Rome, the Jesuits, and the “Black Lives Matter” Communist Revolution

Rome the Jesuits and the Black Lives Matter Communist Revolution, PDF format

It is not my intention to analyse all aspects of the “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) Communist revolution in this article.  Things are moving so rapidly that we have to pick our battles.  Fortunately the purpose of the BLM movement has been documented and exposed by many investigators, and many of its backers have been exposed as well.  It has been shown to be a Communist revolutionary movement.  This is now well known among large numbers of political conservatives, and is even now quite well known among many of the dupes of these sinister organisations themselves.  Not universally known, of course, for most of those caught up in these violent anarchic activities are merely pawns of their Red masters, the unthinking, dumbed-down cannon fodder of the revolution.  But at least some now know that it is nothing less than a Communist-directed, militant, violent revolutionary organisation aiming to destroy the old, Capitalistic order, conservative and semi-conservative leadership, law and order, morality, real factual history, and if possible western civilisation itself, and to install a Communist, anti-family, anti-Christian government wherever possible.

  But I will focus in this article on what almost no one knows about the BLM revolution: the part played by the Roman Catholic institution in guiding this orchestrated assault on western civilisation.

BLM is a Communist Movement – but There’s Even More to It

  The following is a good summary of what this is all about, but in common with so many otherwise-accurate commentators it fails to discern one vital ingredient in the whole evil mix:

  “It’s happening.  Right before our very eyes.  The final chapter of the World Revolution, by communists referred to as ‘World October’, is upon us!  As the countries of the West are still struggling to contain the Chinese-orchestrated pandemic [which is no real threat at all to the vast majority of the world’s population – author] and are desperately trying to get their grounded economies back running, the spiral of calculated escalation has moved on to the next stage: the instigation of chaos (possibly, civil war) as a means to bring down the rule of law and government itself.  These are not spontaneous protests against a ‘systemic racism’ that doesn’t even exist (certainly not in the United States).  This is a coordinated attack on nothing less than the constitutional foundations of the American Republic, carried out by Moscow/Beijing-directed communists (sailing under whatever banner) and reminiscent of every communist revolution in history (including the French Revolution, by the way).

  “We are now witnessing an America in its death-throes…. And no sufficient alarm, even now.  At least, about whence the attack is coming.  After all, an overwhelming majority (including, sadly, America’s political and economic elite) swallowed the bait of ‘collapsible communism’ and of the ‘great investment prospects in the East’ thirty years ago.  America’s suspected ‘victory of the Cold War’ was prematurely carved in stone; Gorbachev, and then Yeltsin, were hailed as honest democrats (rather than understood as unchanged communists).  America and the West got quickly caught up in the overall lie of a ‘defunkt USSR’ and a ‘defunkt’ communist bloc.  Nothing could have been further from the truth.  The communist world even massively expanded its global influence post-1991, precisely because the West saw no communist threat any more! (Enter: South Africa; Venezuela; Nicaragua; the Congo; Nepal – not to mention the EEC’s odd transformation into a much more centralised political union, only weeks after the ‘demise’ of the Soviet Union).”[1]

  The above analysis is excellent, as far as it goes.  As I have been saying and writing for thirty years, ever since the momentous events of 1989-1992, the so-called “collapse of Communism” was a farce, a lie, a smokescreen.  Communism did not die back then.  It is alive and well today.  The fall of South Africa to Communism in 1994 proves this beyond all shadow of doubt.  I know.  I lived through it.[2]

  But the analysis above makes one error, and it fails to discern a vital component.  The error is implying that this Communist revolution in America is directed only by Communists in Moscow and Beijing.  It is being directed just as much by Communists in America itself.  But more seriously, what the author of the piece fails to discern at all is that not even the Communist powers behind the scenes are the real powers.  Behind them are the secret globalist societies which can all be placed under the umbrella term of the Illuminati.  And behind them – as has been the case for centuries now – are the Jesuits of Rome

  Failure to discern and appreciate this fact hamstrings most otherwise-astute observers of the world revolution.  The reason they fail to discern it is because they do not understand Bible prophecy.  “Mystery, Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth” (Rev. 17:5) is not some murky, undefinable future world system as so many present-day “prophecy experts” speculate.  It is the Roman Catholic institution.  It always has been.  The Papacy is the Beast of Bible prophecy.  The false “Church” of Rome is the Whore of Bible prophecy.  The second Beast of Bible prophecy is the Roman Catholic priesthood.  And within that priesthood the Jesuit Order has dominated and influenced and manipulated not only the Papacy for centuries, but world events as well.  And now, with a Jesuit as pope of Rome in the Vatican, the Jesuits are directing world affairs as never before in their terrible history.

  The grand prize for Rome has always been the destruction of the “Protestant” West, and especially the conquest of the United States of America.  The former has virtually been achieved; the latter may now be on the brink of succeeding.

The Vatican Praises the Black Lives Matter Movement

  Despite all the chaos, all the mayhem, all the looting and killing and destruction of property on a vast scale – despite all this, the Vatican made no bones about it: it has come out clearly on the side of the Communists running the Black Lives Matter revolution.  Vatican News praised BLM as a “movement dedicated to non-violent civil disobedience through protests against police violence directed at black persons as well as all forms of racism.”[3] 

  Non-violent?  Really?  All across America and other western countries, violent protesters have trashed cities, beaten up and killed innocent people, attacked police – and the Vatican says the movement is non-violent?  The Jesuit pope and his henchmen are outright liars.  But why should we be surprised?  Rome’s priests lied in precisely the same way when they supported the violent African National Congress of Nelson Mandela in its bloodthirsty revolution to take power in South Africa.[4]  They lied then, just as they are lying now.  They claimed the violence was all on the part of the State authorities, never on the part of the revolutionaries.  This has been typical of Communist revolutions everywhere.

  Vatican News went on: “The movement began in 2013 with the use of the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter on social media.  Today, Black Lives Matter has decentralized into a broader and worldwide network of movements advocating against police violence towards minorities, the militarization of the police as well as against systemic racism around the world.”  More lies.  BLM is not about advocating against police violence towards minorities.  That is the excuse.  The stated issue is never the real issue when it comes to Communist movements.  BLM’s real purpose is to use the issue of a single white policeman killing a single black man to claim (falsely) that white police are all racists, so as to ignite a full-blown Communist revolution.

  As Rome has done in one Communist revolution after another, it ignored the openly stated purpose of BLM on its own website: among other things, to “defund the police”; to “disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement”; to “dismantle cisgender privilege”; to be “queer-affirming”.  It states: “When we gather, we do so with the intention of freeing ourselves from the tight grip of heteronormative thinking, or rather, the belief that all in the world are heterosexual (unless s/he or they disclose otherwise).”  These statements blatantly contradict official Roman Catholic teaching on sexuality and the family, for Rome has always claimed to uphold the family structure and to oppose homosexuality.  Yet now Rome praises an organisation that opposes everything it claims to stand for on these matters!  This greatly perplexes Roman Catholics and others.  Ah, but what they do not understand is that the prize for Rome by supporting the BLM revolution is far greater, in its judgment, than defending its traditional teaching on the family.  Rome always sides with what it perceives to be the winning side.  It perceives that BLM is part of a global change of direction, a fundamental shift towards international Communism – and therefore it ignores its own centuries of teaching to throw its weight behind the revolutionaries.  The Jesuits, in particular, have always followed this strategy.

Francis I Gives Full Support to the BLM Communist Revolutionaries

  When the Jesuit pope, Francis I, praises the evil work of a radical BLM-supporting bishop, it is very evident that the Vatican of Francis, which is entirely under the control of the Jesuit Order, is fully supporting the BLM revolution.

  The bishop, Mark Seitz of El Paso, Texas, became the first Romish bishop to publicly “take the knee”, surrounded by priests from his diocese who knelt with him while holding a Black Lives Matter sign.  “Taking the knee” refers to the gesture of kneeling, for example during the singing of the American national anthem, to supposedly protest against “police brutality”.  After the death of George Floyd at the hands of a white policeman the gesture became a mark of solidarity among BLM revolutionaries and supporters.

  After the stupid gesture by the bishop he received a phone call from no less than Francis I.  “The Holy Father said that he wanted to congratulate me for the words I am saying,” said Seitz.[5]  Could anything be clearer than this blatant support for the Communist BLM revolutionaries by the Jesuit pope?

  “I told [Francis] I felt it was very important at this time to show our solidarity to those who are suffering.  I told him I had just come from Mass at which I was praying for him and I always do.  He thanked me and said that whenever we celebrate Mass, we are praying together, he where he is and me at the border [to Mexico].  I told him that I am very honoured to serve here.”

  This was not the only phone call the pope of Rome made to encourage his servants in the US to continue their radical agenda.  He also called José Gómez, archbishop of Los Angeles, another outspoken supporter of radicalism. 

  And on the 8th June two auxilliary bishops in Washington, DC, Roy E. Campbell and Mario E. Dorsonville, also attended a rally where a number of priests carried BLM signs.[6]

  Seitz added something very important when he said that the phone calls from Francis to US prelates showed that he “is anxious for the Church to be responsive in a pastoral way to participate in the response, in solidarity with those who have experienced racial discrimination.”  His clever words notwithstanding, it was a lie: Francis called to give his full support to the radical Communist revolution engulfing America.  He has sought the downfall of the US since his election as Roman pope.  He has made no bones about his hatred for conservatism, for President Donald Trump, and his full support for radical revolution.  He himself, after all, being a high-ranking member of the Jesuit Order, is fully committed to Communism and to making use of it as the muscle to enable Rome to conquer the world (as I have written about in various articles).

  This came to light again when Francis gave an address in Rome on 3 June.  He spoke in support of the BLM riots and protests.  He said: “We cannot tolerate or turn a blind eye to racism and exclusion in any form and yet claim to defend the sacredness of every human life.”[7]  As Jesuit priest Russell Pollitt said, “This was clearly a critique of Trump’s stunt of going to places of worship in Washington, DC, and holding up a Bible in his hands”.[8]  As with all other Communist revolutionaries, Francis used the death of George Floyd at the hands of a white policeman to condemn “racism”, giving the impression that America was a racist society where blacks were routinely murdered by whites.  The truth of course is that in every society there are those who use their positions of power to harm others.  But this does not mean that racism is everywhere!  One man dies and suddenly an entire country or an entire civilisation is “racist”!  It’s a lie, but an extremely effective one to win over the unthinking masses of dupes.

  And Francis claims the moral high ground in defending “the sacredness of human life”.  This from the man who heads up a diabolically evil and false “Church” responsible for the murder of multiplied millions of people worldwide for centuries!

Jesuits and Other Roman Catholics Call Support for BLM A Pro-Life Issue Like Abortion

  In an online discussion a black priest, Bryan Massingale, professor of theological and social ethics at Fordham University in New York – a Jesuit university – called racism a “pro-life issue” that must be addressed with the same passion and vigour with which the Roman Catholic institution speaks against abortion.[9] 

  This is a very clever move: the Jesuits and others are now seeking to unite these two issues in the minds of their followers, by claiming that as abortion is the murder of the unborn, so racism is somehow the murder of black people!  He was supported by another participant in the discussion, writer Olga Segura from the Dominican Republic.  She asserted that the BLM protests had demonstrated “what it means to be fully pro-life and in solidarity with each other.”  How she could say such a thing with a straight face in the wake of so many deaths at the hands of BLM protesters, just goes to show how evil these people really are.

  According to her warped thinking, the definition of “pro-life” has been narrowly interpreted by many Roman Catholics to mean being against abortion.  And priest Massingale supported this, saying that for too long priests and people within the Roman Catholic institution have framed the definition of being pro-life around the “narrow” meaning of being anti-abortion.  “It’s high time to stop this fiction that we can be racist and support policies that are detrimental to people of colour, and yet still see ourselves as pro-life,” he said.  Segura called on white Roman Catholics and white priests to join the BLM rioters.  And Massingale said that having “visible leaders in their collars” would show “this is a religious and spiritual challenge, that it’s not simply a political issue”.  “[W]hen bishops show up, not to take over, but to be there in solidarity, it shows that this is a key element of Catholic faith,” he said.

  Abortion and racism have nothing in common in reality.  Abortion is the physical murder of an unborn child, whereas racism is an attitude, a belief, which may or may not lead to sinful action.  But now that this supposed connection has been made by these radical Papists, watch and you will see it rearing its lying head more and more in the future.  And as the lie is repeated over and over, it will eventually come to be accepted as truth by the unthinking indoctrinated masses.  This is typical Communist strategy: to redefine terms and phrases to mean something very different from what they originally meant, and what they actually mean by definition.  It has been done time and time again, and will now be done with the term “pro-life”.

  Segura, writing in the National Catholic Reporter, a leftist paper, declared: “I believe that the Church must explicitly declare: Black Lives Matter.”[10]

  Yes: support for the BLM Communist revolution is now “a key element of the Roman Catholic faith” (as priest Massingale said) under the pontificate of the Jesuit pope, Francis I.

US Roman Catholic Bishops Provide Funds to Communist Revolutionaries

  An investigation by the Lepanto Institute revealed that the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) was funding radical organisations that supported the BLM rioters, even though their goals included the killing of police officers.  This funding was provided through the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD), which the US bishops declared was funded “by the generous support of Catholics in the United States, especially through an annual parish collection.”.  We are about to learn “just how Catholic money is being funneled to Communist, pro-abortion, pro-homosexual front groups.”[11]

  Significantly, the Lepanto Institute is not an anti-Roman Catholic organisation, but according to its own website it is “dedicated to the defense of the Catholic Church against assaults from without as well as from within”.[12]

  According to America’s bishops, the Catholic Campaign for Human Development “is the national anti-poverty program of the U.S. Catholic Bishops, working to carry out the mission of Jesus Christ ‘…to bring glad tidings to the poor… liberty to captives… sight to the blind, and let the oppressed go free.’ (Luke 4:18)”.  Very few Americans or others in First World countries understand the radical Catholic-Communist doctrine of “Liberation Theology”.  Liberation Theology is a diabolical attempt to merge Communism with false “christianity”, re-interpreting various biblical texts to make it appear as if Jesus was a violent revolutionary, fighting to free “the poor and oppressed” from their “oppressors”.  Lk. 4:18, wrongly expounded, has always been a favourite text of Liberation Theologians in Latin America, Africa and Asia.  They give it a meaning the Lord Jesus never intended.  The “glad tidings” Liberation Theologians bring to “the poor” is a message of political “liberation” through violent means.  “Liberating captives” has nothing to do with preaching Christ so that men in captivity to sin may find freedom in Him, but is made out to be a message of political “liberty” from “oppression”.

  The director of the CCHD, Ralph McCloud, when serving in the Texas government, gave a political endorsement to radical pro-abortion politician Wendy Davis, and also spoke at an event celebrating the election of Communist Barack Obama in 2008, in which he said that Obama’s election was a great day where “we will see a new Jerusalem, and justice will flow like waters”.  Liberation Theologians love to point to political victories for Communists as being the beginnings of “the new Jerusalem” on earth.  A South African Liberation Theologian, Allan Boesak, said the same thing about the coming to power of the Communist-controlled ANC of Nelson Mandela.

  The founder of the Lepanto Institute, Michael Hichborn, named four organisations which had received funds from the CCHD, and were prominent in the agitations against law and order in the United States via the BLM riots which followed the death of George Floyd.[13]

  There is the New Orleans Workers’ Center for Racial Justice (NOWCRJ).  This received $150,000 from the CCHD over the past three years.  Yet the NOWCRJ posted a video on Twitter of a protest in which they participated, chanting “Death to the racist pigs”, i.e. police.  It also displays a clenched fist as its logo – the well-known logo of Marxist revolutions internationally.  But clearly none of these things were of any concern to the CCHD, and thus of no concern to the US bishops.

  Then there is the Workers’ Center of Central New York.  This organisation received $200,000 over the last few years from the CCHD.  It was of no concern to the CCHD, and thus of no concern to the US bishops, that this organisation wrote on Facebook, “these riots and lootings are taking back what the masses of working black and brown communities are owed.  Riots and protests are necessary tools and we fully support… An injury to one is a [sic] injury to all.”  It called for the defunding of police.  And it, too, uses the Communist clenched fist in its logo.

  Then there is The People’s Lobby Education Institute, based in Chicago, to which the CCHD gave $165,000 in the last three years – clearly unconcerned that this organisation repeatedly called for the defunding of the police and prisons.

  And there is The Workers’ Defense Project, which received as much funding from the CCHD as The People’s Lobby Education Institute.  This group in a tweet accused the police of Houston, Texas of “murdering PoC [people of colour] with impunity”, and called for the defunding of the police.  None of this bothered the CCHD, nor the fact that this group praised homosexuality – which the Roman Catholic “Church” is still supposed to be against officially, and which the CCHD itself implicitly claims to be against, for it states that it is “pro-life, pro-family, and pro-community and will never do anything to undermine that commitment.”  Clearly it will, and will also readily lie through its teeth, for it supports radical Marxists and pro-sodomites.  It publicly says it is “pro” these things, but secretly gives them another meaning: it is “pro-life” if that life is a revolutionary’s life but not if it is the life of a policeman; “pro-family” if that includes the modern definition of “family”, i.e. sodomite relationships; and “pro-community” if the “community” is defined to mean black or brown radicals bent on destruction and looting.

  All par for the course for any Liberation Theology organisation.

   Nor were these four organisations the only ones funded by the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.  Several others which had benefitted from CCHD funds signed a Solidarity Letter from the Immigrant Justice Movement, which called for the dismantling of “the police state” by defunding and decreasing police budgets.

  Truly, “at the very core of the CCHD is a philosophy of revolutionary leftist ideologies”.[14]

A South African Jesuit Lambastes Trump For Not Supporting Black Lives Matter

 To highlight how, on an international scale, Rome’s Jesuits are fully behind the BLM revolution occurring in America, a prominent South African Jesuit priest, Russell Pollitt, hit out at President Donald Trump, writing that when Trump stood before the far-from-Christian St John’s Episcopal Church building in Washington, DC, the day after BLM rioters vandalised the edifice, “Trump did not see fit to speak one word of hope or consolation to a nation in trauma…. ‘Trump’s life matters’ is all that matters to him.”[15]  Wait a minute: who was it who vandalised the building?  Trump, or BLM thugs?  Why was this Jesuit not condemning them?  Reason: the Jesuits, and Francis’ Jesuit-dominated Vatican, hate Trump, conservative America, and fully support the Marxist BLM revolution. 

  Then this Jesuit wrote: “Trump has spent his presidency trying to legitimise himself by delegitimising the first black president of the US.  Under this thin veneer is unbridled racism”. Donald Trump is certainly not a true Christian no matter how often he may hold a Bible in his hands.  But that being said, he has certainly not spent his entire presidency trying to delegitimise Barack Obama!  To claim such a thing is utterly dishonest.  It has been Obama who, from the shadows, has been doing all he can to delegitimise Trump’s presidency.  Trump has literally turned America around from the catastrophic Obama years. 

  Pollitt went on to speak disparagingly of those he called “right-wing American Christians who support Trump and seem to have skipped over the key messages of the Bible too.”  Liberation Theologians love to label conservatives and Bible-believing Christians as “right-wing”, for the left has managed to turn this term into one of contempt – even though it is the leftists who skip over what the Bible is really saying.

  Pollitt went on to promote the very same new angle which we are going to be hearing so much about in the future: tying in being “pro-life”, which used to mean being anti-abortion, with various other causes which have absolutely nothing to do with being pro-life: “Trump has done nothing in his term of office to show that he is pro-life.  He could be labelled pro-birth – as are many, sadly, of his gun-toting supporters.  There is a big difference.  When abortion is the only so-called ‘pro-life’ matter you obsess about, you are pro-birth.  Pro-life includes the categories of people Trump has no regard for: migrants, children, black people and the LGBTQIA+ community.  The so-called ‘pro-life’ movement (who supported Trump’s ascent to the White House), has been exposed for its own hypocrisy under the arm of the Bible wagging president.”

  There is so much in the paragraph above that one hardly knows where to start.  Here we have a priest of Rome, a Jesuit priest, condemning those who are against abortion, even though being against abortion has been one of Rome’s causes for many decades.  Imagine a priest of Rome mocking those who are against abortion by labelling them “pro-birth” – as if this is a bad thing.  Yet this is precisely what Pollitt has done.  He then gets in a dig at those who support private gun ownership and by implication the right to self-defence – but not a word in condemnation of the AK47-wielding BLM thugs who have taken over an entire section of Seattle, Washington, or the gun-toting and brick-throwing rioters setting America aflame.  The reason?  The Jesuits support the radical Communists and hate and condemn conservatives.

  They are supporting murderous black rioters and their white buddies; they are supporting the deliberately-orchestrated mass migration of illegals, the vast majority of whom are Roman Catholics, into the US from Central and South America; and they are supporting horrific sexually deviant movements (the so-called LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ (give it as many letters of the alphabet as you like – they’re adding to it all the time with all their strange, bizarre, outlandish, deviant sexual behaviours).  Isn’t Rome supposed to be against such sins as well?  Ah, but the Jesuits say and do whatever advances their agenda for global control.  They overlook sins, turn a blind eye, treat those who commit such abominations with leniency – whatever it takes to make friends, gain support, rake in the money, and take power.  

  Trump is not a Christian, and anyone who thinks he is has no understanding of what true biblical conversion to Christ is all about.  But he’s not the first president to think he is, or to wave the Bible around to justify what he does. Obama used the Bible to justify his evil actions as well – but this Jesuit says nothing in condemnation of him.

What Will Priests and Jesuits Do When Images of “Christ” Are Also Toppled?

  As the Black Lives Matter iconoclasts go from statue to statue, toppling them to the ground in their mad and stupid campaign, at least one Roman Catholic statue has already fallen – that of Papist “saint”, Junipero Serra, leader of the Spanish Papist missions in California.  Statues of the Roman Catholic “Jesus” may soon be in the cross hairs of the rioters as well: BLM activist Shaun King called for the removal of statues, murals and stained-glass windows in church buildings which depict Jesus as a “white European”, because (according to him) these are “a form of white supremacy”.[16]

  True Christians reject supposed images of the Lord Jesus Christ in any form, for they are a violation of the Lord’s commandments in the Scriptures.[17]  But Papists have always made use of them.  What will Rome’s priests do when the BLM madness reaches out to smash their beloved images?  Millions of Papists and their priests will be outraged, shocked and dismayed if it occurs.  But the Jesuits will make peace with it.  After all, they support BLM and are well aware that in any revolution there is collateral damage.  The loss of images is a comparatively small price to pay for the benefits of a successful Communist revolution in America and other western countries.

  When will Roman Catholics learn?  The Jesuits supported the Bolshevik revolutionaries in Russia; yet when Lenin came to power he turned on the Vatican. The Jesuits and many other priests supported the Communists who came to power in Rhodesia, South Africa, and other countries; yet in many of them the Communist leaders, once in power, turned on their priestly supporters.  Sometimes they are able to control the Red revolutionaries, and sometimes not.  Time will tell in the case of the BLM thugs.

Conclusion: Is the United States in Its Death Throes?

  The United States sold out its western allies years ago to Communism.  Now the chickens have come home to roost, and America is in the vice-grip of an orchestrated, ruthless, highly organised and massively funded Communist revolution.  If Americans think they can just ride out this storm, they are deceiving themselves.  America is not the “only superpower”.  It is not even the strongest of the superpowers.  And no amount of gung-ho bluster from Donald Trump or anyone else is going to stop what is now occurring.  Decisive, immediate, firm action is needed – or America as a free republic is doomed.  It is as simple as that. 

  Perhaps decisive action will yet be taken and this present revolution will be defeated.  At this stage it is impossible to say.  But even if decisive action is taken and the BLM revolution is brought to an end, the very worst thing Americans could do is sit back, sigh with relief and say, “Well, at least that’s over.”  If that scenario unfolds, the only thing that will have been won is a battle – not the war itself.  The war will continue.  The United States is the last bastion.  The war has been lost in Africa, South America, Asia, and Europe.  The battlefield has now moved to America.  And it is winning there.

  Frankly, humanly speaking I do not see any hope.  America may defeat this revolution  – for now.  Time will tell.  But if it does, there will be other uprisings in the future.  We can count on that.  America may win militarily against its enemies for a time – but it has already lost the war morally.  It is not a moral country anymore.  Its enemies have already overwhelmed its schools, universities, political institutions – and churches.  Morally it is utterly bankrupt.  And a morally bankrupt country cannot continue to win in the long term.

  My book documenting the Communist revolution against South Africa, “Holy War” against South Africa, was first published way back in 1996.  At the end of the book I wrote the following about America (and Britain):

 “But what has been said of South Africa can also be said of the other lands of the earth which have enjoyed such blessings from God; sometimes even more than South Africa ever did.  What of thou, O Great Britain?  Or of thou, the United States of America?  All that has been said above about the sins which South Africans are wallowing in, can be applied with equal force to the peoples of Great Britain, the United States, and the other Western lands.  The US, for example, is a moral cesspool and a land of bloodshed.  Sexual perversion of all types is rampant.  Homosexual parades, with tens of thousands of participants, are held in many cities, with this wickedness being openly and defiantly flaunted, and with the blessing of those in top government positions.  Hollywood continues to spew out its filth, and its heroes and heroines are those who can sink the lowest in human depravity.  Tens of millions of human beings have been killed in abortion clinics around the land.  Violent crime in the major cities is almost epidemic.  And in addition, the US is committing increasingly open fornication with the Great Whore.  Can divine judgement be too far away?  As for what was once ‘Great’ Britain, that once-blessed isle is filled with the same abominations, and crying out for the judgement of God.  Indeed, has not divine wrath already begun to be poured out on the US and Britain and other Western lands?  Surely it has, and it will increase more and more as the days go by.  No country can tolerate within its borders the kind of wickedness that now characterises the Western lands, and escape the wrath of the Almighty God; much less can those do so, which in the past enjoyed so many divine favours.”[18]

  If it pleases the sovereign Lord, may this present revolution be stamped out.  Believers in Christ should be praying for this, and they must never pin their hopes on politicians to solve the crisis.  They cannot, even if they had the will to do it.  One western country after another has fallen to the Jesuit/Communist forces over the past decades.  Will the USA finally go the same way?  It will, unless there is a massive change.  Only the Lord can bring this about.

June 2020

Shaun Willcock is a minister, author and researcher.  He runs Bible Based Ministries.  For other articles (which may be downloaded and printed), as well as details about his books, audio messages, pamphlets, etc., please visit the Bible Based Ministries website; or write to the address below.  If you would like to be on Bible Based Ministries’ email list, to receive all future articles, please send your details.


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