Pastors Arrested for COVID Violations: What is the Christian’s Duty?

Pastors Arrested for COVID Violations, PDF format

  It is important to issue a disclaimer at the very outset: by reporting on and analysing these shocking events, we are not claiming that the churches and pastors involved are sound in the faith.  All we know about them is what has been reported in the news, and what we have been able to learn about them online.  In the case of the church pastored by James Coates, looking at its statement of faith we are in agreement with many aspects of it, but we have no further knowledge about the church or its members than this.  As for the church pastored by Artur Pawlowski, if it has been correctly reported that this church celebrates the Jewish Passover, this is contrary to the New Testament and a denial of Christ’s finished work.   This article is therefore not meant to convey that we are in agreement with the doctrines and practices of these churches.

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