The Astonishing Abominations of “Progressive” Roman Catholics

The Astonishing Abominations of Progressive Roman Catholics, PDF format

First, a Few from Just a Few Years Back…

  The past few decades have seen numerous blasphemous and filthy abominations being deliberately and openly displayed or condoned by “progressive” priests and bishops of Rome, and especially Jesuits, in their desperate attempt to make themselves relevant in the modern world, obsessed as it is with all kinds of vulgarity and especially sexual vulgarity.  Believe me, these are not your traditional Roman Catholic priests, nuns and people!  Times have certainly changed, and the Roman Catholic institution your parents and grandparents knew, although utterly unbiblical then as well as now, was a very different monster from what it is today.  It would be unrecognisable to those of earlier generations – as it is even to many conservative Roman Catholics today.  Here are just a few examples, which could be multiplied many times over:[1]

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A Presbyterian Deceiver Visits the Roman Pope

A Presbyterian Deceiver Visits the Roman Pope, PDF format

This article is about a Presbyterian ecumenicist who recently visited the Roman pope, and came back singing his praises and distorting Scripture to justify fellowshipping with Francis.  His name is Steve Stockman.  The following quote from an article exposing him, entitled “Steve Stockman: Shaking Hands with ‘The Devil’?” was written by my brother in Christ, Cecil Andrews of “Take Heed” Ministries in Northern Ireland:

“News broke on 25th April 2022 that Presbyterian Minister, Steve Stockman had met with Pope Francis at The Vatican.  It was reported by both the BBC and The Irish News newspaper[1]…. In many ways it has been an ‘open secret’ that Steve Stockman has been a huge fan of Pope Francis… and it culminated in Papal support for the ecumenical ‘Four Corners Festival’ that was the subject of my article earlier this year…[2]  As well as the BBC and Irish News reports, Steve Stockman himself also wrote a ‘blog report’ of his time in Rome”.[3]

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