“Conversion Therapy”: When Pastors and Churches Support a Psychological Counterfeit

Conversion Therapy Counterfeit, PDF format

“Conversion therapy” is a form of psychotherapy which aims at re-orientating homosexuals to a heterosexual position, via psychological counselling combined with prayer, etc.  Angry homosexual activists and their fellow-travellers in more than one Western country have agitated for it to be criminalised, and it has indeed now been banned in certain states of the USA, and in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and France.  All this has large numbers of psychologised professing Christians up in arms, claiming it amounts to banning evangelism and is nothing less than State-sanctioned persecution of Christianity.[1]

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The Chosen TV Series: Ecumenical, Heretical and Blasphemous

The Chosen TV Series: Ecumenical, Heretical and Blasphemous, PDF format

The Chosen is a phenomenally popular TV series which purports to be about the life of Jesus.  It has been described as “a global phenomenon” and “the most successfully crowdfunded series of all time”.  It has been translated into dozens of languages.  And it has earned multiplied millions of dollars.

But is it biblical?  This is the all-important question, to which the answer is a straightforward No.  It is not.  Far from it.

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