kind of criticism when other false religions or false doctrines are exposed; and yet there is no greater false religion than Romanism. Such criticism is part of the evil one’s assault, and it usually originates with those who are ensnared in various Romish trappings themselves. As ministers are to proclaim “all the counsel of God” (Acts 20:27), this must include exposing Popery (see 1 Tim.4:1-6).

All true believers need to be thoroughly acquainted with the Papal system’s doctrines, origin, history, present activities, etc., for at least five reasons:

1.It is the greatest enemy of biblical Christianity in existence. Throughout its history, it has sought to destroy the Gospel and the Church of Christ. It is the most powerful organisation on earth, religiously and politically, and it continues to seek the destruction of the true Gospel and the true Church. Christians must therefore be well-acquainted with its ways.
2.Much of Bible prophecy deals with Popery. Christians must know how it has fulfilled, and is fulfilling, Bible prophecy.
3.It is a vast and neglected mission field, one of the greatest on earth. Christians must be in a position to evangelise the Roman Catholic people.
4.Various “Protestant” institutions are, in reality, merely “reformed” versions of Romanism, containing much false doctrine, and are huge mission fields in themselves, filled with lost, deceived souls. A thorough knowledge of Romanism is essential, so that Christians are able to evangelise those within the “daughter” institutions of Romanism.
5.Various trappings of Romanism are to be found, tragically, even within true churches and the lives of true Christians. Christians must be made aware of these Romish trappings, that they may cast them off, and serve Christ solely in accordance with Holy Scripture.

The Need To Reach The Roman Catholic People With The Gospel Of Christ

The Roman Catholic institution is not a Christian Church, and never has been. It is a pagan religio-political system pretending to be Christian. Tragically, the Roman Catholic people are lost, serving a false “christ” (the Antichrist) and a false “church” (the Great Whore). It is IMPOSSIBLE for a person to be both Roman Catholic and Christian. Their only hope is to come to Christ; and those who truly come to him, drawn by God the Father, will leave the Roman Catholic system, in obedience to his Word (Rev.18:4,5).
The command of the Lord Jesus Christ is to go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all nations and to every creature (Matt.28:19,20; Mk.16:15,16). The Roman Catholic institution “sits upon” (controls) peoples, nations, multitudes and tongues (Rev.17:1,15). Today, there are over one billion Roman Catholics worldwide. Thus, according to God’s Word, to go into all the world and preach the Gospel in obedience to Christ, Christians must treat the Great Whore as one of the greatest mission fields on earth, and preach the Gospel of the grace of God to the blinded adherents of this system.

A Brief History of Bible Based Ministries

A brief history, entitled Rehearsing What God Has Done, is available here.

Bible Based Ministries is run by Shaun Willcock.  He is a minister, author and researcher.