The Russian Invasion of Ukraine

The Russian Invasion of Ukraine, PDF format

The reasons for the Russian invasion of Ukraine can be very confusing to the man in the street.  I refer the reader to my two previous articles on this subject.  One was written in 2014 and entitled Ukraine, Russia, the US/EU: What’s Going On? and the other was written just some days ago and entitled The Russia-Ukraine Standoff and the Threat of War.  These go into detail about the causes of the war.

Starting Point: NEVER Believe the Mainstream Media

People are so gullible, and their memories are short.  The media lie.  They lie all the time.  This cannot be stressed enough.  They lie because they have an agenda.  Vladimir Lenin said, “To tell the truth is a petty bourgeois habit, but to lie and to lie convincingly is a sign of superior intelligence.”  Today, as almost the entire world is under Socialist or Communist leadership, Lenin’s doctrine is followed by most world leaders and by the controlled establishment media.

People ask: “But how are we to know the truth?  Who do we believe when we read or watch news reports of what’s going on in the world?”  Well, a major part of the answer is: whatever the mainstream media tell you, always believe the opposite is most likely true.  Always. The mainstream media is never neutral, never free and independent, never unbiased.  It is controlled; it makes use of widespread and incessant propaganda; it takes the side which its masters tell it to take; and it pushes their agenda relentlessly.

Think about this: the mainstream media have lied to us for over two years about the COVID “pandemic”, which was not a pandemic at all and was never a danger to over 99% of the world’s population.  They lied, and lied, and lied again.  Why then should anyone believe them when it comes to what they tell us about Russia and Ukraine?  Suddenly we are being told, over and over, “Russia evil, Ukraine good! Putin evil, Biden and the European leaders good!  And the masses have fallen for this incessant, unrelenting propaganda.  Russia is not good, Putin is not good – but nor is the US/EU alliance, and nor is Ukraine!  Remember Orwell’s Animal Farm?  – the constant repetition by the sheep, saying in unison, “Four legs good, two legs bad!”  This is what the world is being manipulated to repeat, ad nauseam.

Adolf Hitler did not write Mein Kampf; a Jesuit priest did.[1]  It is not surprising, therefore, that Jesuit subtlety and deceitfulness are revealed in its pages.  In it we find these words: “the purpose of propaganda is… to convince… the masses… its effect for the most part must be aimed at the emotions…. all effective propaganda must be limited to a very few points and must harp on these in slogans until the last member of the public understands what you want him to understand by your slogan…  The intelligence of the masses is small.  Their forgetfulness is great.  They must be told the same thing a thousand times.”  We are seeing this Jesuit doctrine unfolding in the way the media reports on the war in Ukraine.  It reduces it all to a very simplistic formula which is repeated over and over again: Russia bad, Ukraine good!  Putin deranged, Zerensky good!

How can people be so gullible and foolish?  How can many of the same people who correctly saw that the media were lying to them about COVID, now turn around and believe the very same media when they tell the world that the West should enthusiastically support Ukraine?  It shows once again that people are like sheep.  They truly are sheeple.  They are willing to let the media lead them by the nose.

If you are a Christian, a true child of God: stop believing the lies of the mainstream media!  Be immediately sceptical of everything it tells you. Stop receiving all your news from TV channels or liberal sources.  Think!  Research!  Read between the lines.  Discern what is going on behind the images of the vacuous talking heads of news channels and podcasts.

I wrote an article entitled, How to Analyse the Media, and Which Sources to Trust.[2]  Read it, and learn to be discerning.

The US/EU is Using Ukraine against Russia

The western powers decided years ago to expand NATO to the Baltic states, and eventually all the way to Ukraine.  The plan was to gather up the “former” USSR territories into NATO and the EU.  Why?  For various reasons: to keep Ukraine as a place where very corrupt American Democrats or their offspring could continue to sit on Ukrainian energy boards or conduct shady business deals there; to enable NATO’s forces and weapons to be positioned on the Ukrainian border with Russia; to weaken Russia and strengthen the New World Order; and to use the war as part of the “Great Reset” (more about this last one a little further on).

In 2014, Ukraine was allied to Russia; then a revolution occurred, backed by the US and the EU, which ousted the Russian-supported Ukrainian president and established an anti-Russian, pro-EU government.  This was followed by Russia invading Crimea and taking it from Ukraine.

Thus, even before the present Russian invasion, America had begun to turn Ukraine into something of an American satellite state.  It was not yet a NATO member, but its military was being trained by the US military, Ukrainians were being armed by US special forces, and a pro-American prime minister had been installed via the US-supported revolution in 2014.

NATO, which was formed to contain Soviet expansionism, has become an expansionist monster itself, and over the years has taken various countries into its membership which once came under the Soviet sphere of influence.  Russia is now almost surrounded by NATO member countries – which has made Russia very nervous and irritable.  Make no mistake: this is not a simple “good guy/bad guy” scenario, with NATO as the good guy and Russia as the bad.  NATO is not the “good guy”, any more than Russia is.  Both the US/EU alliance, and Russia, are Socialist empires today.  My 2014 article explains this in detail.  Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is wrong and has been brutal, and Russia must be condemned and opposed for that; but do not for a moment make the mistake of thinking the Ukrainian government is all innocent and decent.  It is not.

Ukraine, essentially now an American satellite state, is in fact one of the most corrupt countries on earth.  Its leader is a morally deficient man.  It is supportive of all the immorality and decadence of the West.  It is a country without any true freedom of the press, where opposition journalists frequently find themselves imprisoned.  In Donetsk and Luhansk, which have a Russian majority and declared independence from Ukraine in 2014, starting a civil war which ended in August of that year, Ukraine has continued to use its armed forces against those populations ever since – and some 15000 civilians there have been killed by the Ukrainian military!  So no, Ukraine is not the good guy.  There are no good guys in this war.

The US/EU alliance became deliberately provocative towards Russia.  They wanted an invasion.  US strategic bombers were deliberately flown over the Black Sea, and British destroyers were sent across Russian territorial waters.

Russia sought to prevent the NATO military build-up, and also to prevent Ukraine from regaining control of Crimea, which Russia took back in 2014.  To this end, since November 2021 the Russians had been carrying out a massive build-up of troops on the border.  As one Russian military official said: “We don’t have a border with Ukraine [i.e. any longer].  It is [now] America’s border, because they are the masters there, and all these…are vassals.  And the fact that they are pumping them up full of arms and are trying to create nuclear arsenals – all this will cost us in future…”

There is no doubt that the US/EU alliance provoked Russia into invading Ukraine.  Writer Ilana Mercer declared: “The finding of American-installed WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) laboratories located in Ukraine, near the Russian border, is certainly a reminder of the extent, the depth and the gravity of the American State’s lies about this conflict and its genesis…. I abhor what is, on its face, a Russian war of aggression.  However, knowing the history of the conflict leaves no room for doubt: The Russian bear was poked, and poked and then some.”[3]

When the Russian ambassador to the UN claimed that the US Department of Defense had funded and supervised a network of at least 30 biological weapons research labs in Ukraine, which were enhancing lethal pathogens such as anthrax and cholera and sending them to Russia, his claim was indignantly denied by top officials of the Biden administration.  The White House press secretary denied it, saying Russia has a long history of using chemical weapons.  The Pentagon spokesman denied it, saying Moscow may itself be planning to use such weapons.  The US ambassador denied it, adding that Russia has a track record of falsely accusing other countries of the very things it is doing itself.  All this is certainly true about Russia, and Russia cannot be trusted; but in all honesty can we trust the denials of American officials?  Not in the least.  They also lie, lie often, and lie blatantly.  So does the EU – which, predictably, also denied Russia’s allegations, as did Ukraine itself.  Are these any more trustworthy than the US?  Not in the least.

Very significantly, when US Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs, Victoria Nuland, was asked during a Senate hearing whether or not Ukraine had chemical or biological weapons, she did not deny it, but was very careful in how she answered.  Speaking slowly and deliberately, she said, “Ukraine has biological research facilities which, in fact, we are now quite concerned Russian troops, Russian forces may be seeking to gain control of.”  Later, the US State Department claimed the labs were Soviet-era facilities that the US had helped Ukraine to convert to the research of infectious diseases.  But are we going to be foolish enough to believe this?  After all the evidence that the release of the Coronavirus was planned?  And after all we know about how the US government, especially a Democrat Party government, lies constantly?  Are we really going to believe that these labs are facilities for research into highly dangerous diseases, established in a volatile and corrupt country which – what a coincidence! – shares a border with the Red Giant and enemy of the West, Russia?  We were not born yesterday.

The “Great Reset”

This war is Communist theatre!  Remember the so-called “collapse” of the Soviet Union?  That was Communist theatre as well.  It was staged, so as to deceive the West into believing “Communism is dead.”  And it worked.  And now, at this point in history, what is playing out in Ukraine is Communist theatre.  Yes, there is a war – it is not staged; but it is being permitted by the One-Worlders.  The world is being guided by the establishment-controlled media to believe the simplistic lie, “Russia bad, Ukraine good.”  Why?  The “Great Reset” is the name given to all this.  It comes from a book of that title written by the founder and leader of the World Economic Forum (WEF), Klaus Schwab.  The purpose of the WEF is to destroy national sovereignty, to annihilate Capitalism, and to establish Communism worldwide.  The purpose of the Great Reset is to carry out the plans of the WEF, the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, and all other Illuminati branches: to re-organise and indeed restructure the entire world along Communist lines, with the elites ruling over the masses of a global slave farm.  The objective is to eliminate the family, the nation state, and of course – biblical Christianity and the true Church of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Numerous western political leaders from across the world are graduates of the WEF’s Global Institute, and are thoroughly indoctrinated (brainwashed) into the One-Worlders’ vision of the future of the planet.  Their goal is world Communism, and they are working very hard to achieve it.  Klaus Schwab once infamously said the time is coming when “you will own nothing and be happy”.

For a detailed analysis of the Great Reset, see my article, The Great Reset: the New World Order by Another Name.[4]

All that is happening can be described as a “Weapon of Mass Distraction”.  The COVID “plandemic” was a huge part of the Great Reset, and this war is the next part of their plan.  As COVID-19 wanes worldwide, the One-Worlders needed another manufactured “crisis”, to frighten the sheeple into compliance and servitude.  The Ukraine war is precisely such a manufactured crisis.  It advances the plans for the New World Order, by making the people of the world desire the New World Order as the only way to stop such frightening wars occurring.  The Jesuit/Illuminati puppet-masters behind the scenes desire a One World Government, and the best way to achieve this is to make the people of the world believe that it is the only way to prevent war.

“The masses crave an opiate.  Their political overlords know how to exploit the attendant and innate tendency for groupthink.  As soon as the usefulness of one faith (COVID) expires, another takes its place (Ukraine), courtesy of the ruling elites and with the complicity of the crowds.  Now that COVID conformity has been replaced with the requirement that we all find religion on Ukraine, debunking the bunk becomes all the more important.”[5]

As I wrote in my article, The Great Reset: “how to keep the masses in this state of perpetual bondage?  Easy enough: just keep threatening them with a never-ending parade of viruses, new strains, and at some stage even other threats, such as wars, natural disasters, etc.  They don’t even all have to be true.  The threat may not exist at all.  It is enough that the people believe it exists.  COVID-19 proved that.  The third step, then, is within reach of being accomplished: the world’s citizens kept in a state of constant fear of some danger or other to their lives or health, whether real or imaginary.  This will keep them under house arrest, constantly connected to the net, easily pliable, easily brainwashed.”

By using the controlled media to make the world believe that Ukraine is the darling little child who is being bullied by Great Big Russia, the people of the world have taken sides with almost no understanding of the real facts.  They have been set up to support Ukraine, and to support EU and American involvement in the war.

Remember how fear over the COVID “plandemic” kept almost the entire world population locked up behind the doors of their homes?  Well, this war is another way to achieve the same result: as fuel prices skyrocket, people will simply be unable to move around much.  They will – once again – be housebound, unable to travel, and thereby much easier for the globalists to control.

The West’s Base Hypocrisy

Daily, Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, evil as it is, is condemned in very strong terms by western politicians; but they do not have a leg to stand on when it comes to savagery and brutality against other nations!  For decades now, the US and its allies have invaded one country after another and wreaked death and devastation upon them.  American commentator Ilana Mercer wrote correctly:

“The hypocrisy and sanctimony playing out over the corporate media outlets about Putin’s savagery is galling.  For example, on Feb. 28, Sean Hannity proclaimed that a murdering thug of a leader who invades a sovereign country and kills innocent people needs to know that he will be forthrightly removed.  Mark Esper, Trump’s defense secretary, concurred.  ‘For the sake of what is decent in the world,’ seconded Sen. Ben Cardin, a Democrat, Putin must be taken out.

“Putin is savage alright, and his is a war of aggression.  But how dare we?

“Remember the little Iraqi boy with a charred torso? [photo shown].  What about this armless Iraqi child and thousands like him? [another photo].  Did Putin disarm him?  No; an American-dropped dumb bomb did.  Look at little Shakira, a Pakistani tot ‘burned beyond recognition by a U.S. drone and left for dead in a trashcan.’ [another photo].  There were thousands of these children, every bit as precious as Ukraine’s.

“If Putin belongs in the Hague’s International Court of Justice, so do Genghis Bush, Dick Cheney, Condi Rice and their countless culprits…. America is still the undisputed leader in attacking sovereign nations and killing their kids.  Russia’s foreign meddling since the early 1990s is insignificant by comparison.

“Nevertheless, it is always asserted, never argued, that the difference between, say, a Putin invasion and an American one is that the latter is by good people for good causes.  Alas, the broken children we’ve shown you, now adults, have not regrown their limbs.  Iraq has been destroyed for good.  Not counting the number of refugees displaced internally or exiled, children orphaned, women widowed, people plunged into permanent poverty, birth defects and environmental contamination – between 183,535 and 206,107 Iraqis were killed directly due to the unprovoked American invasion.  This estimation is a most conservative one.  Likewise, Libya is a failed state with a vibrant slave-trade.  Who can argue with such a record of moral superiority?”[6]

Russia Under Putin: Useful World Pariah for the One-Worlders to Advance Their Plans

Behind all this are certain ultra-wealthy, immensely powerful puppet-masters, pulling the strings as they have in so many other conflicts around the world for many, many decades.  They are what I call the Jesuit/Illuminati forces, because the Illuminati is the institution controlling all the other ones, and as I have shown elsewhere, the Roman Catholic Jesuit Order controls the Illuminati.

One of these One-Worlders is multi-billionaire George Soros, who uses his vast fortune to instigate wars around the world.  He is a devoted Communist and globalist who hates what is left of the West.  The One-Worlders’ plans for the integration of the West with Russia have not gone well under Putin.  Putin is a Communist, but he is also a Russian nationalist.  He goes his own way and does not meekly comply with the Jesuit/Illuminati plans for a world government.  Soros, therefore, in order to weaken or even destroy Putin, funded Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky.  Soros money and influence helped install Zelensky as leader of Ukraine, and he continues to prop him up.

Soros himself has made no bones about all this.  In an article published in early March he stated clearly: “I set up a foundation in my native Hungary, and then I actively participated in the disintegration of the Soviet empire [that is, in the smokescreen that fooled the world into thinking the Soviet empire collapsed – S.W.]…. I set up a foundation in Russia, and then did the same in each of the successor states.  In Ukraine, I established a foundation even before it became an independent country.  I also visited China in 1984, where I was the first foreigner allowed to set up a foundation.”[7]

In the same article Soros castigated Putin as a brutal rogue, an undemocratic Czar wannabe; but of course, although this is true of Putin, it is also true of Soros himself, and of all his globalist buddies seeking to rule the world for themselves!

The Papacy and the War

The Jesuit pope, Francis I, predictably came out on the side of Ukraine.  He said, “there is no military operation, but a war which sows death, destruction, and misery”.  By saying this Francis was deliberately contradicting the Russian claim; for Russia called it a mere “military operation”.

On 24 February Francis took the extremely unusual step of visiting the Russian embassy to the Vatican, instead of simply calling the Russian ambassador as is usually done.  While there he spoke with Putin.  He did not visit the Ukrainian embassy, but he called Ukraine’s Prime Minister Zerensky two days later.

Francis has met with Putin on three occasions, and other high-ranking prelates have visited Putin in Russia in recent years.

On 13 March Francis again condemned the invasion, saying, “Rivers of blood and tears are flowing in Ukraine”; “The Holy See is ready to do everything, to put itself at the service of this peace”; and, “With an aching heart I add my voice to that of the common people, who implore the end of the war.  In the name of God, listen to the cry of those who suffer, and put an end to the bombings and the attacks!… In the name of God, I ask you: stop this massacre!”  He said he had sent two cardinals to Ukraine to serve and help.

What exactly has the Francis Vatican been seeking to achieve with Russia during these years?  In brief: the conquest of Russia for Roman Catholicism!  It would take me too far off-course to go into this in detail here, so I refer the reader to other articles I have written: Roman Pope and Russian Orthodox Patriarch: the Cuba Meeting,[8] and The Lying Lady of Fatima: Seers and Secrets, Deception and Delusion, and the Politics of Global Power.[9]

Unsurprisingly, the Vatican is willing to enlist the aid of supposed “miracles” (in truth, “lying wonders”, 2 Thess. 2:9) to boost its cause in Ukraine.  Not long after Russia invaded Ukraine, the leader of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic institution, an archbishop named Sviatoslav Shevchuk, claimed that “many people” had told him they had seen “luminous angels over the land of Ukraine.”  It so happens that the so-called “patron saint” of Kyiv, Ukraine, is “St. Michael the Archangel.”  Nothing like the claimed sighting of Michael to rally the Ukrainians and make them believe the Lord is on their side!  “We perceive today,” said Shevchuk, “that the Archangel Michael together with the whole Heavenly Host is fighting for Ukraine.  So many people from throughout Ukraine are turning to me saying that they saw luminous angels over the land of Ukraine.”[10]  Yes, well: either these poor Ukrainian people are victims of mass hallucination, or (which is more likely) the archbishop was simply saying this to strengthen the people in their resolve to resist the Russian invaders.  How tragic that he went on as follows: “Today we pray: O Archangel Michael and all the Powers of Heaven, fight for Ukraine!  Cast down that devil who is attacking us and killing us, bringing devastation and death!”  This poor deceived man is a stranger to the true God and His Son Jesus Christ.  He did not call upon the Father through the Son, but upon angels for assistance, contrary to the Scriptures (Col. 2:18; Rev. 22:8,9).  And we are told to believe that Ukraine is a “Christian country”?  Tragically, the majority of Ukrainians worship devils, as they follow their false religious systems pretending to be Christian churches.

What If Russia Wins?

Despite the One-Worlders’ hopes, war does not always go as planned.  What if Russia wins?

How are things looking at the time of writing?  At this stage Russia is winning the war.  When the mainstream media reports that the brave Ukrainian people (and they are brave) are gaining many victories, the opposite is the case.  Yes, they have scored many victories and are defending their homeland bravely, valiantly fighting for survival; and yes, Ukraine has been greatly strengthened over the past years by American weapons, advisors, trainers, etc.  But even with all this it may still prove to be the case that Russia is far stronger, and will win. When the media says Putin is “shocked” at the losses Russia is experiencing, this is all propaganda: Putin is a dictator, and dictators don’t care how many soldiers they throw into the war or how great the losses are.  Soldiers are just statistics to them.  Putin did not go into this war only to concede defeat in a few weeks, or a few months.

Although Russia invaded Ukraine amidst warnings from the US/EU alliance that they would not tolerate an invasion and would fight on Ukraine’s side, the US/EU alliance has been rather slow to fully commit to supporting Ukraine militarily.  Why this apparent reluctance to go all in and provide massive military assistance to Ukraine?  It is impossible to be dogmatic at this point.  Perhaps they never really expected Russia to invade.  Perhaps they did not expect Russia to invade so soon, and they were not quite ready for it when it happened.  Perhaps the Russian invasion was such that some EU member states got cold feet.  Or perhaps the US/EU never intended to fully support Ukraine militarily!

One would think the West’s intelligence services would be aware of Putin’s plans.  But Putin is a master tactician.  He hasn’t retained power over the vast land of Russia for so long by being a fool. He may have greatly surprised the US/EU.  Certainly he is well aware of the weakness of the Biden administration.

If Russia loses the war, it will be greatly weakened militarily, and the US/EU alliance (i.e. the New World Order) will be greatly strengthened and have taken a giant leap forward.

But even if Russia wins, the US/EU alliance knows that Russia will still be much weakened as a result of the war.  And a weakened Russia is still a victory of sorts for the New World Order advocates.  If Russia wins, all it gains is Ukraine.  A loss to the US/EU one-world plans, certainly; but not devastating.

Some Western Conservatives Serving Russian Interests: Russia is NOT a “Christian Country” and Putin is NOT a Christian

There are many professing Christians who have fallen for the simplistic media lie of “Russia bad, Ukraine good.”  The evidence above reveals that this is a deception.  Russia has done wrong in invading Ukraine, certainly; but Ukraine is, like Russia itself, a corrupt, iniquitous country with a corrupt, immoral president.  And the EU/US alliance, which is supporting Ukraine, is not “the good guy” either.  It is an iniquitous political system aiming at world domination for the internationalists.  But many professing Christians have naively and foolishly fallen for another lie: that Russia has now swung from being Reagan’s “evil empire” to being “the good guy”, even a “Christian” country, and that Putin himself is a Christian man.  It is true that the US/EU alliance is just as much of an “evil empire” today as Russia, and even more so than Russia morally; but it is hard to fathom this foolishness.  According to the advocates of this falsehood, Putin isn’t a bad guy after all.  In fact, they claim he is a Christian, mainly because he supposedly permits Christianity and opposes sodomy!

This nonsense needs to be firmly opposed and rejected for the lie it is.  Putin is no Christian.  He is a ruthless dictator who rose up through the ranks of the now-renamed KGB to supreme power.  He and his party harness the might of the powerful Russian Orthodox institution.  This is the so-called “Christianity” he supports!  But since when has Russian Orthodoxy ever been Christian?  It has always been a false religious system, the Eastern equivalent of the Roman Catholic institution in the West (although nowhere near as powerful or influential): the “State Church” of Russia, under the control of the Communist Party for many decades.[11]  Putin permits it to exist and “flourish” only because he controls it totally!  This is also why the supreme head of the Russian Orthodox institution, the patriarch of Moscow, Kirill, is on record as having said that the Ukrainians, who were resisting Russia’s invasion, were “evil forces.”  “It is well known that Vladimir Putin and the [Russian Orthodox] Patriarch of Russia have been hand in glove for years, as they support each other in the desire for power that marks them both.”[12]  This was stated by Vladimir Tobin, an Orthodox priest in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

By his statements Kirill has revealed that he believes Ukraine is Russia’s religiously canonical territory, and therefore he refused to condemn the Russian invasion.[13]

When western professing Christians talk of Putin being a Christian and Russia now being a safe place for Christianity, they reveal not only a complete lack of understanding of how the Russian government continues to operate according to Communism and to advance its own Communist agenda, but quite frankly a lack of understanding of the true Gospel and of biblical Christianity.  Russian Orthodoxy is not true Christianity.  This cannot be stressed enough.  And there is no true freedom of religion in Russia.  Russian Christians are still under threat.  The cold hard reality is that both Russia and the West are now persecutors of Christians.

The fact is, “Conservatives in particular have been special targets of Russian propaganda for years.”[14]  Although this was said by a commentator who thinks the Ukrainian government is good and the Ukrainian people are Christians, it is a true statement.  A speciality of Russian intelligence services is disinformation and propaganda.  They are the masters at it.  They have been practicing it ever since the Bolshevik Revolution.  And Russian agents have spread the falsehood that Russia under Putin is becoming, or has become, a conservative Christian country.  It is an outright lie – but so many naive conservatives have fallen for it.

Putin rose through the ranks of the dreaded KGB to where he is now.  He and his government control the Russian Orthodox institution.  It has never, in all its history, been a true Christian church.  For many decades it has been a Soviet/Russian puppet.  Its priests are Kremlin agents.  Putin is a brutal killer with no conscience at all.  That any professing Christian would speak of him as a conservative, and worse yet as a Christian, is disgraceful.  And now these same conservatives and professing “Christians” are taking Russia’s side in the invasion.

It delights such professing “Christians” when Putin utters statements which they latch onto as somehow being evidence that he is a Christian.  Well, here’s a couple of utterances from his mouth which should cause them to recoil in horror – but probably won’t, so enamoured are they with this lying, murderous dictator:

At a Moscow rally on 18 March, Putin dared to paraphrase John 15:13 to justify his invasion of Ukraine and the murder of thousands of so many innocent people there.  He said, “You know, I remember the words from the Bible.  There is no other love rather than if someone gives soul for their friends [remember, this is a translation]. We are seeing the heroic deeds of our guys in this operation.  These words from the holy scripture of Christianity, it’s something that is very dear to those who profess this religion…. our guys are fighting… shoulder to shoulder, helping and supporting each other.  If the need comes, they will shield each other on the battlefield from the bullets as brothers.  We have not had such unity for a long time.”[15]  The crowd applauded enthusiastically.  But it turns out that at least some were forced onto buses to attend the rally.  Others were offered money to attend.  In other words, a rent-a-crowd.

Such is the false “Christianity” of this man, turning his brutal attack into some kind of “holy war”.  The blindness on the hearts of so many who profess to be Christians today, and think of Putin as their brother in Christ, is shocking.

This War is NOT the Fulfilment of Ezekiel 38 and 39!

Futurist interpreters of Bible prophecy have been working themselves up into a froth of excitement ever since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  For Ezek. 38 and 39 speak of a great war caused by “Gog”, and Futurists believe this refers to Russia in modern times.  But is this correct?

Who is “Gog”?  It is extremely difficult to be certain about it, and many godly men have differed widely in their interpretations of it; so to think that today’s Futurist interpreters, many of whom are Arminians, ecumenists, Charismatics, unsound in doctrine or practice, are somehow wiser than men of the past who were sound in the doctrines of the faith, is foolish indeed.

To give an idea of the uncertainty about the meaning of “Gog”, just consider what the great Bible commentator, John Gill, wrote about it.  He demonstrates how varied are the opinions about Gog’s identity: for example, Cambyses and his army; the Goths in the fifth and sixth centuries; the kings of Asia Minor and Syria; the Seleucidae, especially Antiochus Epiphanes; the Scythians; the Papal Antichrist; or the Muslim Turks.

This is not the place to go into these things in detail.  Suffice it to say that for many decades now, Futurists have been claiming that Ezek. 38 and 39 will be fulfilled by Communist Russia going to war against Israel – but each and every time they have been proved wrong.  This time around, some are even saying that Ukraine is not the real target of Russia – Israel is.  Take US televangelist, Pat Robertson.  That anyone would ever believe a word out of this false minister’s mouth just speaks to the blindness and darkness upon most of what passes for “Christianity” today.  According to this fraud, Putin was “compelled by God” to invade Ukraine: “He went into Ukraine, but that wasn’t his goal.  His goal was to move against Israel, ultimately,” said Robertson, claiming Ezekiel prophesied of these things.  This is absurd!  From Russia’s perspective, this is about Ukraine – not Israel.  But these men are so desperate to see any kind of connection with Ezek. 38 and 39 that they will just invent things to try to “prove” it.

Ezek. 38 and 39 were fulfilled during Old Testament times already.  This is not a prophecy about our times, or about the end of the world at all.  And just in case anyone indignantly says that it must be, because Rev. 20:8 mentions Gog and Magog as well: go and read the verse, and compare what it (and the context) says with what Ezekiel says, and you will find very significant differences.  The two passages are not referring to the same events at all.  Rev. 20 is not about any Russian invasion of Israel, any more than Ezek. 38 and 39 are.[16]  And when this war is over, false prophecy pundits like Pat Robertson are once again going to have egg all over their faces.  But sadly it will not make any difference to their duped followers, who will continue to trust them.


Trust the Lord through these confusing, dangerous times!  Believe His Word, not the mainstream controlled media.

The ordinary Ukrainian people are suffering greatly, as ordinary people do in any war.  Christians should be praying for all true Christians in Ukraine, and if the Lord providentially opens a way for any believer to assist with humanitarian aid, this is always right.  But remember: there are many other wars being fought right now, all over the world, and true Christians are suffering in these conflicts as well.  The media have managed to focus the world’s attention almost solely on what is happening in Ukraine.  Do not fall for their tactics!  Do not be one of those people who are suddenly all stirred up to oppose the war in Ukraine, but ignore what is happening in Africa, Asia, South America, etc.  Children are being killed, women are being raped, men are being murdered in one conflict after another.  Tragically, a major reason why so many are concerned about Ukraine, but not about these other conflicts, is because what happens in Ukraine affects oil prices, food prices, travel, etc., for those in the West.  In other words, their concern is selfishness primarily, not compassion.

Lastly, make certain, if you are a believer, that your primary focus is not on “wars and rumours of wars”, but on growing in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Are you studying His Word?  Are you examining yourself?  Are you rejoicing in the great doctrines of the faith?  Are you seeking to live a holy and separated life unto the Lord?  Are you praying for much more than worldly things?  Are you making certain that you are living as a stranger and pilgrim in this world?

March 2022

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