Plans for a Coronavirus Vaccine and Digital ID Spark “Mark of the Beast” Hysteria

When Theories Run Amok: Misidentifying Real Hornets as Symbolic Locusts

  It’s another subject entirely, but it’s worth showing what “Now the End Begins” has to say about giant Asian hornets, because it just provides further evidence of Futurists’ tendencies to jump to crazy conclusions based on distortions of the facts.  They wrote:

 “Back in 2004, China ‘accidentally released’ giant Asian hornets who look like they jumped off the pages of Revelation, and out of the bottomless pit of Hell.”[19]  Really?  Exactly which part of Revelation would that be found in?  Since hornets are not mentioned anywhere in the book of Revelation, we have to assume they mean these hornets look like the locusts mentioned in Rev. 9.  But locusts are not hornets – that’s their first mistake.  And their second is this: do their “hornets cum locusts” have the shape of horses prepared to battle, with as it were golden crowns on their heads, having faces like men and hair like women, teeth like lions’ teeth, breastplates as it were of iron, and tails like scorpions?  For this is the appearance of the “locusts” of Rev. 9:3-11!  Those Asian hornets might be ugly, but they’re not that ugly!

  It is only too evident, to anyone not prejudiced by the false Futurist theory of prophetic interpretation, that Revelation’s “locusts” are symbolical of men, and are not to be understood as literal locusts at all.  Nor as hornets!

  But this just serves to show yet again that Futurists play fast and loose with God’s Word.  If there is a plague of big, ugly, dangerous hornets, it must be the locusts of Revelation (even though the similarity between real hornets and symbolical locusts is less than remote, it is non-existent)!  If Emmanuel Macron talks to the pope of Rome by phone, has a name which means “God with us”, looks like Antichrist apparently should look (?) and has certain ambitions to be a big fish in the murky globalist pond, he might be or must be the Antichrist!  If Bill Gates is developing a vaccine connected to a digital identification device, this might be or must be the mark of the Beast and Gates himself might be or is a forerunner of the Antichrist or he might be or is the Antichrist himself!  It is all so utterly speculative, a giant guessing game based on flimsy evidence and wild imaginations.  What lunacy will they trot out next?  Maybe they will claim that because the lockdowns worldwide are causing penguins to waddle down Cape Town streets and deer to come into Chinese cities, these must be “the beasts of the earth” of Rev. 6:8?  Before you laugh, dear reader, would this be any more bizarre than calling hornets locusts, and seeing them as a possible fulfilment of the clearly symbolic prophecies in Rev. 9?

Horrible Futurist Heresy: “Take the Mark and You Will be Damned Eternally”

  Then comes what in many ways is the worst of all this Futurist drivel: their absolutely unbiblical belief that anyone who takes what they claim to be the mark of the Beast into his body – be it a digital device, a bar code on the forehead (as was seriously put forward as the “mark of the Beast” years ago by Futurist guessers!), or some other outlandish notion – can never be saved, or if he was a Christian this will cause him to lose his salvation!