The End of Free Speech

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Only if a political matter is a threat to the Christian Church, fulfils Bible prophecy, or adds to the body of evidence exposing the enemies of Christ and His Church for what they really are, is there any need for Christians to spend time analysing and exposing it.  Beyond such matters, believers need to concentrate on spiritual matters, the building up of the true Church of God, the sanctification of the saints, the evangelising of the lost, and preparing for heaven; for they are strangers and pilgrims in this world, and are to live as such.

Although much of this article deals with events which occurred at the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021 in America, it is in reality about the worldwide assault on freedom of speech.  Of necessity there had to be something of a focus on America at this time, because the final nail in the coffin of free speech was being hammered into that coffin in America – once the greatest bastion of free speech in the world.  Once eliminated in America, it would just be a matter of time before what remained of it elsewhere in the world would be eliminated as well.  Christians everywhere, not only American Christians, need to clearly understand what is happening, for it affects the entire Church of God throughout the world.

How the End of Free Speech Began: The Silencing of Donald Trump
  The assault against freedom of speech had been occurring in other western countries for many years.  It was in fact already virtually eliminated in the UK, Canada, Australia, etc., at least when it came to certain politically correct, “sensitive” subjects.  But the US was the last true bastion of freedom of speech on earth.  And the beginning of the end occurred during the last days of the presidency of Donald Trump in January 2021, after he was falsely accused by the radical left of “inciting violence” which led to the storming of the US Capitol by supposed “Trump supporters” after the fraudulent “victory” of Joe Biden.[1]

The Communists were on the lookout for an opportunity– and they found one.  In early January 2021, after Trump posted statements on social media in which he shared his conviction that the 2020 US election was fraudulent – which it assuredly was – social media companies Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat moved with lightning speed to censor him.  Twitter’s statement was as follows: “After close review of recent Tweets from the @realDonaldTrump account and the context around them – specifically how they are being received and interpreted on and off Twitter – we have permanently suspended the account due to the risk of further incitement to violence.”  Yet in truth Trump did not incite anyone to commit violence.

YouTube banned Trump from uploading new content for at least a week.  And a Snapchat official said, “We can confirm that… we locked President Trump’s Snapchat account.”  The reason given?  Trump’s rhetoric was “dangerous”, it claimed.  Shopify said it was closing down e-commerce pages for Trump and his campaign: “We have terminated stores affiliated with President Trump.  Shopify does not tolerate actions that incite violence.”  As for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, he said: “We believe the risks of allowing the President to continue to use our service during this period are simply too great.  Therefore, we are extending the block we have placed on his Facebook and Instagram accounts indefinitely and for at least the next two weeks until the peaceful transition of power is complete.”

Of course, these lightning-fast censorship steps were by no means the first to be directed at Trump, although they were the most effective.  For months, indeed years, before January 2021, major news media organisations, the likes of the vile CNN and others, had effectively censored him continually.

In addition, Twitter suspended the accounts of several of Trump’s staunchest allies.  It went still further: it deplatformed millions of Trump supporters as well.  And Amazon’s cloud hosting service shut down Parler, a popular alternative to Twitter, because it supposedly failed to demonstrate the “ability to effectively moderate and filter dangerous and harmful content”.  Also, when former Republican presidential candidate and Congress member, Ron Paul, shared an article he wrote criticising Twitter and Facebook for banning Trump, Facebook blocked him from his own page.

The Twitter ban of Trump was so blatant an attack on free speech that it was even condemned by other world leaders.  This did not mean they all believed in freedom of speech, but merely that Twitter was being too obvious, moving too quickly.  It also meant some of these other leaders were afraid of how easily Twitter could silence them if they ever stepped over the NWO line.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, no friend of Trump’s and a European Socialist to the core, called Twitter’s decision to permanently ban Trump “problematic”.  She said Twitter was potentially undermining the “fundamental right” to freedom of speech.  Her spokesman said Twitter and other tech giants “bear great responsibility for political communication not being poisoned by hatred, by lies and by incitement to violence”, but added that the right to freedom of expression was of “elementary significance”.  So even while criticising Twitter, she managed to make it clear that the tech giant should prevent whatever it deemed to be “hate speech” or “lies”.  She thus criticised its attack on freedom of speech while at the same time saying it should attack freedom of speech!  Quite an achievement, that – managing to face both ways at the same time.

Norway’s leaders can hardly be called conservatives; but even the leader of the liberal Labour Party, Jonas Gahr Støre, who strongly criticised Trump, said, “there is a very high threshold to block people out, so I am sceptical of that.  This is a line where freedom of expression is also at stake.  If Twitter starts with this sort of thing, it means that they have to go around the world and look at other people completely astray, and shut them out.”

In the UK, Prime Minister Boris Johnson reportedly even floated a bill amendment to “limit the ability of a bunch of woke Californians to interfere in the UK.”

In Australia, Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack said, “I’m not in favour of censorship – I think if people don’t like what they see on Twitter – well don’t go onto that social media platform.”  Precisely.

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador was far more forthright, and actually spoke much truth: “I don’t like anybody being censored or taking away from the right to post a message on Twitter or Face(book).  I don’t agree with that, I don’t accept that,” he said.  “How can you censor someone: ‘Let’s see, I, as the judge of the Holy Inquisition, will punish you because I think what you’re saying is harmful.’”  As the president of a Roman Catholic country, which knew first-hand the horrors of the Papal Inquisition, he saw through this and called it what it was.

But this was never about Donald Trump alone.  It was, and is, about the elimination of freedom of speech worldwide.  Trump was simply the figurehead the Communists targeted, knowing that by eliminating freedom of speech for him, the leader of the country with the greatest track record of freedom of speech in the world, they could now eliminate it for everyone who opposes their agenda.  It is called collective demonisation: if one person is found guilty by the radicals of what they deem to be “wrong” speech, and silenced, then it is expected that all others must join in condemning him – or face the same condemnation and silencing.  The Soviet Union used this tactic all the time.  It would condemn someone, then expect everyone else to condemn him as well, regardless of anyone’s personal opinion.  This proved the loyalty of the citizens to the State.  It also ensured that they did not become targets of the State themselves.  By such insidious means individualism is eliminated.  Everyone acts in lockstep with the Great Rulers.  And in the process freedom of speech is destroyed.

The Biden Administration Moves Fast to Clamp Down on Freedom of Speech
  Newly-inaugurated Joe Biden moved fast to implement his Jesuit/Communist-controlled presidency’s planned censoring of all free speech.  Even before he was inaugurated he was being urged to create a post to combat ideologically driven “extremism” (i.e. any criticism of the radicals by conservatives and decent people).  Considering that he immediately labelled those who stormed the US Capitol “domestic terrorists” – even though he used no such language to describe the violent BLM and Antifa terrorists who caused mayhem across America for months in 2020 – there could be no doubt of his full support for such a call.

In addition, liberal and Red media figures and organisations suggested to Biden that he should aggressively combat (i.e. silence) all conservative media.  “There is no question that Democrats [US Communists – S.W.] are gearing up to use their new power to apply far more pressure than ever on Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. to censor any views they deem ‘threatening,’” said journalist Glen Greenwald, co-founder of Intercept.  “Please look at what is going on here.  Democrats are defining whoever opposes them not as adversaries but as national security threats, fascist terrorists, etc. – all to justify blocking them from the internet using their influence with Silicon Valley.”[2]

In a feature on how media outlets which supported President Trump were seeking to access the Biden White House, Biden’s deputy press secretary, T.J. Ducklo, said the Biden press team expected “reporters covering the White House to operate in good faith and tell their audience the truth, and this White House will do the same.”  And he added: “Organizations or individuals who traffic in conspiracy theories, propaganda and lies to spread disinformation will not to be tolerated”.

But the entire Biden/Harris presidential campaign was run on false conspiracy theories against Trump and his supporters, and propaganda and lies on a scale never before witnessed in an election campaign! This is the way Communists always operate: they accuse their conservative and anti-Communist opponents of doing precisely what they do on an immense scale.

If the only media outlets permitted at the White House press gatherings are ones which are friendly towards Biden, then the only news the public will receive will be pro-Biden propaganda.  Media freedom does not exist when the only media you tolerate are those who like you.  Only one version of events will be broadcast to the public, who will not have the opportunity to hear or read any dissenting view.  This is the meaning of propaganda and censorship.  It means that free speech and media freedom are dead.

The Purge of Conservatives by Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.
  What followed next was a massive purge of conservatives from Twitter.  Thousands were permanently banned, thereby denying them access to the marketplace of ideas.  Facebook, Instagram and YouTube began to do the same.  So did Weebly, a website-building service.[3]  It is owned by Square, which is a payment processing company founded by Jack Dorsey, co-founder and CEO of Twitter.

Dorsey was secretly recorded by a Twitter insider saying, “We are focused on one account [Trump’s] right now, but this is going to be much bigger than just one account, and it’s going to go on for much longer than just this day, this week, and the next few weeks, and go on beyond the inauguration [of Biden].  So, the focus is certainly on [Trump’s] account and how it ties to real world violence.  But also, we need to think much longer term around how these dynamics play out over time.  I don’t believe this is going away anytime soon.”[4]

Twitter purged 70,000 accounts which it claimed were linked to QAnon and other groups sharing what Twitter branded “misinformation” about the American election.

As just one example of the Twitter censorship which was now being applied: one man was locked out of his Twitter account for 12 hours for violating Twitter rules.  What was his “crime”?  He had tweeted the following: “Will I get punished by Twitter for saying that, in God’s sight, ‘Rachel’ Levine (nominated by Biden to be his assistant secretary for HHS) is a man?”  He was correct.  Levine was a man, but one who claimed to be a woman.  This man was blocked for stating a biological fact.  For stating what the entire world population has known for 6000 years – that a man is a man and a woman is a woman, and nothing whatsoever can ever change that.

This was a massive, direct, blatant purge of anti-Communist, anti-liberal, conservative content.  It was the radical internationalists’ push to eliminate all opposition by silencing all its critics: conservatives, anti-Communists… and professing Christians.  By making it impossible for the millions of anti-Communist conservatives to even communicate with one another, they made it impossible for any effective fight-back strategy to be organised, let alone actually carried out.

“Hate speech” is merely the excuse.  The reality of it is an all-out assault on free speech.  That is, the free speech of Christians and conservatives.  Reds, almost-Reds, Greens, Hollyweird types, rock stars – they can say whatever they like and it is never censored.  As Polish writer Malgorzata Wolczyk wrote, “Unlike President Trump, the Taliban and Nicolas Maduro, who have been accused by the United Nations of crimes against humanity, still have a Twitter account.”  That says it all.

Facebook prohibited the use of the phrase, “Stop the Steal”.  With all the real violence in the world, most of it caused by Communists and Muslims who murder and maim and destroy, a simple phrase – “Stop the Steal” – was prohibited.  Leftists spue hatred against anyone, but they are never censored.  Yet a simple, innocuous phrase is prohibited as “hate speech”.  This is how Marxists operate.  At least Facebook’s head of Instagram was honest enough to admit, “We’re not neutral.”[5]

Facebook also announced that it would expand a list of what it deemed to be false health claims which it bans, to now include debunked claims about vaccines in general, such as that they are toxic or cause autism.[6]  Even though these claims are indeed false, this constant censoring of free speech is frightening.  Let such false claims be properly debunked, by all means – but do not prohibit them from being heard.  This is a very slippery path indeed.  It then makes Facebook and other such companies the final arbiters of what it truth and what is not.  And that is very, very dangerous ground.

Facebook said it would remove groups, pages and accounts which repeatedly share the debunked claims.

Journalist Rachel Alexander wrote, “Unfortunately, the purging didn’t stop with social media.  We’re already seeing other types of platforms ban conservatives.  YouTube, which is owned by Google, is kicking conservatives off.  Financial companies, such as fundraising sites like GoFundMe and transactional sites like PayPal and Venmo, are banning them.  WordPress, which is used by 20% of sites worldwide as their content management system, has started purging us.  Conservative Treehouse, a fairly popular site, was deplatformed in November with no explanation.

“We can come up with our own alternatives, but the left is setting its sights far deeper to undermine them.  We’re seeing it in their efforts to get rid of our competing sites.  Amazon banned Parler from its cloud hosting service, and Google and Apple banned it from their App stores.  The companies claimed it’s because users of Parler plotted the violence at the U.S. Capitol through its platform.  But Antifa and BLM plot violence on Twitter, and nothing has happened to Twitter…

“Gab, another social media site conservatives have been migrating to, has been targeted for a couple of years.  Apple refused to accept its app in its App store.  Twitter cut off access to its API.  Amazon, PayPal, GoDaddy, Stripe and Medium have cut off their connections.  Its hosting provider Joyent terminated service last fall, forcing Gab to move elsewhere.  The companies cited Gab’s free-speech policy, which is so broad racists sometimes sneak through.  But Twitter is full of racists who are allowed to stay, such as radical Islamists threatening violence toward Jews.”[7]

The following two quotes are worth pondering:

“We have to quickly dispense with the notion that Facebook, Google, Twitter, Amazon, and Apple are ‘private’ entities that can do what they want.  They represent the power of the state…. they are doing the bidding of Congressional Democrats…. left-wing politicians have, in effect, pressured Big Tech into ‘helping the government regulate political speech.’”[8]

“Americans once set a standard for free speech not previously seen in world history.  Now, our tech oligarchs have set a precedent for unilaterally suppressing speech they do not like, and it is being felt around the world.”[9]  How the mighty have fallen!

Twitter’s Purge of Professing Christians Begins
  Not content with going after conservatives, Twitter very soon set its sights on professing Christians as well.  I say “professing Christians”, because its first big target – James Dobson’s Focus on the Family organisation – is not a true evangelical Christian organisation at all.  We would never recommend it as a Christian ministry, as it is a pro-psychology, very ecumenical organisation.  But the point is that if Twitter can go after such a large and influential organisation as Focus on the Family, it will readily go after smaller ones, including real Christian ministries and true Christians.

In January 2021 Twitter suspended Focus on the Family.  What was its great “crime” in the eyes of Twitter?  Its publication, “Daily Citizen”, gave factual information concerning Biden’s assistant secretary for health at the Department of Health and Human Services, a man who claims to be a woman named “Rachel” Levine.  But regardless of his claims, he is a biological man.  For this “crime” Focus on the Family was suspended – for telling the truth about biology.

A Semblance of “Fairness”: Facebook Reviews Its Censorship of Trump
  After the furore created by the suspension of Donald Trump’s account by Facebook – and in addition its loss of $47.6 billion in market cap value – its “independent” Oversight Board was said to be “reviewing” Facebook’s decision in late January.  Nothing like a massive financial hit to make a company conduct a “review”.  But whether it will actually reverse its decision is far from guaranteed, money loss or not.  Huge issues are at stake for these radicals.

This is how Facebook tried to justify its decision while at the same time seeking to make itself appear fair: it stated that its decision to suspend Trump “was right, but we don’t think we should make these calls on our own.”  Really?  They did right but they shouldn’t have?

As it so happens, the oversight board had a number of leftist activists on it, including one who claimed before the US election that when Trump left office, “hate” would vanish.  And three-quarters of the board were not even from the United States.

Even if the oversight board was to find that Facebook’s censorship of Trump was wrong, it would be too little too late: Trump was out and Biden was in.  It would be easy to now say, “Oops, we made a mistake” after the damage was done.  Biden would still be in, Trump would still be out.  Exactly as planned.

Radio Censorship
  Then the censorship spread to radio.  In January 2021 the second-largest radio station in America, Cumulus Media, announced it would be censoring its on-air hosts.  They were told to stop suggesting the election was stolen from Trump, or they would be fired.  Freedom of speech?  It’s over.

Also in January, over 200 public radio employees in the US signed a statement in which they actually called for an end to objectivity in the reporting of issues related to race!  You can’t make this stuff up.  Here is the statement: “Public radio newsrooms must transform their coverage by insisting on diverse newsrooms, ending the pursuit of objectivity, rigorously pursuing racial diversity in sourcing and audiences, and developing ethics codes that embrace anti-racism and harm reduction.”  The statement went on to claim that “white supremacist culture and anti-blackness shape the policies, norms, and standards of public radio”; “We’re not a mostly white and male industry because we consciously think white males are better, but because we live in a racist, sexist society that has conditioned us to view white male heteronormative as the standard”.  The statement called for “removing white people who have created a hostile work environment for people of color, and the leaders who have been complicit in that hostile work environment.”  And then came the “solution” – surprise, surprise, it involved apologies, reforms and reparations!  “These reparations could include offers of financial compensation, support for mental health costs for individuals, or in some cases opportunities to return to positions they have left or lost.”  Always, always, it comes down to one thing: money.  This is what it’s all about.  Every single time.

The statement demanded that employees endorse “statements of belief”, such as “climate change is real” and “black lives matter.”  Once again – you have no choice; no option.  You either side with these thugs or you get “cancelled”.  For then, inevitably, came the threats: “Where these forms of accountability don’t happen voluntarily, they can and will happen through community organizing, protest, sit-ins, walk-outs, encouraging donors to withhold funds, and other forms of confrontation and divestment.”

What’s Next?  ISP Censorship of Free Speech
  What could be coming next?  Very likely, ISPs will start to censor what they consider to be “hate speech”.  “[T]he left is talking about going after cable internet providers and pressuring them to drop conservatives…. If companies can ban ‘hate speech’ on the internet, why not ban it at the entry point to the internet?”[10]

“As freedom-seekers launch their own websites, servers, and streams, the aggressive censors will hunt them, demanding cancellation everywhere along the communications stack, eventually reaching the core of the network.  And then we will have come full circle.  They will demand ISPs block, throttle, and erase.  And that government, under the guise of net neutrality, enforce their truth.”[11]

What else could be on the horizon?  A former Facebook executive, Alex Stamos, appearing on CNN in January 2021, called for conservative news outlets to be deplatformed by telecom giants such as Comcast, AT&T and Verizon.  He said, “We have to turn down the capability of these conservative influencers to reach these huge audiences.”  And: “There are people [by whom he meant conservatives, etc.] on YouTube for example that have a larger audience than daytime CNN, and they are extremely radical and pushing extremely radical views.  So it’s up to the Facebooks and YouTubes in particular to think about whether or not they want to be effectively cable networks for disinformation.”[12]  These one-worlders, these radical Reds, are being as crystal clear as they can be now.  They want all conservative voices to be eliminated from the earth.  Silenced by any and all means possible.  Only one voice must be heard by the people of the world: the voice of Marxist globalists bent on world domination.  They are the real radicals, the real extremists, the real disinformation experts.  But they use these terms to demonise conservatives and Christians.

The left is now so powerful, and things are so bad, that journalist Rachel Alexander wrote, “I asked Ward [Larry Ward, president of Politica Media Inc., a digital advertising agency], if the left is able to kick us off of ISPs, will we need to start from scratch, installing a second layer of cable in the ground?  I was hoping he would dismiss my fear as baseless, but he didn’t.  This is how far they could go to drive us out.  I told a very intelligent friend of mine on the left about it, and he didn’t deny it.  Instead he joked, ‘Soon your side [conservatives] will be communicating with smoke signals.’”[13]

Why Marxists Hate Free Speech
  What is the end goal of the radicals with regards to freedom of speech and expression?  It is simple: to destroy freedom of speech and expression for any and all conservatives anywhere.  They do not want them to have a voice.  Any voice.  On any platform.  They want to remove them entirely from the internet.

But why do Marxists hate freedom of speech?  Tyrants claim that it is their duty to keep the people “safe”, and therefore they need to take away their freedoms.  This is nonsense.  They hate freedom of speech because they are mortally afraid of it!  In 1860 Frederick Douglass said that free speech was “the dread of tyrants… it is the one right they first strike down.”  He was correct.  “Leftism is venerated by intellectuals.  But there is little intellectual substance to leftism.  It is a combination of doctrine and emotion.  The proof?  Those with intellectual depth do not stifle dissent; they welcome it.  That is why universities are so opposed to conservatives coming to speak on campus.  One articulate conservative can undo years of left-wing indoctrination in a one-hour talk or Q and A.”[14]

“The left is so terrified of the truth that they must move heaven and earth… to suppress it.  They are now very busy rewriting not just history, but current events so they can convince present and future generations about their righteousness.  The left is not just moving to erase the truth; they are moving to criminalize it.”[15]

As taught by Herbert Marcuse, a Marxist in the 1960s, they hate freedom of speech because to accept it means that the Capitalists (the oppressors, according to Marxists) will use their privileges to win the argument against the “oppressed” (the Marxists).  The only solution, then, is to eliminate their freedom of speech.  They are required to remain silent, whereas the “oppressed” are free to say whatever they like.  This is why Christians and conservatives are silenced in the media, and by social media platforms, but radicals, liberals, Communists, sodomites, transgenders, and all the rest are free to say whatever they like.

But Marxists go much further than merely saying, “I disagree with you.”  They say, “I disagree with you, so you are evil.”[16]  Then they beat this drum incessantly until many others start to believe it.  Only one voice deserves to be heard, as far as they are concerned: theirs.  All others are evil merely for disagreeing with them.

A few years ago columnist Kurt Schlichter wrote the following about leftists, and it is very true: “They are fanatics, and by not surrendering, by not kneeling, and by not obeying, you have committed an unpardonable sin.  You have defied the Left, and you must be broken.  They will take your job, slander your name, even beat or kill you – whatever it takes to break you and terrify others by making you an example…. They must crush this rebellion of the normal, and absolutely nothing is off the table…. Their sick ideology and false theology requires that we be enslaved or exterminated – we can’t be tolerated, and we certainly can’t be allowed to hold the reins of power.”[17]

The following is a very apt summary: “It’s ironic that those who used to say they were all for ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’ now have the truth revealed once the velvet mask was ripped off.  Instead, they want to silence and persecute anyone who differs from them.  Far from being inclusive, they tyrannize anyone outside their echo chamber.”[18]

The Roman Papacy’s Hatred of Free Speech: Its Goal is In Sight!
Many understand that Communism has always hated freedom of thought and speech.  But what almost no one understands today is that the utter destruction of freedom of thought, freedom of speech and ultimately, freedom of religion, has been the goal of the Papal system for centuries.  “The opposition to freedom of thought, freedom to read, freedom of speech is identical whether it comes from the Kremlin or the Vatican,” wrote ex-priest Emmett McLoughlin as far back as 1960.[19]

Freedom of thought has been condemned by the very highest authorities of the Roman Catholic institution:

“And from this most putrid spring of indifference flows that absurd and erroneous opinion or rather insanity that teaches and upholds that everyone should have freedom of thought.” – Gregory XVI, pope of Rome, encyclical against modernism, Mirari vos arbitramur, 15 August 1832.

“By no means is it permissible to seek or to defend or to grant freedom of thought, freedom of instruction, freedom of writing… as rights granted to man by nature.” – Leo XIII, pope of Rome, 1888.

Freedom of thought was also condemned by Leo XIII in his Immortale Dei, 1 November 1885; and by Pius IX in his Gravissimas Inter, 11 December 1862.

And let it never be forgotten that Rome had its Index of Forbidden Books, which listed the books it had banned.  This “is the strongest objective proof that the Roman hierarchy must try to destroy… freedom of thought.”[20]

Freedom of religion and worship flows from freedom of thought.  “But the Catholic Church condemns that freedom and, if it could, it would destroy it.”[21]  “[T]he most accursed thing that can be imagined, whereby liberty of conscience (or freedom of worship) is granted to everybody, which is the worst thing in the world.” – Clement VIII, pope of Rome, condemning the Edict of Nantes which granted freedom of religion in France in the seventeenth century.

Well, now Rome is in the very process of destroying freedom of religion, not only in America but around the world.  Its objective is not only to “make America Roman Catholic”, but to make the world Roman Catholic.  This has always been its objective, and it is being master-minded by the Jesuits, just as it always has been.[22]

Its hatred of freedom of thought and speech leads Rome to use heavy-handed media censorship techniques to get its way.  In the pre-internet days it used such methods as boycotts of newspapers, magazines, publishing firms, bookshops,[23] and films[24] of which it disapproved.  And now the Jesuits are making use of the censorship by social media giants to silence any and all opposition.  The only voice Rome wants heard is its own.

 We are now living in days when we are seeing the Jesuits’ and Communists’ plans to eliminate freedom of speech finally coming to pass.  This will be followed by the elimination of all true freedom of religion, for the two always go together.  And then, when Christians are no longer permitted the freedom to preach the Gospel in all its fulness, and yet continue to do so, persecution will inevitably follow.  The time is now here when Christians must say, as did the apostles of old, “Whether it be right in the sight of God to hearken unto you more than unto God, judge ye.  For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard” (Acts 4:19,20).  Whether a country permits freedom of speech or not, Christians are to hearken unto God, who has commanded us in His Word to preach the Gospel to all men.  Freedom of speech has been a great blessing in the world, enabling Christians in those countries where it was permitted to preach the Gospel without fear of persecution.  But if this freedom is now to disappear from the earth, the commandment to preach the Gospel still remains, and must be obeyed.  When the apostles were forbidden from preaching the Gospel (i.e. freedom of speech and freedom of religion was denied them), they replied, “We ought to obey God rather than men” (Acts 5:29).

February 2021

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