Why Malta Matters to the Papacy

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Francis I visited the small European nation of Malta in early April 2022.  For a very long time Malta was one of the most Roman Catholic nations on earth, and even today over 85% of its population are “baptized” Roman Catholics.  However, as with the rest of Europe, the country has experienced a steady decline in attendance at the Romish mass for decades now. And the government is certainly not fanatically pro-Romanist today, but like most of Europe it is Socialist.  In 2011 it legalised no-fault divorce, and in 2017 it legalised sodomite “marriage”, both of which are contrary to official Roman Catholic teaching.  Malta is the only remaining EU member which still fully prohibits abortion, but this too is under assault.  A Roman Catholic party, the People’s Party, was vociferously anti-abortion before this year’s election, but it was boycotted by the mainstream media and received only scant coverage on State-sponsored TV.

Upon his arrival, Francis urged local government authorities to protect life, and called on the international community to work for peace in the midst of the war in Ukraine.  All fine and well on the surface.  But all is never as it seems on the surface when it comes to the Roman Papacy.  There was much more to this visit than for Francis to condemn the war in Ukraine.  He could have done that from the Vatican – and has.  And there was also much more to the visit than to merely condemn abortion.  Although he called on the Maltese to “defend life from its beginning to its natural end”, thereby offering a sop to Roman Catholics committed to their religion’s teaching on the matter, this was not the real focus of his visit either.

Let’s look at the real reasons for the visit.

Papal Support for a Socialist, Pro-Abortion, Pro-Sodomite Prime Minister

  Weeks before Francis visited Malta, Roman Catholics faithful to the teachings of their “Church” pleaded with him to cancel the visit, because it was scheduled to occur just days after a general election which the Labour Party, a pro-LGBTQ, pro-abortion, pro-euthanasia Socialist party, was expected to win, and they feared the papal visit would legitimise the new government, supportive of so much which was contrary to official Roman Catholic teaching.  Maltese commentator Kenneth Rijock warned that the Socialist government would manipulate the visit for its own ends, gaining maximum political mileage for itself.[1]

The Labour Party, a member of the Socialist International and of the European organisation Socialists and Democrats, was headed by Prime Minister Robert Abela, who was branded “a fake Catholic like Joe Biden” by Dr Philip Beattie, a Roman Catholic and president of Pro Malta Christiana.[2]  This was an accurate observation, if one understands a real Roman Catholic to be someone committed to the official teachings and practices of his religion.  But to the Jesuits, a real Roman Catholic is anyone who obeys them – no matter what official Popish teachings he holds to or does not hold to.

Feelings ran very high, with a number of priests actually threatening to boycott the papal visit.  However, the archbishop of Malta, Charles Scicluna, a Socialist and pro-LGBTQ, wanted the visit to go ahead.  Rijock pointed out that as Scicluna was “tipped for a cardinal’s hat and a top appointment in Rome” – possibly to be appointed head of the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the old Inquisition – the last thing he would have wanted was “to rock the boat and delay a visit to the Maltese archdiocese by his boss.”  Rijock said Scicluna had a “very cozy rapprochement with Malta’s socialists”.[3]

Sure enough, the Socialists won the election.  But Francis never had any intention of cancelling his visit, despite the fierce backlash from Malta’s conservative Roman Catholics.  And the visit most certainly did “canonise” the victorious Labour Party government.  Significantly, the Vatican “conveniently backtracked” on its “own self-declared policy that no papal visit was possible during a 15-day period prior to or after a country’s political elections.”[4]  The Jesuits are always ready to bend (or ignore) the rules if it suits them.

There can be no question about it: Francis’ visit to Malta, coming only seven days after the election which saw Abela re-elected, was deliberately timed so as to send a clear message that the pope and the Vatican were backing the Socialist government, despite its anti-Roman Catholic policies.  As Beattie correctly said: “with this papal visit coming only seven days after the polls, many Maltese were left feeling that, despite the pope’s comments, this visit has in some way ‘canonized’ the present Maltese governing regime.”[5]  That was most definitely the intention, as Francis supports radical Socialists and Communists the world over, the most notable western examples being Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

Francis was welcomed by re-elected Prime Minister Abela.  But did he address those policies of the Labour Party which are sins according to Roman Catholic doctrine (not to mention according to the Bible as well)?  No, he did not.  He deliberately kept silent.  “Francis said nothing about the anti-family onslaught unleashed by the LGBTQ+ lobby and their Socialist allies during his address to Malta’s president, George Vella,” said Dr Beattie.  “He also remained silent on Prime Minister Robert Abela’s threat to discuss the introduction of euthanasia and extend ‘full reproductive rights’ and ‘genetic screening’ for unborn babies in the Labour 2022 electoral manifesto.  Vella and Abela are both Catholic.  The ‘gifts’ Malta has received with illegal immigration are the exploitation of… African and Middle Eastern migrants as cheap labour on Malta’s construction sites and in garbage collection, whilst a considerable number are imprisoned for violent crimes committed against Maltese citizens – robbery and drug trafficking offenses, among others.”[6]

Vella and Abela may call themselves Roman Catholics, but they are “Roman Catholics” of the Joe Biden variety: Socialist, liberal, pro- every kind of abomination, ever ready to ditch official Roman Catholic teaching and practice if it does not square with their own agendas.  In a word, they are Jesuitical Roman Catholics.  Not Jesuits themselves necessarily, but Jesuitical, in that, like the Jesuits who pull their strings, they take a very (for want of a better word) fluid position on Roman Catholic teaching and practice, holding to it if it is advantageous to them and dropping it if it isn’t.  For the Jesuits, all that really matters is power, not orthodoxy in doctrine or practice.

Other matters Francis was silent about during his address to the predominantly Roman Catholic audience at the presidential palace: “Jesus”, “sin” and “repentance” (we put these in inverted commas because the Romish concept of Jesus is “another Jesus” entirely, and sin and repentance according to Rome’s false “gospel” are not what the Bible teaches about them either).  The point is that he did not proclaim the Romish “gospel” at all – strange omission for one who claims to be the “Vicar of Christ” on earth!

Malta and Russia

  This was another reason for the visit at this time: the significance of this small European country in the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine.  According to a report from The Telegraph, the Pentagon was concerned that Russia was seeking to establish a naval base on Malta.  Given Francis’ preferential support for the EU/US alliance against Russia in the war, another purpose for the papal visit to Malta was to encourage the Maltese government to oppose any attempt by Russia to use the country as a naval base.

And there was more.  Malta has a “golden passport” scheme, allowing high-income individuals to obtain a Maltese passport within one to three years – and a quarter of all applicants are Russian citizens.  As European Union and US sanctions began to take their toll on the Russian leaders, they were increasingly taking advantage of Malta’s passport scheme which gives them unrestricted access to Europe, as they could then avoid EU sanctions because they would legally be Maltese citizens.

Papal Support for Muslim Immigration into Malta

  Here was a third reason for the papal visit.  The Vatican well knows the strategic importance of Malta.  Francis said, “Thanks to its geographical position, Malta can be called the heart of the Mediterranean.  Not only by its geography: for thousands of years, the interplay of historical events and the encounter of different peoples has made this island a centre of vitality and of culture, spirituality and beauty, a crossroads that has received and harmonized influences from many parts of the world.”[7]  This recognition of Malta’s centrality lay behind a major purpose of his visit: to further support Muslim immigration into Europe.  As to why Francis wants to do this, it is complex but very important to understand, and the reader is referred to my article, Why is Francis Encouraging Muslim Immigration into Europe?[8]

Incredibly, the Jesuit pope was so eager to appease and not offend Muslim illegals in Malta that organisers actually dropped the crucifix from the papal podium during the climax of his trip!  And they were not shy about admitting the reason: “The podium will not be adorned with a crucifix, given that the majority of migrants are Muslim,” noted the archdiocese of Malta.[9]  In other words, Francis would rather put this major symbol of Roman Catholicism behind his back, as it were, than offend the Muslim fanatics pouring into Malta and Europe in general!  This single action speaks volumes about the Jesuit pope’s plan for encouraging Muslims to flood into Europe!

Instead of the crucifix, recycled plastic bottles with red blobs were used to design the backdrop for the pope’s speech – revealing that the Jesuits were far more interested in promoting the Marxist environmentalist agenda than Roman Catholic teachings or practices.  This was admitted by artistic director Carlo Schembri, who said he was being faithful to Francis’ primary reason for visiting Malta – to defend (Muslim) migrants and the ecology!  He was right: Islamic migration into Europe, and radical environmentalism (a Red agenda behind a Green facade) were issues dear to the heart of Francis.  Schembri explained: “When you look deeper, you will see that the sea is made of recycled plastic bottles, because there is more plastic than fish in our sea [no, there isn’t].  And the red blobs are life jackets – the lives of people lost at sea.”

Here is the truth about Muslim immigrants to Malta, as stated by Philip Beattie: “The majority of the illegal immigrants trafficked to Malta on rickety boats leaving the Libyan coastline are not genuine refugees, but economic migrants – and are mainly Muslim young men aged between 18 and 28.”[10]  In other words, these are Muslim invaders, young and aggressive, not genuine refugees for the most part.  The pope of Rome is encouraging the invasion of Europe by Islamic warriors, men ready to fight and die to enable Islam to conquer the continent!

Francis and the prelates of Malta repeatedly referred to how the Maltese people welcomed Paul the apostle when he was shipwrecked there, as recorded in Acts 28.  And he appealed to Malta’s authorities to safeguard the dignity of Islamic immigrants arriving in the country.  Most are from Libya, Syria and Somalia.  “Today,” he said, “when those who cross the Mediterranean in search of salvation are met with fear and the narrative of ‘invasion’, and safeguarding one’s own security at any price seems to be the primary goal, let us help one another not to view the migrant as a threat and not to yield to the temptation of raising drawbridges and erecting walls.  Other people are not a virus from which we need to be protected, but persons to be accepted.”[11]

Francis also made further comments which outraged many Maltese Roman Catholics.  He accused the Maltese of cultivating an “anachronistic isolationism, which will not produce prosperity and integration.”  He said, “According to its Phoenician etymology, Malta means ‘safe harbour.’  Nonetheless, given the growing influence of recent years, fear and insecurity have nurtured a certain discouragement and frustration.”[12]

The Backlash from Ordinary Papists: the “Church” of Rome Resembles a “People-Smuggling NGO”

  Roman Catholics spoke up and condemned their own pope’s comments on Islamic immigration.  Worldwide, conservative/traditionalist Roman Catholics have grown increasingly concerned about the direction Francis has been taking their “Church”.

Maltese Roman Catholics were outraged and took to social media to voice their disgust.  One Roman Catholic politician, who requested anonymity, said, “It felt like he hated us Maltese.  He looked angry and was only happy when with illegal immigrants.”[13]  Other comments included: “He just called us racists”; “He should take them to the Vatican”; “He is an accomplice to the crime”.  And even: “He is a false prophet and should have stayed at the Vatican.”

The backlash on social media was so fierce that it prompted the archbishop of Malta, Charles Scicluna, to rush to Francis’ defence.  He compared the Maltese people’s rejection of Francis’ message to the Jews rejecting Jesus.  “Good Friday was the moment where Jesus was rejected up to the assassination,” he said.  “We didn’t like the message, so we killed the messenger.  Obviously, we didn’t kill the pope, he is safe in Rome, but I think we need healing here.”  And: “There is so much anger, frustration and hatred, and that doesn’t help the quality of life we want to live.  What are we ensuring by showing such venom?”[14]

But given that Scicluna himself was well known as being pro-LGBTQ, thereby placing himself, a high-ranking prelate, against his own “Church’s” teachings, it was not surprising that he defended his pope – and came in for plenty of criticism himself.  The same anonymous Roman Catholic politician quoted above said, “As for Archbishop Scicluna’s rebuke, it came across as a shepherd insulting his ever-dwindling flock.  Most people feel betrayed by the [Roman] Church, which is coming to resemble a people-smuggling non-governmental organisation.”

A people-smuggling non-governmental organisation.  When Roman Catholics describe their own religion like this, it speaks more loudly than when a thousand Protestants say the same thing.  This is precisely what the Roman Catholic institution is.  A Christian Church?  It is not now, it never was in the past, and it never will be in the future.

As for Francis saying that in the first century AD the people of Malta welcomed Paul the apostle when he was shipwrecked, and that therefore today’s Maltese should welcome Muslim immigrants into their country, even a Roman Catholic like Philip Beattie was able to point out the obvious error in this argument:

“The inference that the Maltese should live up to their forefathers’ reputation by accepting the unbridled, mass-disordered influxes of illegal Muslim immigrants that have flooded the island since 2005 isn’t lost on anybody.  What is conveniently forgotten is that St. Paul left the island at the first available opportunity after sheltering here for three months”.[15]

Being a Papist, Beattie went on to state, incorrectly, that Paul “gave the Maltese the greatest gift any foreign visitor ever gave them: the gift of the Catholic faith.”  Paul of course was not a Roman Catholic and did not preach the false Roman Catholic gospel.  But then Beattie said another true thing: “On this matter, the pontiff was silent during his two-day tour of the Maltese islands.”  Indeed he was.  He did not proclaim the traditional Roman Catholic “gospel”.  His message was another one entirely, suited to another agenda: the Jesuit agenda for the world, and for world conquest.

May 2022

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