The English South African, His History, Culture and Achievements

A monument to the 1820 Settlers
A monument to the 1820 Settlers

The English South African, PDF format

Karl Marx said: “The first battlefield is the re-writing of history.”  Christians should work to preserve and teach true history, and to counter false historical revisionism.  True history should also be a major part of the education of the young.  This is an age when, very rapidly, the truth about the past is being “revised” by Marxists, liberals and others, and unless this wicked revisionism is resisted people will be thoroughly indoctrinated with lies and myths presented as “truth”.  Already vast damage has been done, and even many who lived through more recent historical events have been so well indoctrinated, and conditioned to think along the “party” line, that they actually believe the lies and myths they have been fed.  Very few people think critically anymore.  They do not even know how to do so.  They simply swallow whatever they are told by their Red, almost-Red, and religious-Red heroes and masters.

The purpose of these articles is to counter the deliberate re-writing of history with those stubborn things called facts, and that wonderful thing called truth.  “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil” (Isaiah 5:20).


  I am an English South African.  My people have a magnificent history and a rich culture, and their achievements have been astonishing.

I say this without hesitation.  In South Africa since the Communist revolution which brought black Marxists to power in 1994, and indeed in the world in general, the English South African (along with his fellow white South African, the Afrikaner) is viewed in a very poor light.  He is seen as a racist, an oppressor, and someone who does not belong in Africa.  Everywhere in South Africa since the Marxist victory the history, culture and achievements of these two great African “white tribes” have been ridiculed, suppressed and destroyed.  Prior to 1994 they governed this great country, and for the most part governed it wisely and extremely well; but after the revolution they were made second-class citizens in the land of their birth.  Such lies have been disseminated about English and Afrikaans South Africans, and so frequently and thoroughly, that many of them no longer have any real understanding of or appreciation for their history or culture anymore, and indeed many have even become ashamed of it. Continue reading

Rome, the Jesuits, and the “Black Lives Matter” Communist Revolution

Rome the Jesuits and the Black Lives Matter Communist Revolution, PDF format

It is not my intention to analyse all aspects of the “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) Communist revolution in this article.  Things are moving so rapidly that we have to pick our battles.  Fortunately the purpose of the BLM movement has been documented and exposed by many investigators, and many of its backers have been exposed as well.  It has been shown to be a Communist revolutionary movement.  This is now well known among large numbers of political conservatives, and is even now quite well known among many of the dupes of these sinister organisations themselves.  Not universally known, of course, for most of those caught up in these violent anarchic activities are merely pawns of their Red masters, the unthinking, dumbed-down cannon fodder of the revolution.  But at least some now know that it is nothing less than a Communist-directed, militant, violent revolutionary organisation aiming to destroy the old, Capitalistic order, conservative and semi-conservative leadership, law and order, morality, real factual history, and if possible western civilisation itself, and to install a Communist, anti-family, anti-Christian government wherever possible. Continue reading