South African Citizens’ One-Week War

South African Citizens One Week War, PDF format

Karl Marx said: “The first battlefield is the re-writing of history.”  Christians should work to preserve and teach true history, and to counter false historical revisionism.  True history should also be a major part of the education of the young.  This is an age when, very rapidly, the truth about the past is being “revised” by Marxists, liberals and others, and unless this wicked revisionism is resisted people will be thoroughly indoctrinated with lies and myths presented as “truth”.  Already vast damage has been done, and even many who lived through more recent historical events have been so well indoctrinated, and conditioned to think along the “party” line, that they actually believe the lies and myths they have been fed.  Very few people think critically anymore.  They do not even know how to do so.  They simply swallow whatever they are told by their Red, almost-Red, and religious-Red heroes and masters.

The purpose of these articles is to counter the deliberate re-writing of history with those stubborn things called facts, and that wonderful thing called truth.  “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil” (Isaiah 5:20).

The Most Destructive Riots in South Africa’s History
  For just over a week throughout the South African province of KwaZulu Natal (KZN), and also in the province of Gauteng, tens of thousands of blacks went on a violent rampage after a former South African president and a Zulu, Jacob Zuma, was imprisoned. The rioters looted and then burnt to the ground over 200 shopping malls and countless thousands of shops and businesses, caused vast damage to infrastructure, property and equipment, and killed well over 200 people.  Major freeways and many other roads were completely cut off, as rioters set trucks and cars alight and stoned vehicles and their occupants.  As a result, food and fuel deliveries were brought to a standstill.  The electricity and water infrastructures were also sabotaged in many cases.    The economy has been devastated, with hundreds of thousands of jobs lost and multiplied billions of Rand up in smoke.  Over 50 000 tonnes of sugar cane were burnt to the ground by the arsonists on farms across KZN.

At least 90 pharmacies were looted and destroyed.  In many cases entire refrigerators of insulin and other medicines were looted – including the refrigerators themselves.  Many cellphone towers were vandalised.  Even worse, police received intelligence of plans to actually burn down a hospital full of patients in Durban.

All this occurred in the space of just over a week, in a country of vast poverty and unemployment anyway, even before the riots, thanks to the utterly destructive economic policies of the African National Congress (ANC), the ruling party committed to a Communist ideology.  “The recent devastating riots and looting spree highlights the consequences of decades of secular humanist, situation ethics indoctrination in state schools, the results of an officially promoted sense of entitlement and a highly irresponsible news media which has persistently described violent riots as ‘protests’ along with glamourizing rioters and terrorists who targeted civilians with bombs and stoned motorists with rocks and concrete slabs.  It also shows the inevitable consequences of the Marxist Critical Race Theory propaganda to incite a victim mentality that justifies blatant theft, brazen looting and malicious damage to property.”[1]

Even in a country where rioting is commonplace and goes back not only decades but centuries, these were the most destructive riots in South Africa’s history.

On the 12th July I sent out the following email to the Bible Based Ministries mailing list:

“This is a brief message to let you know something of what is going on right now in South Africa, and in particular the province where we live [KwaZulu Natal].  For some days now, riots have occurred throughout the province.  These demonstrations have been linked to the arrest of former South African president, Jacob Zuma.  He is a Zulu, and the rioters are predominantly Zulus.  However, although his arrest is certainly motivating many to go on the rampage, it is likely many others are joining the rioters because of various other grievances.  And of course there are the usual rent-a-riot mobs, opportunistically joining in for their own gain.  One thing is certain: many of the riots are very carefully planned, not merely spontaneous outbreaks.

“For days now, major freeways have been blocked by burning trucks, cars have been stoned, shopping centres have been set ablaze and looting is widespread as mobs go on the rampage. Police officers have been attacked.  Many access roads are completely inaccessible.  Most businesses are closed down, people cannot get to work and even if they could it is just too dangerous.  There is palpable tension and fear everywhere.

“Typically, the pro-Communist government and the South African president have been dragging their heels, making mostly clucking noises but taking very little action.  The one real duty of government is to maintain law and order (Rom. 13:1-7), but this the government is failing to do.  The police seem powerless, here and there they are trying but for the most part very little is being done, and some police officers are joining the looters.  Residents are cowering in their homes.  It is very likely the government will bring in the army at some point, but although this sounds like a great idea to many, it is actually very dangerous and could exacerbate the situation immensely.

“In addition, all too predictably, there are voice messages circulating which are claiming that white South Africans (who are a small minority in the country) should be the main target of the violence as (they claim) so-called white monopoly capital controls the president.  There are plenty of rioters who would be only too willing to heed such messages.

“I am writing this email to request prayer from the Lord’s people, for us and for all Christians living here.  Unless swift action is taken by the authorities, it is possible we may not have internet access if we are forced to leave our homes.”

White and Indian Residential Communities Defend Themselves against Black Mobs
Things were very dangerous and very tense.  People were extremely frightened.  No one knew where the riots would break out next.  SA has experienced riots for many years, but nothing, absolutely nothing like this.  As believers we sought the Lord in prayer.  Our hope was in Him.  The arm of flesh would fail us.

Things deteriorated very rapidly after I sent that email out.  The days and nights all seemed to blur together.  As the rioting and lawlessness gained momentum, with the police clearly unwilling or unable to stop it, residents took matters into their own hands.  Communities began to organise themselves into residential militias, many of them armed, ready to defend their lives, their families and their properties.  In many cases, such as in my own home town, we already had a well organised community watch group, which had been conducting armed patrols of our town for some years already, so we were well prepared to meet this chaos.  Other similar community watch organisations did the same in their towns.

The police were grossly incompetent and unable to adequately respond.  In fact, they were so hopeless that in many cases they had to rely on the armed support of civilians, who at times even had to protect police stations and provide the police with ammunition!

By Tuesday 13th it was a war zone in KwaZulu Natal.  It was very tense and very dangerous, with armed rioters trying to get into towns in order to loot and attack everything and everyone in sight. Shopping centres were destroyed so no food was available, petrol ran out, and so did medicine.

Our little town, like so many other towns in our province, was under constant threat.  In the small towns surrounding ours, the residents very quickly mobilised and began to hold the savages off.  Many residents were armed and the savage mobs soon learned that the whites were not rolling over and playing dead.  We were out on patrol every night, ready to do everything it took to defend families and property.  Residents in these towns constantly drove the rioters back.

There is no place within biblical Christianity for pacifism.  Pacifism is not taught in either the Old or the New Testaments.  True, as Christians when we go out to evangelise, we are to do so as sheep in the midst of wolves (Matt. 10:16), and if persecuted for our faith we are to flee, not fight and kill (Matt. 10:23).  But Christians are also citizens of particular nations, and if those nations are under attack, we are to fight defensively.  We are not to fight to advance the Gospel or the Christian faith, but we may certainly fight to protect our lives and those of our families when, as members of an earthly nation, that nation is under attack.

Bleeding-heart liberals, Gun Free South Africa, etc., were suddenly very quiet. They were clearly very happy and relieved to accept the protection offered by citizens with guns, but they were cowering at home while brave citizens were out every night, watching, waiting, and ready. The vile Communist and racist thugs of the ANC who so spectacularly misgovern SA were shown up for what they really are and always have been – thieves, terrorists, and cowards.  African Marxist rulers love to erect so-called “Heroes Acres” where they bury their murderous dead.  Well, the real heroes of this country were the ordinary people who held off the rioting mobs of savages.  These heroes won’t get a “Heroes Acre” but they don’t need one, the whole province is their Heroes Acre.

Personal Experience
  On Monday 12th July our town’s community watch (a residents’ crime prevention organisation consisting of volunteer residents’ patrols through the town day and night) asked for volunteers to form what was essentially an armed citizens’ militia.  I signed up for this, which was really a militant extension of the community watch of which I and my wife and daughter were already members.  Many of the citizens were armed and prepared to defend their families and properties to the last.  They were very organised and very determined.  The police and army were nowhere to be seen, and in a number of places they ran out of ammunition themselves. The police had almost lost control.  We knew it was up to the residents to defend themselves – no one would be coming to our aid.

That first night my shift lasted from 7.00 pm to midnight.  Then it was home for a few hours’ rest, and out again in the early hours of Tuesday morning, from 4.00 am to 8.00 am, and then again from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm.  We manned the roadblocks which were set up at the two entrances to the town.  Sand and rubble were used to form a barricade across the road.  We stopped cars, checked the occupants, etc.  It was potentially dangerous work as we had no idea if the cars were loaded with armed rioters who would open fire on us as we stopped them.  In the dark it is impossible to see who the occupants of a vehicle are until the vehicle is right alongside one.

At times the police ordered communities to remove the barricades they had erected, even accusing them of racism because most of these community watch groups were mobilising in predominantly white and Indian areas.  But the calls by police and government ministers fell on deaf ears.  We as residents knew we were on our own and had to act to protect ourselves – the police were simply not going to do it.

On Wednesday the 14th I was on duty from 2.00 am to 6.00 am, and again from 2.00 pm to 6.00 pm.  These two days and nights were extremely tense, as throughout the province tens of thousands of rioting blacks looted and burnt everything they could, leaving entire towns devastated.  They tried hard to get into our town and others close by.  The tension was very great as we sat in the dark at the roadside, listening, trying to see through the darkness, with thick bush all around us.  We were continuously receiving alerts and warnings, either by cellphone or two-way radio, from other groups such as ours in the nearby towns, reporting on how the rioters were trying to get access and how they were holding them off.

The rioters particularly targeted malls, and they were desperate to break into the nearest mall to us, in a neighbouring town.  But the residents did an amazing job of keeping them at bay and prevented them from succeeding.  There was gunfire in the streets.  The residents drew a line in the sand as it were, and held them off with guns, bats, pipes, and any other weapons they could get their hands on.  This went on day and night throughout the week.

I was on duty for quite a few hours on Thursday, went home for a couple of hours till 6.00 pm, then on again till 8.00 pm, then home to sleep till midnight, then out on the streets again from midnight till 6.00 am Friday morning.  After that I slept for just three hours, went out again a little later on Friday, then again from midnight till 6.00 am Saturday morning.  By this time all the men were exhausted.  The days were a blur of on duty/off duty, sleep, eat, go out again, and repeat.  The same pattern was followed by citizens all across the province.  Throughout these long, cold nights, people from the town brought us food and coffee at all hours.  My daughter’s baked goodies were a big hit with the men!  As a team leader, to cheer them up I would tell them beforehand what they could expect from her every night.  Others brought plenty of firewood for the fires we kept going all night for warmth.  Some provided many rounds of ammunition for us at their own expense.  The townspeople rallied behind the men guarding the town, and we all appreciated it so much.

By Friday the 16th the massive show of force by so many men of our town the previous night had frightened the rioting, looting hordes into backing off from attacking the town.  Their plan was to attack the homes of whites that Thursday night, but word went out that they would be met by massive firepower from the white residents, and they backed off.

Although things appeared to be quietening down somewhat, we had to be extra vigilant, as if we were off guard they could hit.

A week before we could never have imagined that we would be gathered around fires every night in the dark, armed and ready, watching the darkness and waiting to respond to any trouble wherever it might flare up.

We as believers know that our lives are in the Lord’s hands.  When I would return from my shift at the barricades, our family read the Scriptures and prayed for the Lord’s people throughout the land, and for law and order to be restored soon.  The prayer of the humble child of God moves the arm of Omnipotence.

I was exhausted as it was almost impossible to sleep between shifts.  Being winter here, the nights were very cold and sitting in the dark, out on the road, waiting and listening, took its toll.  We were all very close to exhaustion.  Our daughters were calm and we trusted in the Lord, but the tension was almost palpable and took its toll on us all. My elderly mother lives with us, and is unwell at the moment, but was also looking to the Lord.

On Friday evening the country’s president, Cyril Ramaphosa, addressed the nation.  Friday!  This was many days after the violent riots began in earnest!  He should have been addressing the country every single day.  Incredibly, in his speech he actually said something along the lines of “already, the army is being deployed”.  Already?  It was Friday!  A week after the riots had started in some places!  We all knew by then that no help could be expected from the police or the army.  But we also knew for certain that Ramaphosa and his evil cronies in the ruling ANC would seek to claim that the rioting was eventually brought under control because of their “swift” and “firm” actions.  Liars!

There were unconfirmed reports that a strong attempt would be made to break into our town on Monday 19th, so we were all on high alert.  But in the end no further attempt was made.  By this time the rioters were running out of steam, they had looted and burnt everything they could, the province was in ruins, town centres had been completely gutted, and things appeared to be starting to slowly quieten down.  Eventually we were informed that the roadblocks would be dismantled, and we would no longer have to sit at the roadside through the nights and days.  Now we would return to our usual patrols by car, except that we would be out for much longer, four hours at a time.  But we were to remain on high alert, as things were still very volatile and could flare up in a moment.  By this time thousands of soldiers had been deployed throughout the province, but this did not inspire us with any confidence, as the South African army is well known for being brutal towards citizens.

Why Did the Riots Occur?
  What was the cause of these terrible riots?

They were not (as Communist and liberal organisations would like the world to believe) spontaneous uprisings of the poor and downtrodden to obtain food for their starving stomachs.  Although vast amounts of food (and alcohol!) certainly were stolen, the definite preference of the looters was for large-screen TVs, cars, fridges, and all kinds of other appliances.  Burning down hospitals or infrastructure does not equate to filling hungry stomachs!

No, the riots were not sporadic or spontaneous.  They were extremely well-organised and well-funded.  But who exactly was behind it all?

Yes, the imprisonment of former president Jacob Zuma – a mega-thief who presided over the gutting of State coffers to enrich himself and his family, and whose incarceration was long hoped for by all decent citizens of the country – was definitely the excuse the rioters used.  But even in Zuma’s province of KwaZulu Natal, where the riots mainly occurred, support for Zuma, although huge in some places, was not so vast that it could sustain the momentum of over a week of extreme violence and looting by hundreds of thousands of Zulus.  No, the Zuma imprisonment was just the excuse the masterminds needed.

The ANC government has been desperately trying to make the country believe that disgruntled senior ex-State security agents alligned to Zuma (among others) were the instigators, and that the riots were an attempted coup.  This is certainly possible, as the ANC is now a deeply divided organisation, with very powerful and disgruntled elements hostile to the weak and ineffectual presidency of Cyril Ramaphosa.  But there is another possibility – one that is even more sinister.  For claiming it was an attempted coup “is also a politically convenient way to absolve the government of its failures.  Blaming unnamed instigators and agitators is a universal ‘get out of a pickle’ card for politicians and government officials.  When a perfectly predictable disaster strikes, instead of holding accountable poor leadership and failed execution, attribute it rather to the malevolent machinations of your foes.”[2]  There is the very real possibility that the government itself was far more involved in the riots than it would like the world to realise.  “Shifting responsibility for the chaos and cost of the unrest onto a sinister cabal of saboteurs and killers, would play to Ramaphosa’s advantage.”[3]

Supporting this possibility are the following facts: “Initially, all the government ministers quoted in the media played down the scale of the violence and scoffed at calls to urgently deploy the military to assist a thinly-stretched police force.  Then, as if a switch had been thrown, they shifted in unison to a very different hymn sheet: treason was afoot”.  “Prior to the reluctant mobilisation of the SANDF, in Ramaphosa’s uninspiring televised appeal for an end to the violence… the president blamed it all on ‘ethnic mobilisation’, a thinly veiled allusion to Zuma’s support among the Zulu population.  The following day, the ANC’s national executive provided the police with a list of 12 party members that it had identified as the ‘ringleaders’ of the unrest.  This is a feat of sleuthing of Sherlock Holmes proportions from an organisation that collectively struggles to tie its shoelaces.”  The ANC has failed, and failed spectacularly, at everything it has ever attempted to do as the government, and reduced the country to a basket case; yet we are supposed to believe that in one day it had solved the mystery of who was behind the riots.

And: “the question to be asked is why – given the supposed mass of incriminating evidence in the hands of the SSA and the ANC national executive – the violence was not forestalled or at least quickly nipped in the bud after starting, by acting against the ringleaders.”[4]      Those allegedly 12 ringleaders that the country became suddenly so focused on.

Quite frankly, that the ANC government itself was behind the riots makes much more sense than the alternative – that it was an attempted coup by disgruntled pro-Zuma forces.  This would, after all, fit very nicely into classic Communist strategy: instigate chaos and then blame it on your enemies.  In this scenario, certain powerful and influential Zuma loyalists would have been permitted to instigate the riots, unaware that they were being “directed” by State intelligence operatives, so that after it was all over they could be arrested and imprisoned – and they would indeed be guilty in that they instigated the riots (at least on the surface).  But in reality the riots would have been directed behind the scenes by agents of the intelligence service.  After all, who has the vast resources and manpower to have organised such a well-choreographed uprising of tens of thousands of people?  The State itself.  In this scenario, the incarceration of Zuma was just the spark the ANC needed.  Perhaps things eventually got out of hand; or perhaps that was the plan all along.  We may never know.

If one asks, But what was the point of it all if this was a covert operation of State intelligence agencies?  The answer is: a number of things.  For one thing, it provided the excuse to come down hard on the pro-Zuma faction within the ANC, which would now be loathed by many across the country for “instigating the mayhem and destruction.”  This would strengthen the hand of the other faction within the ANC: that alligned to Ramaphosa.

For another thing, it would make the government look good when it stepped in and stopped the riots (if this was part of the plan then it failed miserably, for the security forces did almost nothing to stop the riots; they were stopped by ordinary armed citizens taking all necessary steps to protect themselves and their properties; but the government did not expect the citizens’ amazing reaction).   Interestingly, political analyst Moeletsi Mbeki, the brother of former ANC president and president of SA, Thabo Mbeki, said something along these very lines.  He said: “In my view, Cyril was targeting the whites, the white prejudices, let me say.  He wanted to tell the whites that they [the rioters] are these Zulu bloodthirsty savages, but he’s going to deal with them using the army and the police.  That was his strategy for allaying the white fears.  Of course, the whites believed that they are Zulu bloodthirsty savages who have to be dealt with [by deploying] the army.  That was the intention.”[5]

Mbeki continued, in replying to whether this was a third force or an attempted insurrection: “These are the ghosts that the ANC leadership pulls out whenever it has problems.  In the past, there was a third force, which was one of the ghosts that the ANC used to explain a whole lot of things which was really directed at the Afrikaners.  It was a code word for what the ANC perceived as Afrikaner rejectionists, and it called them the third force.”

For yet another thing, it was an opportunity (again, in typical Communist fashion) to blame conservative, non-ANC-supporting people for the violence – predominantly white South Africans! – thereby giving the ANC yet another excuse to clamp down on the white minority.  And true to form, it did not take the government long to start blaming whites for the violence!  This despite the evidence, obvious to the entire country, that the violence and rioting and looting were carried out by blacks, not whites.

Yes, there were occasions during this terrible week of mayhem and fear where residents – particularly in some Indian areas rather than in white ones – went too far and acted like vigilantes, using excessive force against blacks.  But not only was this the rare exception rather than the norm, but in situations like this, where the police are powerless to act and people are afraid for their lives, some will always unfortunately go too far.

But, “contrary to the expectations of the foreign media and the disappointment of many local Cassandras, there is little or no evidence of whites reverting to archetype and gleefully gunning down blacks.  Instead, South Africans of all races have stood together, at times literally shoulder to shoulder, manning the barricades to keep rampaging mobs at bay.”[6]

Yet the State security minister, Ayanda Dlodlo, actually blamed what she called “right wing extremists” for much of the violence!  And by white-wing extremists she meant white South Africans.  This was a blatant lie and she knew it.  But what an opportunity she had to turn things around as the ANC always loves to do, to blame conservative whites protecting their lives and property for the violence unleashed by black left-wing extremists of the most violent type!

Lessons Learned
  The ANC government has been taught a huge lesson – that the minorities in this country, law-abiding English, Afrikaans, Indian and other communities are sick and tired of being pushed around, discriminated against, told they are evil racists, etc.  The world has seen who the real racists are – the black Communist-supporting hordes who have for decades been told that whites owe them everything, that whites are evil and should pay, that whites are the “oppressors”, that white property should be forcefully taken from them, etc.  But these riots have surely sent a strong message to the government that whites and other minorities are sick and tired of being the scapegoats, when in fact it is black Communists and their hangers-on who are the cause of all the violence in the country.

Here is another lesson the ANC government just may have learned (but we will not hold our breath):

At the very time when the government was seeking to pass a law which would completely ban private ownership of firearms for purposes of self-defence, the entire country saw the tremendous advantages of firearms in the hands of law-abiding citizens precisely for purposes of self-defence!  In a letter to President Ramaphosa, the chairman of the SA Gunowners’ Association (SAGA), Damien Enslin, wrote: “You have reportedly said that you welcomed ‘ordinary citizens’ who had been ‘defending their areas and assets’.  In SAGA’s view, had it not been for such law-abiding and ordinary citizens defending the lives and property of others, using the very firearms that the Firearms Control Amendment Bill, 2021 seeks to take away, the situation would have been very different…. It is clear that firearms do protect the law-abiding citizens of South Africa and that even those who do not own firearms, support those who do, as those who do not own firearms feel safer knowing that there are armed law-abiding citizens amongst them…. If the Firearms Control Amendment Bill, 2021 had already been passed prior to the 11 July 2021, the circumstances may have been entirely different with much more devastation and many more innocent lives being lost as a result” (italics added).[7]

It may be even more difficult, now, for the government to pass such an insane law, as the pushback will be massive.  When a government fails so spectacularly to protect the citizens of a country, as the ANC government has failed in this case, how is it going to persuade the people to hand in their firearms?  Even the ultra-liberal, almost unbelievably stupid organisation, Gun Free South Africa, has been very, very silent since the riots began.  Always quick to call for a gun-free populace, its members were quite happy to be able to hide behind the broad backs of strong South African men armed and ready to defend their homes and towns.

And a lesson which millions of people have learned, and in a most spectacular fashion, is that the ANC government is useless, incompetent, and hopelessly inadequate to meet any real emergency or threat.  The sooner millions take this to heart and vote this bunch of evil Marxists out, the better.  John Kane-Berman of the SA Institute of Race Relations wrote: “If Mr Ramaphosa was not a lame duck before [the riots], he almost certainly is now…. Whatever the causes of the mayhem, the overriding fact is that local militias had to step in because the state failed to do so.  These local organisations… have done far more than the state’s security forces to put a stop to the plunder and the terror and the anarchy.  Numerous reports describe how the police stood by as looters laid waste to tens of thousands of livelihoods…. If there was indeed an insurrection against [Ramaphosa’s] government, the militias did more to put a stop to it than his own police and defence force.  The risks posed by the failing and flailing state must now be exploited.  What the African National Congress (ANC) likes to refer to as ‘the balance of forces’ is turning against that organisation as its failing policies leave a vacuum into which civil society has stepped.  That shift now needs to be consolidated and strengthened.  For a start, it will be interesting to see whether a weakened state will now be insane enough to try to disarm the militias…. Mr Ramaphosa, his party, and their communist and trade union allies, are the cause of South Africa’s plight.  They have been systematically wrecking this country since before many of last week’s wreckers were even born.  Far from being reformers, Mr Ramaphosa and Co. are determined only to hold on to the power that is slipping away from them, while treating the country with contempt.”[8]

It is too soon to say just how great a negative impact the recent riots will have on the ANC’s support.  Unfortunately the organisation has (in true Communist style) an astounding ability to lie to the millions of black people who vote for it, promising them the world each time regardless of how they have treated them with contempt since the last election; so that in the end, time after time after time, black South Africans stupidly vote them back in. They have been so indoctrinated that they cannot conceive of ever voting for any other party than the ANC, still perceived as the “liberation party” which supposedly “liberated” them from the previous white government.  But perhaps, just perhaps, these riots will prove to be the catalyst which turns the black tide against the ANC at last.  This is what all true Christians in South Africa should pray for.

Many ordinary, law-abiding citizens were prepared for just such a situation, and indeed we knew it would come eventually – we just did not know exactly when.  But many, many other citizens never took the looming threats seriously in the past.  For them, the lessons to be learned are these:

In SA the ANC government has neither the will nor the ability to fulfil the very first duty of any government, the maintenance of law and order and protection of the innocent against the guilty (Rom. 13:1-7).  When it comes to violent crime, citizens are on their own.  Their safety and security lies in their own hands, no one else’s.  In a time of crisis the government and the police will not be there to protect them.  It is therefore imperative for citizens to arm themselves, and to be prepared to defend their lives and their families’ lives, and their properties.

And always, always be prepared!  It is vital to have adequate stores of water, food, medicine, ammunition, etc., in the home, as well as to have an emergency evacuation plan in place, which each member of the family clearly understands.  I have taught about this elsewhere.[9]

The World’s Toughest Westerners
  It is true, as the saying goes, that Africa is not for sissies.  Afrikaans, English and Indian South African citizens stood firm against massed thousands of black barbarians.  And this week of high drama reminded me of just how tough white South Africans are.  White South Africans (along with the old Rhodesians) are the world’s toughest westerners, without exception.  They have been in a state of war at times, and in a state of war preparedness at other times, ever since the 1960s.  They, alone of all western nations, held off the Communist advance which would have conquered Europe and the USA decades ago if they had failed.  Their bravery delayed the creeping Communism which has now (since the fall of Rhodesia and South Africa) engulfed Europe and America.  They were fighting a war of survival against the Red tide, and such a war toughens men more than anything else.  Just ask the Israelis.  That war of survival on the part of white South Africans produced what was arguably the fifth best military machine in the world in the 1970s and 1980s – perhaps the fourth or even third best.  Those were tough men, whose sheer professionalism was second to none.  And many of those men, now in late middle age or even old age, were out manning the roadblocks and protecting their families and properties during this one-week war. We fought nothing less than another war of survival this month.

The Importance of a Record of Events
  It is very important to immediately produce records such as this article, to present the true history of what happened during the war of self-defence which was fought by ordinary citizens from the 12th to the 19th July 2021.  Already the Communist ANC government is doing its best to re-write these events, to hijack the true history and to make it appear as if the province was saved by the efforts of ANC politicians, police and soldiers.  Nothing could be further from the truth, but this is what Communists always do: they re-write history and claim victory for themselves.  It is vital that the truth be told, and that a record be maintained for all time against their lies.

The Lord’s Providential Protection
  Above all, we must give thanks to the Lord for His wonderful providential preservation.  This was brought home to us very forcefully.  Although living close to the road up which the hordes would have come if they had made it that far, our family was kept safe at all times. At no time were we directly threatened.  Although people in other places witnessed terrible sights, and experienced terrifying encounters, we did not.  In addition, dear brethren in another town, although in an even more vulnerable position, were preserved throughout this time as well.  We marvelled at the Lord’s goodness to us, in preserving our lives and properties.  To Him belongs all the praise and glory.  Truly, “This poor man cried, and the LORD heard him, and saved him out of all his troubles.  The angel of the LORD encampeth round about them that feareth him, and delivereth them” (Psa. 34:6,7).  How good He is to His people!  We are immortal till our work is done.  “For whether we live, we live unto the Lord; and whether we die, we die unto the Lord: whether we live therefore, or die, we are the Lord’s” (Rom. 14:8).  We live until our allotted time is up, and then we go to Him forever.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, to those brethren in the Lord who upheld us in prayer around the world, and sent us messages of support and encouragement during this week of turmoil and danger.  The Lord is sovereign, our lives are His.

  Is it all over now?  No, it is not.  As I write this (22nd July) things have settled down a lot, but even so we are on high alert, as the violence could easily flare up again.  Now is the time for great vigilance, not complacency.  We are still out on patrols day and night.  We ask all the Lord’s people to uplift us in prayer in the coming days.

July 2021

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[9]. For details about preparation for difficult times, listen to the free MP3, Preparing for Social Crises, by Shaun Willcock.  Available as a free download from the Bible based Ministries website.