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by Shaun Willcock

Satan's Seat Book Cover Image

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There is a powerful and sinister institution at work in the world, claiming to be Christian but in reality antichristian, which is all the more deadly because it appears so beautiful and holy to so many. According to the Word of God, fully supported by the historical evidence which perfectly fits the prophetic picture, this is the Roman Catholic institution. This biblical truth has been believed by countless numbers of God’s people through the centuries, but it is not believed by the multitudes of modern-day “Protestants,” caught up in the pursuit of “unity” with the Roman Catholic institution. It is the purpose of this book to bring the truth to light.

Satan’s Seat traces this masterpiece of the devil from its origins in ancient paganism to its final prophetic destruction. It has been written so that the Christian reader will have, in his hands, a book which gives a panoramic view of centuries of history. Fully documented and easy to read, it also presents the Gospel to Roman Catholics, Protestants, and others.

Satan’s Seat, PDF format

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Satan’s Seat, epub format

by Shaun Willcock

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Multitudes worldwide celebrate the festivals of Christmas and Easter every year. For many, these festivals are simply holidays, times for merriment and revelry. For the majority of those who profess to be Christians, however, they supposedly commemorate the birth, death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. But what is the truth about these two festivals? Were they appointed by the Lord, to be kept by His Church? And if not, where did they originate?

This book is an in-depth examination of these festivals, in the light of God’s Word. They are shown to be of Babylonian and Roman Catholic origin, and furthermore, to be perversions of what the Bible really teaches about the birth, death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. No true Christian should have anything to do with them. Fully documented.

The Pagan Festivals Of Christmas And Easter, PDF format

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The Pagan Festivals Of Christmas And Easter, epub format

by Shaun Willcock

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True Christians reject the great heretical doctrines of Roman Catholicism.  And yet Popery has been so all-pervading in society and in religious matters for so many long centuries that it has influenced even true Christian churches and infected, to some degree at least, even the lives of true Christians, for they have often retained various trappings of Popery, either out of ignorance, or because they view them as mere trifling matters, or because they simply cannot bear to part with them.  But none of the garments of this old harlot system (Rev. 17:1-6) should be worn by the members of Christ’s virgin bride.  No Christian should ever be like ungodly Achan, hiding any “goodly Babylonish garment” in his tent (Jos. 7:21)!  The Lord’s people must fully “come out” of Popery (Rev. 18:4); but many flee from this “Babylon” like Rachel fleeing from her father’s house – with her father’s gods hidden amongst her possessions.
This book is an examination of various Popish trappings.

Trappings of Popery, epub format

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Trappings of Popery, pdf format

by Shaun Willcock

The Sabbath And The Lord's Day Book Cover Image

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Are Christians to observe the first day of the week as the “Christian Sabbath”?

In accordance with the fourth commandment of the decalogue, given to Israel, the Jews observed the seventh day as the Sabbath; yet those Christians who claim that they keep Sunday as a day of rest in obedience to the fourth commandment have: 1) changed the day; 2) changed the manner of observing it; and 3) changed the reason for observing it.  For they observe the first day, without the restrictions of the seventh day Sabbath, and because Christ rose from the dead on that day. Is this, then, really observing it?

This book demonstrates that the first day of the week, the Lord’s day, is the day for corporate worship, but that no day is a Sabbath for New Testament Christians.  The Sabbath typified Gospel rest in the Lord Jesus Christ, and with the institution of the New Covenant, the Sabbath shadow gave way to the glorious reality.

The Sabbath And The Lord’s Day, epub format

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The Sabbath And The Lord’s Day, pdf format

by Shaun Willcock

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The New Testament abounds with warnings of wolves in sheep’s clothing: men pretending to be part of Christ’s flock, but in reality ministers of Satan pretending to be ministers of righteousness, infiltrating the churches of Christ and bent on destroying them.

For centuries a ruthless, cunning, secret army has served the global conquest objectives of the Roman Papacy: the Jesuit Order.  This is the most diabolical of all Roman Catholic orders; the most fanatical, the most dangerous.  It stops at nothing in the relentless pursuit of its goal: to destroy all enemies of the Papacy.  History is filled with evidence of Jesuit intrigue, deception, duplicity, plots, murders, etc.  And against Protestantism, in particular, the Jesuits have always directed their energies, by infiltration of Protestant churches, posing as Protestant ministers, undermining the true faith, etc. The shocking state of professing Protestant “Christendom” is ample testimony that they have been all too successful.

This is a time when so little is known of the Jesuits, and yet so much needs to be known.  And this is the purpose of this book.

The Jesuits: The Secret Army Of The Papacy, ebook

The Jesuits: The Secret Army Of The Papacy, PDF format

The Jesuits: The Secret Army Of The Papacy, mobi format

by Shaun Willcock

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Mention Samson’s name, and the two things that immediately come to mind are his great strength, and his great sins.  But there is so much more to Samson!  His is a story like no other: the true account of a man whose like was never seen before, and would never be seen again.  God raised up this man to be unique in the world’s history.  He was Israel’s judge and Israel’s champion; Israel’s hero and deliverer; one of God’s ministers, a man who loved the Lord, a man of faith; and yet a man who fell at times into terrible sin.  And the biblical account of his life is immensely profitable to every Christian, for doctrine, reproof, correction, and instruction in righteousness.

In addition, the Lord Jesus Christ is prefigured in the life and ministry of Samson!  He who would one day come to save His people from their sins with a mighty salvation, willingly submitting Himself into the hands of His enemies so that He could set His people free from their sins, and from the devil’s kingdom!

The Life And Ministry Of Samson The Strong, epub format

The Life And Ministry Of Samson The Strong, mobi format

The Life And Ministry Of Samson The Strong, pdf format

How the Papacy and Its Jesuits Controlled Hollywood for Decades – and Have Continued to Influence It Ever Since
by Shaun Willcock

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This book demonstrates, with a wealth of evidence, the way in which the Roman Catholic institution, the world’s most powerful religio-political system, pursues its objective of world conquest by seeking to harness and make use of the most powerful entertainment medium the world has ever known: the movie industry.

During its so-called “Golden Age”, Hollywood was extremely pro-Roman Catholic, with the content of movies being controlled, not by the Jewish studio owners, but by Jesuits and their henchmen.  But another sinister influence was at work in Hollywood as well: Communism.  And in the process of time this began to displace the Roman Catholic domination.  The Jesuits then deliberately changed tactics, and began to support the kind of movies they had once opposed.

A proper understanding of these two very different Jesuit approaches to the movie industry – the first being direct control, and the second being the exerting of indirect influence – is the only way to properly understand how Hollywood has played such a huge role in the collapse of the morals of the West.

Jesuit Hollywood, PDF format

Jesuit Hollywood, epub format

Jesuit Hollywood, mobi format

by Shaun Willcock

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In any study of Bible prophecy relating to the Gospel age, it is absolutely essential to start with the prophecies of Daniel, for they are foundational to many of the prophecies of the New Testament; and without a proper and thorough understanding of Daniel’s prophecies, one simply cannot properly interpret and understand those of the New Testament.

These prophecies speak of great, momentous and sweeping events, covering centuries of time: of empires rising and falling; of the time of the Messiah; and of the Gospel period, right up to the end of the world!  They are of extreme importance to every Christian.  But they are not always easy to be understood; and Jesus Himself spoke of the need for carefully studying them so as to properly understand them (Matt. 24:15).  As the Christian does so, he will find them to be of immense edification.  They are the distinct and specific words of the living and true God, the sovereign Lord’s own revelation of the future.  And they were precisely fulfilled through the ages.

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by Shaun Willcock

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In our day Matthew chapter 24 is usually interpreted to be about the events just prior to the second coming of Christ, and about the second coming itself.  But although this appeals to modern generations because it makes for exciting and sensationalist exposition, it ignores the obvious historical fulfilment of one verse after another, the context, and the relationship of the chapter to various other Scriptures.  All these things reveal that it was fulfilled in the dramatic events leading up to, and occurring in, the year AD 70, when the Roman army besieged Jerusalem and finally captured it, destroying the Jewish state, capital city, and great temple.
However, those events in the first century AD typified, they foreshadowed or prefigured, events which will occur near to, and at, the very end of the world, and the second coming of Christ.
In addition, for all Christians in all ages of the world, it has so much to teach regarding how to live in this fallen world of abounding iniquity, massive religious deception, hatred for and persecution of Christ’s disciples, and political and social turmoil.

This great prophecy was not given to tickle the ears, nor to satisfy idle curiosity.  It was given so that Christians would be warned; take heed; watch and pray; understand the times and act accordingly; and be ready to meet their Lord and Saviour when He comes.

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by Shaun Willcock

Flame of Ophir
Flame of Ophir

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It is the 10th century BC…

A young Israelite soldier is part of a great expedition to the mysterious land of Ophir, to obtain gold for King Solomon. His life becomes entwined with that of a young noblewoman of Ophir, and they are swept up in the plots and intrigues of wicked men, and in the clash of divine truth with heathen idolatry.

Set in the untamed African wilderness and culminating in one of the great historical events of the age, Flame of Ophir is a tale of heroism, adventure, love, and above all of faith in the true and living God: that faith which is the gift of God to His people, which dispels the darkness of false religion, and perseveres through all trials, obstacles and dangers.

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by Shaun Willcock

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Contrary to popular modern belief, the Antichrist of Bible prophecy will not be a single individual at the end of the world. He is neither some charismatic politician, nor some great religious leader yet to arise. He will not be an adherent of Judaism, and he will not be a Muslim. He claims to take Christ’s place on earth. His very title, Vicar of Christ, has this meaning. No Muslim, no Jew, and no atheist does such a thing.

The evidence, both biblical and historical, is rock solid and overwhelming. The Antichrist is the pope of Rome; he is every pope of Rome; he is only the pope of Rome.

His identifying marks, as found in God’s Word, apply to no other in all of history; which is why this has been the united testimony of the Lord’s saints in all ages. When his identity was well known among biblical Protestants, a powerful witness against Popery was maintained; but as various speculative theories about the identity of the Antichrist began to emerge, this witness was greatly weakened and even silenced, ecumenism advanced by leaps and bounds, and the Antichrist himself came to be accepted by millions as the world’s greatest Christian. The damage done was incalculable. What a need there is in our day for all faithful men of God, and indeed all true Christians in general, to be well grounded in this great truth as their forefathers in the faith were, and to proclaim it with conviction and boldness!

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by Roy Livesey (Edited by Shaun Willcock)

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This book is a devastating and unanswerable blow to the false claims of Alberto Rivera, one of the greatest religious deceivers of modern times, indeed of all time. The author travelled extensively to conduct his research, accumulating a massive amount of documented information. The result is this definitive exposé of a master deceiver, manipulator, liar and fraud.

Alberto Rivera died in 1997. But considering how many multiplied millions of the Chick comic books bearing Rivera’s false testimony are in circulation all over the world, and are still being published, his influence will be felt for a very, very long time to come. This book will be sorely needed as long as the extraordinary myth of “Dr Alberto Rivera, ex-Jesuit,” circulates. For myth it certainly is. Yes, there was a man named Alberto Rivera; but he was never a “doctor” of any sort, he was never a Jesuit priest, and he was never truly converted to Christ. He was a con-man of the first order. Here is the evidence.

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