The Jesuits Ecstatic Over the Fraudulent Biden Victory

The Jesuits Ecstatic Over the Fraudulent Biden Victory, PDF format

This article will not delve into the immense and blatant fraud and corruption which occurred in the 2020 presidential election in the United States, which produced a hasty, prematurely-announced, phony “victory” for Joe Biden over Donald Trump.  There are innumerable articles exposing this, and anyone who thinks that Biden won freely and fairly has been duped by the lies and propaganda of the lamestream media.  Trump was the runaway victor.  Biden “won” only by massive cheating on a scale never before witnessed in America.  This stolen election has changed America for the worse, possibly forever.  Its electoral process is now the same as that of any Third World, corrupt African dictatorship.  For sheer scale and brazenness, it is far worse.

  This article, however, will be concerned solely with the response of the Roman Catholic institution’s leadership to the Biden “victory”.  Although Trump is not a Roman Catholic, traditionalist Roman Catholics supported him, because of his support for issues dear to their hearts: they oppose abortion, unlimited and uncontrolled immigration, etc.  Trump’s policies struck a chord with them.  On the other hand Biden, portraying himself as a practicing Roman Catholic but in truth an arch-hypocrite using his “faith” to garner votes, was the darling of liberal, “progressive”, Marxist Roman Catholics.

The Jesuits and Francis I Wanted – and Worked for – a Biden Victory

  For information verifying this, please see my previous article, Trump and Biden: Courting the Roman Catholic Vote.[1]

  In his campaign Biden made much of the fact that he professed to be a Roman Catholic.  He made videos about his “faith”, quoted Francis, spoke of the “lovely” nuns he knew, etc.  These were all lies.  They were election ploys, nothing more.

  But despite this being an utterly fraudulent election; despite the fact that Biden was declared the winner by the media even before all the votes had been counted; despite innumerable voting irregularities and solid evidence of widespread fraud and cheating in the electoral process in favour of Biden; and despite the fact that he openly supported policies completely contrary to official Roman Catholic doctrine and practice – despite all this, the Jesuit pope was ecstatic and lost no time in calling Biden, on 12 November, to congratulate him on his “victory”!  A press release from the Biden-Harris transition team announced, “President-elect Joe Biden spoke this morning with His Holiness Pope Francis.  The president-elect thanked His Holiness for extending blessings and congratulations and noted his appreciation for His Holiness’ leadership in promoting peace, reconciliation, and the common bonds of humanity around the world.”[2]

  Amazing, isn’t it, how all of a sudden the Democrats, who generally have no time for religion and in fact frequently mock religious belief openly, now spoke of Francis as “His Holiness”.  If Francis had called Trump to congratulate him, the Democrats would have scathingly referred to him simply as “Francis” or “the pope”; but when he called to congratulate Biden – ah, now he was reverently referred to as “His Holiness”.

  The statement went on: “The president-elect expressed his desire to work together on the basis of shared belief in the dignity and equality of all humankind on issues such as caring for the marginalized and the poor, addressing the crisis of climate change, and welcoming and integrating immigrants and refugees into our communities.”  Note all the usual common “social justice” causes in this statement.  Glaringly absent, of course, was any reference to those policies where Biden actually opposes Roman Catholic doctrine and practice, and yet remains – at least in the eyes of the Jesuit Order – a Roman Catholic in good standing, simply because of his support for those things which matter most to Jesuits.

  The Jesuit Order could barely contain its chortling glee at the Biden “victory”.  The influential Jesuit magazine, La Civiltá Cattolica, the publication of which is overseen by the Vatican’s powerful secretary of state, published an article praising Biden’s fraudulent “victory”.  Calling him a “practicing Catholic”, it gushed: “Biden is a patient, poised and thoughtful man; he belongs to the old school of Democrats.  He is a seasoned politician, friend of many Republican congressmen, who in their hearts, probably, wished for his victory.  He is part, as they say, of the ‘establishment.’”[3] The article conveniently omitted to mention that the election was fraudulent; that Biden supports abortion and sodomite “marriage”, both contrary to official Papal doctrine; that he is against religious liberty, even for Roman Catholic nuns; that he is a liar; that he has some very, very dangerous relationships with some very, very bad countries and people; and that being part of the establishment means he is part of the “deep state”, a puppet of powers behind the scenes who play the tune to which he dances. 

  But be it noted – all these qualities are ones which Jesuits admire and support!

  The article went on to express what Biden will accomplish on issues very dear to the Jesuit Order today because they help forward its own purposes: the “climate change” myth, the World Health Organisation’s fight against the coronavirus farce, etc.  “Probably Biden, in his first 100 days of presidency, will hurry to get back in touch with Paris [the Paris Climate Accord] to gain the ground lost in terms of climate and global warming; with Tehran to reconfirm – with some important changes – the nuclear deal; and with the World Health Organisation, in order to fight Covid-19 together globally”, the article said.

  Why would the Jesuits support a man such as Joe Biden?  It’s simple: because of the Jesuit doctrine and method of working.  They place far more importance on advancing Rome’s power in the world than on promoting or defending traditional Roman Catholic doctrines and practices.  They will readily ignore these, as they have done countless times during their history, if by doing so they can increase their power over the nations of the world.

  With the Jesuits it’s all about power.  By any means possible.  Roman Catholic teaching?  That is only relevant when it can be used as a means to the end.  If not, it is cast aside.

  For those with eyes to see, it was amazing how swiftly Biden committed himself to serve Jesuit causes.  Just a few days after the mainstream media declared him to be the victor in the elections and thus the “president-elect”, Biden spoke via a video message to the Jesuit Refugee Service in honour of its 40th anniversary.  One would think that a “president-elect” would have more important matters to deal with than making video messages for Jesuit charities, but there you are.  It speaks volumes about the man, and who will pull his strings.  In the message he said that when he is in office he will raise the refugee settlement cap to the highest number ever – 125,000 people per year – a reversal of what had been done under the Trump administration, when it was brought down to its lowest level ever.  Here are his words: “The United States has long stood as a beacon of hope for the downtrodden and the oppressed, a leader in resettling refugees and our humanitarian response.  I promise, as president, I will reclaim that proud legacy for our country.  The Biden-Harris administration will restore America’s historic role in protecting the vulnerable and defending the rights of refugees everywhere and raising our annual refugee admission target to 125,000.”[4]

  The Jesuits are not in the least interested in helping the “downtrodden” and “oppressed”.  Their purpose in pushing for massive immigration into America is solely to change its demographics so as to turn it into a Roman Catholic country (via large-scale immigration from South and Central America – see a previous article of mine, America’s Alien Invasion: the United States is Becoming Roman Catholic[5]), and to make use of large-scale Muslim immigration to commit terror attacks on American soil, weakening the country and dividing it so that it disintegrates and falls.  Huge numbers of “refugees” are not genuine refugees at all, but trained guerilla fighters, saboteurs and killers.  Rome, via the Jesuits, is making use of illegal immigration into America (and Europe) to destroy the West.  This is what it’s really all about.

  Of course, the Jesuit Refugee Service was ecstatic about Biden’s plan.  Giulia McPherson, director of advocacy and operations at the Jesuit Refugee Service, said in a statement: “That [Biden] chose to make this announcement with us tonight is an indication that Biden is following his faith when it comes to American policy to protect and welcome refugees.”  No, it doesn’t indicate any such thing.  What it indicates is that when his puppet-masters say jump, Biden asks, “How high?” 

Many Non-Jesuit US Romish Bishops Did Not Want a Biden Victory

  Let the reader understand: this does not mean that the US Roman Catholic bishops were supportive of everything Trump did.  They most certainly were not.  But the more traditionalist among them – and there are many still – favoured Trump over Biden because Trump supported certain key policies of the bishops whereas Biden was firmly opposed to them.  Yes, the Jesuits supported Biden; but not all leading Romish bishops in America are as liberal or Marxist as the Jesuits, and many of them are very concerned about the direction the Jesuits are taking the Roman Catholic “Church” under their man, Francis.  As far as these bishops are concerned, Biden should be censured by Rome, not supported.  In a previous era he would have been excommunicated for his anti-Roman Catholic policies; but today these are overlooked by the Jesuits because of what he can do for them and their plans for the world.  And Francis, Jesuit that he is, opposes America’s more traditionalist bishops as well.

  And so these more conservative bishops now face the bizarre situation of having a Jesuitical Roman Catholic in the White House, who will actually zealously oppose them and usher in a number of anti-Roman Catholic policies, to the great detriment of the “Church” of Rome in the United States.

  No wonder they are worried.  As has happened so often in history, it’s the Jesuit Order against much of the rest of the Roman Catholic hierarchy.

  But being the devoted Papists that they are, for the most part they avoided any strong criticism of Biden (or of their pope).  They even issued a statement congratulating Biden and Harris on 7 November – when the controlled media announced that Biden was “president-elect” even before this was officially announced or proven.

  The announcement that Biden had won was so premature, especially given that the Trump campaign filed numerous legal challenges to the results, that even many Roman Catholics themselves objected to what their bishops had done.  Some added that the bishops’ congratulatory statement did not challenge Biden about his anti-Roman Catholic policies on abortion.[6]  It looked like they were being cowardly and soft on Biden.  Which they were.

  Instead of overtly criticising Biden and rejecting his “victory” for the fraud it was, they opted for carefully-chosen words which conveyed their concern and apprehension in a more circumspect fashion. The statement issued by the president of the US Roman Catholic Bishops’ Conference, the archbishop Jose Gomez, stated: “we recognize that Joseph R. Biden, Jr., has received enough votes to be elected”, and: “We congratulate Mr. Biden and acknowledge that he joins the late President John F. Kennedy as the second United States president to profess the Catholic faith.”[7]  Hardly words of ringing endorsement, but an endorsement nonetheless.  The fact that Biden is only the second professing Papist ever in the White House should ordinarily have been cause for huge, smirking smiles and fawning praise from the bishops of America.  But there was none of that.

  Gomez told bishops on 17 November that a future President Biden, being a Roman Catholic, would present unique “challenges” for the “Church” of Rome in the US, especially regarding his policy positions which were at odds with Roman Catholic doctrine.  “For only the second time,” Gomez said, “we are anticipating a transition to a president who professes the Catholic faith.  This presents certain opportunities but also certain challenges.”  He said the bishops faced “a unique moment in the history of the Church in this country.”[8] 

  Gomez was being ultra-diplomatic.  Unique challenges?  Could he have been any more limp-wristed?  In the past, Romish bishops would have come out and said categorically, “Joe Biden may call himself a Roman Catholic, but he is at variance with some of the most important Roman Catholic doctrines and practices.  Unless he ceases to follow the path he is presently on, confessing his sins to a priest and obtaining absolution, he will be excommunicated, for at present he is certainly not living as a Roman Catholic.”  But that was then and this is now.  Times have changed.  The Vatican, held in a Jesuit vice-grip ever since the accession of Francis to the papal throne, saw in Joe Biden a man they could manipulate and use for their own nefarious purposes.  So, in the usual Jesuit fashion, they turned a blind eye to his transgressions and supported his plans for the presidency.  Traditionalist bishops in the US did not like it, but out of their loyal obedience to their pope they would not rock the boat too much.  Hence Gomez’ weak and muted statements about Biden’s presidency presenting “certain challenges” and being “a unique moment” in the history of Roman Catholicism in the US.

  Gomez went on: “The president-elect has given us reason to believe that his faith commitments will move him to support some good policies.  This includes policies of immigration reform, refugees and the poor, and against racism, the death penalty, and climate change.  He has also given us reason to believe that he will support policies that are against some fundamental values that we hold dear as Catholics.  These policies include: the repeal of the Hyde Amendment and the preservation of Roe vs. Wade.  Both of these policies undermine our pre-eminent priority of the elimination of abortion.”[9]

  Note again the way in which Gomez carefully chose soft words.  First, he spoke of Biden’s “faith commitments” moving him to support some good policies.  Again: in the past Biden would have been strictly censured.  A man claiming to be a Roman Catholic but fighting against Roman Catholic doctrine and practice would have put him outside his “Church”.  But now Gomez carefully referred to Biden’s “faith commitments”.  What faith commitments would these be, exactly?  The man is an arch-hypocrite, a liar, who shamelessly promoted himself as a faithful Roman Catholic during the presidential election race even though he well knows he is not.

  Second, it must be understood that the term “conservative Roman Catholics” is fluid and certainly not all-encompassing.  In many respects, “conservative” Romanists are just as liberal or “progressive” or even Marxist as can be.  Take the issues Gomez referred to as Biden’s “good policies”: immigration reform, refugees and the poor, being against racism, the death penalty, and climate change.  All these are beloved of liberals, Socialists and Marxists!  But so comprehensive has been the brainwashing that even the majority of so-called “conservative” Roman Catholics – not to mention a great many other “conservatives” as well – have embraced these policies wholeheartedly.  Take “immigration reform”.  This means nothing less than large-scale illegal immigration into the US of Roman Catholics from Central and South America, as well as Muslims from various countries.  It is a policy designed to flood America with Romanists and dangerous terrorists.  Yet huge numbers of so-called “conservatives” now believe it is a good and necessary thing to “reform” immigration laws.  There was a time when no conservative anywhere would have supported illegal or uncontrolled immigration.  Or take the whole “climate change” myth.  Begun by radical leftists, it is now believed and supported by many who would call themselves conservatives.  They have been brainwashed.  And the same holds true for the now-widely-accepted Socialist/Communist policies on refugees, the poor, “racism”, and the death penalty.

  Third, only after speaking well of some of Biden’s policies – those which are today accepted by “conservative” and liberal/Marxist Romanists alike – did Gomez go on to criticise Biden’s support for abortion.  He said Biden would support policies which are against some fundamental values Roman Catholics hold dear.  Again: there was a time when anyone supporting abortion would not be considered a Roman Catholic.  How times have changed!  With the Jesuits running the Vatican, all kinds of people are now tolerated as Roman Catholics, no matter what they believe or practice!

  Gomez added that Biden would also support “the restoration of the HHS mandate, the passage of the Equality Act, and the unequal treatment of Catholic schools.”[10]  He could have added Biden’s pro-sodomite policy as well, for the man supports “same-sex marriage”, even though Rome’s official policy is that marriage can only be between one man and one woman.[11]

  The HHS contraceptive mandate was initiated under Obama, and required all employers to supply coverage for contraception to their employees, including abortifacient drugs and sterilisations, under their healthcare plans.  At the time this led to a number of legal battles for such groups as Roman Catholic universities and even an order of nuns.  The Trump administration expanded true religious freedom in this regard, to the benefit of these groups; but Biden said he was going to reverse the protections which had been passed under Trump.

  As for the Equality Act, this would add anti-discrimination protections for “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to such existing protections as race, colour, and religion.  In other words, sodomites, transgenders, etc., would be protected to the point where (for example) religious institutions and schools would have to grant men access to women’s bathrooms and changing facilities, or face prosecution.  Gomez was correct when he said, “These policies pose a serious threat to the common good, whenever any politician supports them.  We have long opposed these policies strongly, and we will continue to do so.”  Perhaps they would – but what kind of religious institution is it that supports the political ambitions of a man so opposed to that institution’s doctrine and practice, even while blatantly lying about what a faithful Romanist he is?

  Answer: an institution in the vice-grip of the Jesuit Order.

  And so it is left to more “conservative”, traditionalist Romanists to try to do damage control, explaining their “Church’s” radical, pro-Marxist policies to non-Marxist Roman Catholic Americans, and to work around the evil policies of this Jesuit-supported man, Joe Biden.

  Note again how circumspect Gomez was in speaking about Biden’s support for these things: “But when politicians who profess the Catholic faith support [such policies], there are additional problems.  Among other things, it creates confusion among the faithful about what the Church actually teaches on these questions.”[12]  It sure does.

  But do the Jesuits care about this confusion?  No – not if their own agenda is advanced.  They will happily leave it to the rank and file bishops and priests to try to explain the blatant ignoring of official doctrine and practice on the part of the Jesuits and the Vatican.  But they themselves will press on with their plans.

  Gomez then said, “This is a difficult and complex situation.”  That was an understatement if ever there was one!  So what did he propose to do?  “In order to help us to navigate it, [the bishops’ conference] will appoint a working group”.  This would be to address policy by Biden which contradicts Roman Catholic teaching.[13]  Imagine the incongruity of the powerful United State Bishops’ Conference having to actually appoint a working group to “navigate” the “difficult and complex situation” arising from the election of a supposedly Roman Catholic president!  Just let that sink in for a moment.  When Donald Trump – who is not a Roman Catholic – was president, the bishops did not have these “difficult and complex” problems to deal with; but when a supposed Roman Catholic enters the White House, they need a working group to “navigate” through these treacherous and difficult waters!

  Oh, the irony.


  If Biden is confirmed as president despite all the fraud and corruption of the 2020 US election, his presidency will be a Jesuit-directed presidency.  Through him, the sons of Loyola will push ahead with their plans for the jesuitisation of the United States; a United States marching in lockstep with the New World Order envisaged by the Jesuits and all their internationalist buddies.

  We are living through momentous and dangerous times indeed.  America has now caught up with the rest of the world.  For the true Christian, his faith, his hope, his joy and strength must only be in the Lord, not in politics or politicians.  The world and the true Church are two absolutely opposite things.  The world is under the devil’s sway, and he is tightening his grip. 

December 2020

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