330 000 Child Victims of Predator Priests (and Nuns) in France

330 000 Children Victims of Priests and Nuns in France, PDF format

Yes, you read that number correctly.  According to a landmark independent report on priestly sexual abuse of children in France, a staggering 330 000 children were abused by priests, monks, nuns, deacons and other members of the Roman Catholic institution over a 70-year period.

And the French Roman Catholic institution is reeling in shock.

This is just the latest in the ongoing, worldwide exposures of the sexual abuse of children by priests of Rome.  But it is certainly one of the largest.

The Report

  The Independent Commission on Sexual Abuse in the Church (CIASE), which was established by the bishops of France in 2018, spent 30 months investigating, and published its report on the 5th October 2021 at a live-streamed presentation in Paris.  The report is entitled “Sexual Violence in the Catholic Church: France 1950-2020,” and it is 2500 pages long.  It stated that an estimated 216 000 children were abused by priests, monks, nuns and deacons of the Roman Catholic institution from 1950 to 2020; and that when abuse by other “Church” workers was also taken into account, “the estimated number of child victims rises to 330 000 for the whole of the period.”[1]

Jean-Marc Sauvé, the president of CIASE, was scathing in his denunciation of the “Church” of Rome.  He said: “The Catholic Church is the place where the prevalence of sexual violence is at its highest, other than in family and friend circles.”  Read that again: “The Catholic Church is the place where the prevalence of sexual violence is at its highest, other than in family and friend circles.”

“Faced with this scourge,” he said, “for a very long time the Catholic Church’s immediate reaction was to protect itself as an institution and it has shown complete, even cruel, indifference to those having suffered abuse.”

This commission berated the powerful Roman Catholic institution in France as the most dangerous institution for children, a place where the men who falsely claim to be Christ’s representatives on earth were “cruel” and “indifferent” to this immense suffering on the part of the weakest members of society.  This is an institution which proudly boasts of being “the true Church of God on earth.”  Yet this same institution, all over the world, has unleashed predator priests and others, even nuns, on children, and they have done terrible, horrifying things to them.  This is not a Church – it is a monstrous false religious system.

Sauvé said that the hierarchy not only did not take the necessary measures to prevent abuse, but also failed to report it, and sometimes knowingly placed children in touch with predators.[2]

The report stated that it was estimated there were “between 2,900 and 3,200″ abusers out of 115,000 priests and monks. This, it noted, “would imply a very high number of victims per aggressor.”  Simply put, many priests abused far more than one victim.

The report suggested that “more than a third of sexual assaults within the Catholic Church were committed, not by clergy or monks, but by lay people.”  But this does not alter the fact that the numbers of priestly abusers were astronomically high.  And besides, it speaks volumes about the supposed piety of Roman Catholics themselves.

Furthermore: “According to some reports, the abuse included nuns raping girls with crucifixes, a practice suggesting Satanism.”[3]  Satanism has been practiced by priests, monks and nuns of the Roman Catholic institution for many centuries, especially in convents and monasteries.  Claiming to worship God, these men and women worship the devil himself secretly.

The Victims

  The report stated that “most of the victims were pre-adolescent boys from all social backgrounds.”  The main age group of the victims was 10 to 13.  In ex-priest Charles Chiniquy’s vital and classic book, The Priest, the Woman, and the Confessional,[4] he details how the priests of Rome have sexually abused women and girls through the centuries.  Yes, there were those who committed sexual acts with men and boys as well, for the “Church” of Rome has always been a nest of sodomites and child abusers as well as fornicators.  But most of Chiniquy’s book is given over to exposing the priests’ abuse of the female sex.    But it appears, from all the evidence which has become public since the priestly sex abuse scandals of modern times broke some decades ago, that today the abuse of boys occurs on a vast scale, so much so that it at least equals, and perhaps even exceeds, the priestly abuse of women and girls.  There have always been homosexual men within the priesthood of Rome, but today there is a veritable plague of them, and of paedophile priests who abuse even the youngest of boys.  There are reasons for this great increase in unnatural vice, a chief one being that, as the sexual revolution of the 1960s and 1970s enabled young men to fornicate far more openly, the numbers of those entering the priesthood as a cover to commit sexual sins with women dropped off, but the numbers of homosexuals within the Roman Catholic priesthood increased dramatically.

Francois Devaux, president of La Parole Libérée, an abuse survivors’ group, spoke at the Paris event.  Addressing the priestly perpetrators and others, he did not mince words: “You are a disgrace to our humanity, you have trampled by your behavior the obligation of divine natural law, of protection of life and dignity of the person, while it is the very essence of your institution.”

The Roman Pope’s Response

  Francis I’s response was utterly predictable – and utterly insincere and hypocritical.

First, the director of the Vatican press office, Matteo Bruni, said of the Roman pope, “His thoughts go first of all to the victims, with great sorrow, for their wounds, and gratitude for their courage in speaking out, and to the Church of France, so that, in the awareness of this terrible reality, united to the suffering of the Lord for his most vulnerable children, she may undertake a path of redemption.”  We may be 100% sure that Francis’ thoughts did not go first to the child victims.  They would have gone to how best he and his cardinals could contain the damage caused by the report.  Bruni went on: “With his prayer, the pope entrusts to the Lord the People of God in France, particularly the victims, that He may give them comfort and consolation, and with justice there may come the miracle of healing.”

Next, Francis himself responded during his general audience on 6 October.  “This is a moment of shame,” he said.  “To the victims, I wish to express my sadness and my pain for the traumas they have endured and my shame, our shame, my shame that for so long the Church has been incapable of putting this at the centre of its concerns, assuring them of my prayers.”  And: “I encourage the bishops and religious superiors to continue to do everything possible so that similar tragedies might not be repeated.”[5]  We’ve heard it all before, over and over again, whether from the pope of Rome or from his priestly henchmen: the same platitudes, the same crocodile tears, the same expressions of “shock” and “sadness.”  It all means nothing.  It has never meant anything.  This is a religious system which has been riddled with sexual sins for many centuries.

The Report’s Recommendations will be Ignored

  The report made a large number of recommendations, as have so many other reports before it.  Doubtless there were many priestly heads nodding in agreement, with downcast eyes and pious expressions on their faces.  But it is safe to say that even if any – or all – of these recommendations are accepted, nothing will change.  The abuse will not stop.  Predator priests within the system will always find ways to get around any such restrictions, and will continue to find new victims.  The Roman Catholic priesthood will continue to attract such men to the priesthood, because it is a well known fact that this priesthood provides perverts with endless opportunities for indulging in their lusts.  Roman Catholicism is a demonically controlled religious system filled with unregenerate men who have immense power over their people and can get away with almost anything if they are creative.  And they are very creative indeed.

November 2021

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