Plans for a Coronavirus Vaccine and Digital ID Spark “Mark of the Beast” Hysteria

  It tells us two things.  One, the “scholars” and “experts” are neither scholars nor experts.  Two, it speaks volumes about the sheer biblical illiteracy of the majority of churchgoers today, who just gulp down these “Just So” stories as if they are the Gospel truth. 

  Now we can examine the Futurists’ latest wild speculations about the mark of the Beast.

A Vaccine-Connected Digital ID: No, It’s Not the Mark of the Beast

  There is a massive push by globalists, not only for a vaccine against the virus but for certificates to be issued to prove that one is immune to the virus and thus able to return to work.  The UK, Germany and other places are very keen to implement these “immunity passports” or “immunity certificates”.  Essentially these would be the modern equivalent of the documents which, in East Germany or the Soviet Union, could be demanded by any policeman of anyone in the street – and they had to produce them or face jail.

  Bill Gates and his billions are at the very forefront of those working frantically to develop a vaccine against the coronavirus.  He wants “vaccine certificates” to be issued to the entire population.  He has openly come out and said, “digital certificates will be used to verify and track those who have received the coming Covid-19 vaccine, and those certificates will be used to determine who has recovered, who has been vaccinated recently, who can do business, who can travel, and can get services”!  He has said, “we cannot return to normal until we have a vaccine”.[11] 

  This is all part of a global programme called ID2020, sponsored by the UN, the WHO, the Rockefeller Foundation (a powerful Illuminati branch) and Gates’ Microsoft.  It is a massive, sinister, diabolical plan to control the entire world’s population.  It would include every person’s medical and other personal information from birth to death.  ID2020 states: “Everyone should have access to digital ID that enables them to prove who they are across institutional and international borders and across time.”  Even in 2018, ID2020 stated: “Vaccines are the perfect way to introduce digital identity to the world – especially infants.  In short, vaccinations are the perfect opportunity to introduce a digital ID that would store the medical history of each individual.  This identity would also be used to grant access to basic rights and services.”