The Astonishing Abominations of “Progressive” Roman Catholics

The Astonishing Abominations of Progressive Roman Catholics, PDF format

First, a Few from Just a Few Years Back…

  The past few decades have seen numerous blasphemous and filthy abominations being deliberately and openly displayed or condoned by “progressive” priests and bishops of Rome, and especially Jesuits, in their desperate attempt to make themselves relevant in the modern world, obsessed as it is with all kinds of vulgarity and especially sexual vulgarity.  Believe me, these are not your traditional Roman Catholic priests, nuns and people!  Times have certainly changed, and the Roman Catholic institution your parents and grandparents knew, although utterly unbiblical then as well as now, was a very different monster from what it is today.  It would be unrecognisable to those of earlier generations – as it is even to many conservative Roman Catholics today.  Here are just a few examples, which could be multiplied many times over:[1]

In 2008, the authorities at St Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna displayed an artwork which depicted the Last Supper as a homo-erotic orgy.  And although a cardinal ordered the exhibit to be removed, other pictures were left on display which were of a similar homo-erotic and blasphemous nature.

In 2017 a Romish archbishop, Vincenzo Paglia, the head of the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy for Life, commissioned a sodomite artist, Ricardo Cinalli, to paint a homo-erotic mural in Paglia’s cathedral.  The mural depicted a homo-erotic image of Paglia himself, and depicted “Jesus” lifting up two nets to heaven filled with naked and semi-naked sodomites, transsexuals, prostitutes and drug dealers, all engaged in sexual interactions.

In 2018 the Vatican’s annual nativity scene featured a homo-erotic figure.  It was made in the town of Montevergine, well known for its close ties to Italy’s LGBTQ community.

In 2019 donations from the Roman pope’s charitable collection, known as Peter’s Pence, were used to fund a biopic by singer Elton John, entitled Rocketman.  Not only is John a sodomite who is “married” (it is not true marriage, of course) to another man, but the biopic featured an explicit sodomite scene.

Now to examine some very recent examples:

Jesuit “Church” in India Pushing For a Change to Rome’s Anti-Abortion Position

  In Mumbai, India, St Peter’s, a Jesuit “church”, is using the Vatican’s upcoming Synod on Synodality to push for a change to Rome’s anti-abortion position.

It published a questionnaire in which it told parishioners that their suggestions could change the direction of the Roman Catholic institution on important matters of faith and morals.  The questionnaire was very obviously slanted towards a “progressive” (leftist/liberal) outcome.  For example, one question asked, “What changes would you like in the Church?” and one of the answers which were provided for parishioners to indicate with a “yes” or “no” tick was: “This area of faith or morality I would like the Church to change (e.g.  Doctrine on contraception/abortion or the idea of only Christians being saved).”  Thus the questionnaire leads the respondent in a particular direction by specifically mentioning these areas of possible change.

Justin Joseph, a Roman Catholic “lay leader” from Mumbai, said he was shocked that the questionnaire gives Roman Catholics the impression they can change doctrine on matters as serious as abortion by a simple democratic vote.  “It is ironic,” he said, “that we have Mumbai’s premier Jesuit parish, in one of the most Catholic areas of the megalopolis, opening the door to the slaughter of unborn children and promoting women’s ordination – when India’s gravest crime is the mass extermination of female unborn babies and when the Jesuits are the first to pontificate on feminism.”[2]

Indeed India accounts for half the world’s prevented female births, according to the medical journal The Lancet.  One of the main reasons for this is Hindus prefer sons to daughters, as they believe a son must perform funeral rites for his parents.

The questionnaire also suggests the removal of priestly celibacy, and “building fraternity by respecting and trying to understand the genuine spiritual experiences of people of other faiths”.  It emphasises interfaith relations rather than evangelisation.  Justin Joseph said, “The Indian Catholic hierarchy is also using the Synod on Synodality as a Trojan horse to push a heterodox interfaith agenda that is already widespread – the claim that you can be saved through Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism or other religions.”

Of course, we know Romanism is a false religion too – but the point is that in the past the teaching of Rome was clear that outside of her there was no salvation.  Many within her priesthood now reject that claim in order to advance the interfaith movement.

Italian Bishops “Canonise” Greta Thunberg

  “Woke” Italian bishops, denying their own Romish faith by re-interpreting it in light of all kinds of popular and trendy Woke concepts, catering to the leftist/liberal/Socialist agenda being promoted worldwide, have “canonised” all kinds of radicals of the far left.  They did this in a radical “Way of the Cross” for the Romish Lent and “Holy Week”.[3]

Via Crucis, which is published by the Italian Roman Catholic Episcopal Conference for use in Italy’s dioceses and parishes, placed Swedish climate-change alarmist and irritating teenage know-it-all Greta Thunberg among – wait for this! – “missionary women and men who were martyred”! But hold on just a minute: isn’t Greta Thunberg still alive?  Indeed she is.  How then can she be a martyr as Rome defines it?  And is she even a Roman Catholic?  I don’t know.  Finding out anything about her religion (if any) is very difficult, but if she was a Papist she would say so.  It is therefore unlikely.  So these woke Italian  bishops are making a Papist “saint” out of a girl who is not yet dead and likely not even Papist.

What then do they base their decision on?  Simply this: she is a “protagonist of change” who “became famous for her strike against climate change.”  That’s it?  For that she becomes a Romish “saint”?  What’s next – “sainthood” for Justin Bieber?  At least he is a Roman Catholic.  Or was. Or might still be.

It used to be that Rome applied some standards before declaring someone a “saint”.  They were not biblical standards, of course, and Romish “sainthood” is very far removed from biblical sainthood; but one condition Rome insisted on was that, well, the candidate had to be dead; and another was that a couple of miracles needed to be attributed to him/her.   The irritating little Miss Thunberg is very much alive, and as far as we know no Papist has ever claimed that she performed a miracle.  Unless “striking against climate change” and shouting one’s mouth off at one’s elders while going through life permanently angry with almost everyone is now considered to be a miracle.  Hey, these are strange, strange times.

A Jesuit priest named Thomas Reese (ah, we should have figured that the Jesuits would show up somewhere in the Greta fairy tale) blasphemously compared her to Isaiah the prophet, calling her “an Advent prophet giving us hope but challenging us to prepare the way of the Lord by protecting the Father’s creation.”[4]  Hmm.  Such high praise has doubtless gone to the far-from-humble Greta’s head.  Imagine being called a prophet like Isaiah!  We know she is a stranger to the Lord Jesus Christ and the Father; but does she even know anything about the false Roman Catholic “Jesus” and the Roman Catholic “Father”?

The Via Crucis booklet explained that including people like Thunberg was “intended to underline the link between young people and the Church” and help Roman Catholics rethink their idea of “Church”.  But must we say it again?  We’ve seen nothing to indicate little Greta is even a Roman Catholic!  If she is, she hides it very well.  But one thing is true: many Roman Catholics are indeed rethinking their idea of what their “Church” is or should be, and are rejecting it.  Not for the truth of the Gospel, but because they see through its hypocrisy, lies, and its catering to the world and radical society.  They’re just sick of it all.

Italian Bishops also “Canonise” a Few Other Choice Radical Activists

  Who else did these Italian bishops “canonise” in their “Way of the Cross”?[5]

There was Marielle Franco.  Who was she?  When you read her credentials you’ll see why the priestly Woke crowd idolised her: she was a Brazilian bisexual who “married” her female partner, as well as being a feminist, pro-abortionist, Communist and LGBT+ activist.  Never mind that official Romish doctrine condemns all forms of sexual perversion.  Never mind that it condemns abortion as a grave sin.  Never mind that Communism was at one time strongly condemned by the Papacy.  Franco was placed among the “missionary women and men who were martyred”.  And Roman Catholics were called upon to meditate on her assassination and achievements.  Not in a negative way, you understand.  In a positive way, as in “what a woman to emulate!”

Then there is Maria Ressa.  She is a Filipino-American lesbian journalist, and pro-abortion, not to mention a woman who has been charged with fraud and tax evasion.  Oh, she was also a joint recipient of the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize – always a good indication of the world’s troublecausers and agitators.  But did this matter to the trendy Italian bishops?  Not in the least.  She was praised for “safeguarding freedom of expression and fighting to report on the injustices and violence” in the Philippines and Russia. Apparently these issues are far more important than such a mundane and irrelevant issue as the murder of the unborn.  Oh, and is she dead?  No, she’s alive.

Then there is Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani Muslim and activist, youngest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, a woman who loves her religion and is on record as having said, “Islam has taught me the importance of peace.  Islam has taught me the importance of education.”  Strange that this devout Muslim should be honoured in a Via Crucis booklet!  But there you are.  She is.  And why?  For campaigning for the right to education for women under the Taliban regime.  I guess such a campaign is far more important to the liberal bishops of Rome than any campaigns to promote Roman Catholicism, or the causes which used to be dear to Roman Catholics.  Certainly she is a very brave young woman – but that is not the issue. Amazing: these bishops had to find heroines from among the people of other religions!  With multiplied thousands of dead Roman Catholic “saints” on their books, they had to turn to a living Muslim for inspiration.  Yes, she’s alive.  She’s not a martyr by Rome’s definition.

Then there is Nasrin Sotoudeh.  She is a human rights lawyer from Iran and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, and – you guessed it – a Muslim, not a Roman Catholic.  Brave?  Absolutely.  She was sentenced to decades in prison and 148 lashes for defending the right of women to reject the Islamic veil.  But a Roman Catholic martyr?  No.  A martyr at all, in the Popish sense of dying for one’s faith?  No.  So what is she doing in the list?  Good question.

Then there is Domenico “Mimmo” Lucano, an Italian politician, activist and former mayor who was sentenced to prison for “exploiting migrants for his benefit.”  He was also charged with abuse of office, fraud, ideological falsehood and embezzlement.  Were any alarm bells ringing in the heads of the bishops as they added him to the “canonisation” list?  Nope.  Instead, they praised him “for his approach to managing political refugees and immigrants in general, in the context of the European migrant crisis”, as well as for resettling some 450 mostly Muslim migrants in Riace, Italy.  Once again, a pro-Muslim leftist activist.  And once again, he obviously had all the right qualifications in the bishops’ eyes: all kinds of criminal charges.  Far more important than upholding traditional Roman Catholic teaching.  Are we seeing the pattern here?

Then there is Alejandro Solalinde.  He is a Mexican priest – finally, an actual Roman Catholic priest! – but a priest who has no qualms about breaking the law: he helps illegal immigrants enter into the United States from Mexico.  This lawbreaking priest is hailed as a hero by the Via Crucis.  After all, he is helping to fill America with Roman Catholics from Mexico, which is increasing the already massive Roman Catholic vote in the USA and doing wonders for the Roman Catholic institution there.  And this is what counts.

Then there is Gabriella Bottani.  She is a nun.  What, another actual Roman Catholic?  Yes, a nun who has fought against human trafficking.  On a human level, we have to admire anyone who fights against this terrible crime, and we certainly would not fault her for that.  The bishops have her on their list, and at least she is brave and committed to stamping out a real, shocking crime.  But… she’s still not a Roman Catholic martyr.

Then there is Alessia Bonari.  She is a nurse who became famous when her face mask left bruises on her face as she worked in an Italian hospital with COVID patients.  The bishops praised her as a “symbol of the fight against COVID.”  Bruises on the face from a mask are certainly unpleasant, and as nurses (like the rest of us) were lied to about COVID, they had no idea that it simply wasn’t the terrible and deadly plague the media and corrupt politicians made it out to be.  They really believed their very lives were in danger.  But it seems to us (and we don’t want to sound hard-hearted, but in the light of real suffering we can’t help it) that bruises from a face mask hardly qualify someone for martyrdom status, even (surely!) Romish martyrdom.

Italian Archdiocese Authorises the Confirmation of a Transgender

  The Roman Catholic archdiocese of Turin, Italy, authorised the Romish sacrament of confirmation for a woman who was “baptized” as a Roman Catholic female, but who then claimed to become a male by undergoing re-assignment surgery.[6]  Biblically and biologically it is utterly impossible for a female to become a male or vice versa.  But the transgender movement is a growing force worldwide and these outlandish claims are being made, contrary to all evidence.  None of this, however, was going to stop the parish priest of the Stigmata of St Francis of Assisi Church, Antonio Borio, who said he would welcome this tragically confused human being to the sacrament of confirmation, since “the choice of receiving the sacraments of communion, confession and confirmation does not depend on gender.”  He even dared to use a Scripture to attempt to justify this abomination: pointing to Gal. 3:28 – “there is neither male nor female in Christ Jesus” – he said God does not discriminate according to gender, and that he had received authorisation to proceed from the archdiocesan chancellor, priest  Allesandro Giraudo. This man believes that “same-sex” couples should receive a blessing from priests of Rome.

Priest Denies His Own Religion to Accommodate Muslims

  Revealing just how far he is prepared to go to accommodate everyone, regardless of his own religion’s teachings, in May 2019 the same priest mentioned above, Antonio Borio, hosted an interfaith service for Roman Catholics and Muslims. And in order to make the Muslims feel comfortable and welcome, he actually removed the wafer-god of Rome from the tabernacle.  The door of the tabernacle was left wide open (doubtless to show the Muslims present that it was empty).

Such men will stop at nothing to turn the Roman Catholic institution on its head – as long as the result is an “all-inclusive Church” which welcomes everyone and condemns no one. Or at least, no one who is politically correct or of another religion.

Italian Homo-Erotic Porn Star Invited to Entertain Teens at the Vatican

  Now for a real doozy.

Just how low is the Vatican prepared to go in order to appear relevant in this evil world and to attract the youth?  Pretty low, it seems.  Lower than a snake’s shadow.

In April, the Italian Episcopal Conference actually invited Blanco, a leading Italian rapper, to perform at St Peter’s Square on “Easter Monday” for tens of thousands of teenagers, brought to the event by the bishops of their various dioceses.  According to the bishops’ media, Blanco’s performance would prepare the teens for a prayer meeting and a sermon from the pope of Rome!

So who is this man?  Real name: Riccardo Fabbriconi.  At Italy’s Sanremo 2022 Festival he gave a homo-erotic performance with another singer, Alessandro Mahmood, who is rumoured to be a sodomite.  The two men appeared naked on the cover of the Italian edition of Vanity Fair.  Italian media QDS stated: “Blanco and Mahmood have become true icons for homosexuals.”[7]  This icon for homosexuals was invited to perform for Roman Catholic teens at the Vatican itself, in preparation for a sermon by Francis!  The invitation scandalised more conservative bishops.  One of them, Antonio Suetta, said “the message conveyed by Blanco is not suitable for a Catholic context.”  That should surely rank as one of the understatements of the year in Italy.

American Jesuit University Hosts a Drag Show

  Yes, you read correctly.  Just when you thought the Jesuits could not sink lower into the miry clay…they do.  The “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” office at Saint Joseph’s University, a Jesuit university in Philadelphia, USA, put on a drag show on 22 April 2022 at its student centre.

But this was not the first time: it is actually an annual event at the university, with students being encouraged to dress up in drag and participate!  The university even has its own student-led group, SJUPride, which seeks to build an “accepting space for all sexual orientations and gender identities to gather and express themselves.”  At a Jesuit university?  Yes.  At a Jesuit university.

It shocked many Roman Catholics.  Dr Denise Donohue of the Cardinal Newman Society, an organisation which promotes and defends Roman Catholic education, said, “the mission of Catholic education is to evangelize and witness to the truth of God and the world through complete integral human formation.  How do these types of shows do that?”[8]  Alas, this poor woman does not understand how the Jesuits seek to advance their own mission in the world: by “becoming all things to all men”.  The fact is that this kind of “witness” is not out of character for the Jesuit Order.  Throughout its history it has always accommodated the world in every possible way, so as to attract people to Roman Catholicism.  In today’s world it sees nothing wrong with using a drag show to do so.

Donohue went on: “When worldly views that counter Church teaching are given ‘center stage’ by a Catholic institution… Catholic identity is harmed.”  The Jesuits don’t care about official or traditional “Church” teaching. What they care about is gaining and then holding onto power.  And if this means bending the rules and teachings of Rome, so be it.  They have always done this.

Indian Roman Catholic Churches Host Muslim Ramadan Meals and Prayers

  He claims he didn’t do it.  But the Romish archbishop of Mumbai, India, appears to have permitted Romish “churches” to host Islamic Ramadan meals and prayers.  They even rang their bells to usher in the breaking of the Muslim fast.  This was an interfaith gesture, showing just how far liberal Romanists are prepared to go to accommodate other religions.  He claims there was “some misunderstanding”.  But the fact remains that on his watch these “churches” did this.  Not only that, but he defended the decision to host Islamic Iftar meals in Romish “church” buildings, asserting that it was merely a fellowship meal.  This is not true at all: the Iftar meal is religiously significant to Muslims, who would consider it demeaning to reduce it to a mere fellowship meal.  The truth is that, “By participating in iftars, [Roman Catholics] are helping celebrate an [Islamic] imperative to conquer and subjugate them.”[9]

The entire business horrified conservative Roman Catholics, with one of them, Blaise Gomes of the Association of Concerned Catholics, asking the archbishop of Mumbai: “Will the Muslim community reciprocate the gesture and allow Catholics to offer Holy Mass in their mosques?”[10]  Of course they won’t.  Muslims would view that as the height of sacrilege.  As far as they are concerned, Papists are infidels.  But foolish Papists think this gesture and others like it makes Muslims like them.   How wrong they are!

He also asked if Roman Catholic “churches” would now start doing the same for Hindus in India, and begin to host idols of the elephant-headed god Ganesha during the Hindu festival of Ganesh Chaturthi.  Well, actually, they just might.  Jesuits in India have for centuries synthesised Romanism and Hinduism so as to make Romanism more acceptable to Indians.  They would stop at nothing to gain disciples.

Indian Hindus took the opportunity to mock Roman Catholics on social media, especially because, during the prayers, Muslims prayed with their behinds offensively facing the Romish crucifix and the wafer-god in a Popish place of worship.  Jesuit parish priest Vincy D’Mello participated in the Islamic prayers, and gave permission to the Muslims to “perform the namaz (Islamic prayer) in the church itself in the direction where there was no deity.”

That the Muslims praying in the Jesuit “church” were themselves mocking the Roman Catholics and using the opportunity to further their agenda of conquering Roman Catholicism was explained by a Shariah scholar who viewed a video of the prayers.  He said that the Arabic recitations were from the Koran, Sura 1:6-7 and Sura 105:1-5.  Sura 1:6-7 reads, “Guide us to the straight path, the path of those whom you have favoured, not of those who have earned your anger or of those who have gone astray.”   According to Muslim scholars, “those who have earned Allah’s anger” are the Jews, and “those who have gone astray” are the Christians (and sadly, Islam thinks Roman Catholicism is Christian).  According to an Islamic commentary on Sura 1:7, it pronounces a curse on Jews and “Christians” because they have rejected Islam.  As for Sura 105:1-5, this is about the defeat of a Yemeni “Christian” ruler, Abrahah.  The scholar said, “Both texts are clearly supremacist and speak of Islam as the true religion and Muhammad as the true prophet triumphing over Christianity – a false religion which idolatrously worships the Trinity and blasphemously proclaims Jesus to be God.”  Even though Romanism is not Christianity, Islamic teachers believe it is.

These are the readings which took place inside a Roman Catholic “church” building!

What Is Going On?

  All these shocking things, all these officially un-Roman Catholic things, are not random, nor are they merely the doings of a few rebel priests here and there.  There is an agenda, it is a Jesuit-created agenda, and they are behaving according to a carefully laid-down script.  It has always been the case that the Jesuits have done as they pleased and marched to their own drum, a law unto themselves, their loyalty always being first and foremost to their own Jesuit general.  Their goal is and always has been world power, and to achieve this they have frequently changed both tactics and direction.  And having tested the wind to ascertain which way it is blowing, the Jesuit plan is to fundamentally alter the teachings and direction of the Roman Catholic institution, so as to make it acceptable and relevant in the modern world.

To do this they had to begin to undermine traditional Roman Catholic teachings with regard to the family, moral matters, society, political issues, etc., etc.  They had to embrace extreme policies and practices which in times past were anathema within Roman Catholicism.   For the world is changing rapidly and they want to keep up with it so as to control it.  They know that the world will pass the Papal system by unless it changes with the times and embraces what the world has now embraced.  Essentially, they are aiming to fashion a new “Church” of Rome, radically different in theology and practice from what it was before.

As I wrote in my article, The Jesuits, Their Pope, and the Plan to Fundamentally Change the Roman Catholic Institution[11] (which I recommend to be read along with this present article):

“After Vatican II the Jesuits continued to develop and expand their pro-Communist and doctrinally liberal agenda.  Moynihan [a Roman Catholic journalist] wrote: ‘attracted by the task of conforming the [Roman Catholic] faith to the assertions of modern science, influenced by the speculations of Jesuits like Fr. Teilhard de Chardin and Fr. Karl Rahner, many tended increasingly to regard these Popes [i.e. Paul VI, John Paul I and II, and Benedict XVI], and their curias, as attached (regrettably) to a set of myths about Christ and his ‘Good News’ which (regrettably) prevented the Catholic Church, and the Jesuit order as the vanguard movement in the Church, from leading humanity into an era of social and political justice that would be endlessly postponed if the shackles of mysticism were not broken.’[12]

“This is why the Roman Catholicism of today is in many respects so different from that of the 1950s and earlier.  On paper, most of the old, traditional Roman Catholic beliefs are still there – but they are no longer given paramount place in Roman Catholic teaching.  The Jesuits have seen to it that the modern “Church” of Rome focuses primarily on issues of liberal/Socialist/Marxist politics, economics, and social justice.  The emphasis is now on this world, the making of a supposedly better world in the here and now, rather than on teaching about a world to come.  Spiritual theology is out; political liberation theology and social justice issues are in…

“That this mission of the Jesuits in modern society was and is an integral part of the Jesuit plan for world conquest is shown by the following words, spoken by the Jesuit general Pedro Arrupe in an address to the Jesuit Order in 1975: ‘The problem lies precisely in this, that that equilibrium and integration must be kept; thus it happens that activities that seem most distant from the priesthood, because they seem more secular or material, are assumed, integrated, directed and vivified by the very priestly character of the apostolic man.’[13]

“‘Activities that seem most distant from the priesthood, because they seem more secular or material, are assumed, integrated, directed and vivified’ by Jesuit priests!  But the important thing to understand is that this is not something new with the Jesuit Order: this is how they have always operated.

“Arrupe went on: ‘Therefore, that sacerdotal character that leads us to total identification with Christ and deeper union with Him automatically leads us to evangelize just as Christ Himself did, that is, by means of the cross; and in that evangelization to promote and accomplish properly the work of justice.’  Arrupe was saying that Marxist ‘social justice’ causes were now a part of the Roman Catholic ‘gospel’ and that therefore the Jesuits should be up to their dog-collared necks in them.  And he added this: ‘Is our General Congregation ready to take up this responsibility and carry it out to its ultimate consequences?  Is it ready to enter upon the more severe way of the cross, which surely will mean for us a lack of understanding on the part of civil and ecclesiastical authority and of our best friends?’

“Read that last part again!  The Jesuit general was saying to his shock troops that even those within the Roman Catholic hierarchy would not understand their “mission”, but that they must press ahead anyway.  And is not this precisely what Francis I has done, in obedience to his orders?…

“The Jesuits… continued to influence the entire Roman Catholic institution in a Communist direction, just as they had from the 1960s onwards.  And their plans culminated with the election of one of their own, the Jesuit cardinal Jorge Maria Bergoglio, in 2013.

“Viganò [a conservative Popish archbishop] stated in 2019 that the Francis pontificate represented the achievement of a Jesuit plan dating back 60 years, i.e. to the beginning of the 1960s and the radical change which occurred with the pontificate of the Communist pope, John XXIII, and the Second Vatican Council.  Ponder the words of this knowledgeable archbishop of the Roman Catholic institution:

“‘Let’s consider the history of the Jesuits…. What we are now seeing is the triumph of a 60-year-old plan, the successful execution of a well-thought out plan to bring a new sort of thinking into the heart of the Church, a thinking rooted in elements of Liberation Theology containing strands of Marxism, little interested in traditional Catholic liturgy or morality or theology, but rather focused on ‘praxis’ in the field of social justice.  And now this plan has achieved one of its supreme goals, with a Jesuit on the See of Peter’.[14]

“Jesuit priest Paul Shaughnessy wrote: ‘The German theologian Karl Rahner was able to exhort his fellow Jesuits: “You must remain loyal to the papacy in theology and in practice, because that is part of your heritage to a special degree, but because the actual form of the papacy remains subject, in the future too, to an historical process of change, your theology and ecclesiastical law has above all to serve the papacy as it will be in the future.”  See the move?  Our current Jesuits are all loyal to the papacy, but to the future papacy – that of Pope Chelsea XII, perhaps – and their support for contraception, gay sex, and divorce proceeds from humble obedience to this conveniently protean pontiff.’”

The Jesuit plan for the Papacy is to make it fit in with modern society, by permitting priestesses; supporting sodomy and sodomite priests; changing the definition of the family; pushing radical environmentalism; advocating Socialism/Communism; promoting the interfaith movement; etc., etc.

Seen in this light, therefore, the astonishing abominations described above are not merely isolated events, but a deliberate agenda to gradually alter the very teachings and practices of the Roman Catholic institution on some very important issues.  Expect to see many more such abominations in the months and years ahead, if the Jesuits and their cronies throughout Rome’s priesthood continue to have their way.  They are certainly opposed by more conservative, traditionalist priests and people, but at this stage they appear to be losing the battle.  But even if the more conservative side somehow manages to push back the Jesuit agenda, never forget that both sides – conservative and liberal/radical priests and people – consist of lost souls, not Christians!  Rome, whether controlled by those on the Roman Catholic right or the Roman Catholic left, is a false religious system, a Whore, not the Virgin Bride of Christ.

June 2022

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