Plans for a Coronavirus Vaccine and Digital ID Spark “Mark of the Beast” Hysteria

  ID2020 is already being tested in Bangladesh: “The program will provide infants and children with portable biometrically linked digital ID either at the point of birth registration or at the point of immunization, ultimately supporting access to rights and services throughout the course of one’s life.”[12]

  All this is extremely dangerous and very, very sinister.  It is a giant leap forward for the internationalists, and the Jesuits who pull the strings.  They are creating a nightmare world of totalitarian control, with all power in the hands of the Jesuit/Illuminati internationalists.

  In addition, Gates et al are also working on a vaccine which will have a tracking, scannable tattoo and code, known as a Quantum Tattoo.  Essentially they are pushing for universal digital IDs (also known as Radio-Frequency Identification [RFID] chipping) for the human race, via mandatory vaccinations against the supposed threat of the coronavirus: “By selectively loading microparticles into microneedles, the patches deliver a pattern in the skin that is invisible to the naked eye but can be scanned with a smartphone that has the infrared filter removed.  The patch can be customized to imprint different patterns that correspond to the type of vaccine delivered.”[13]

  The research was initiated and financed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.[14]

  All these plans about a vaccine and digital tracking devices are true enough.  They are very, very dangerous plans.  There is no denying it.  But what we are concerned with at this point is: would such a vaccine, combined with a digital ID inserted into the body, be the prophesied mark of the Beast?  And the answer to this is a resounding No!

  Again, this is a large subject and a full treatment of it is not possible here, for it needs to be seen in context, with all the proper historical evidence, etc.  The reader is referred to my sermon series entitled The Book of Revelation: Chapter 13.[15]  The followers of Antichrist have had the mark on them for centuries already, but it is nothing physical.  It is symbolical of Antichrist’s ownership of them and of their slavery to him – just as those who have God the Father’s name written on their foreheads (Rev. 14:1) do not have a physical mark in any sense.  The forehead and the right hand symbolise possession: the person so marked is owned by the one who makes the mark.  Rev. 13:17 shows that those who are marked belong to the Beast.  But it is a symbolical mark.  Those who receive it are Papists!  

  Symbolically, a mark in the right hand speaks of action.  It is the power which a Roman Catholic exerts in defence of Popery.  And symbolically, a mark in the forehead speaks of thoughts; the intellect; etc.  It means an open profession of Popery, defending and displaying one’s Roman Catholicism openly, and using the intellect, the mind, to serve the Papal Antichrist.  The servants of the Papal Beast give their allegiance to him, assent to his doctrines, and devote their intellects and their actions to serving him.