Plans for a Coronavirus Vaccine and Digital ID Spark “Mark of the Beast” Hysteria

  According to “Now The End Begins”, the Roman pope Francis gave Macron his blessing and anointed him to take the global stage as leader of the New World Order during the coronavirus period.[7]  Now I realise things may look a little different for those living in Europe, but let’s face it – Macron hasn’t exactly caused the world to swoon at his feet with any “Antichrist wannabe” performance along the lines of “Trust me as your leader and I’ll save you and the whole world”.  There are plenty of other politicians jostling for centre stage and as far as the rest of the world is concerned, Macron is just one of many globalist movers and shakers.

  No, we have disappointing news for Futurists like “Now The End Begins”: Emmanuel Macron will go the way of all the other politicians put forward over the years by Futurists as “The One”.  It’s not him.  Open your eyes! The real Antichrist sits in the city on seven hills (Rev. 17:9), opposing and exalting himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped (2 Thess. 2:4).  Macron just doesn’t cut it.

  Another Futurist prophecy pundit, Dallas Theological Seminary professor Mark Hitchcock, had to leap into the fray and give his penny’s worth as well.  According to him, the coronavirus outbreak is a precursor to “End Times prophecies”, and he warned that it is a “very serious foreshadowing” of what’s to come.  He said Scripture is clear that “there will be plagues in the End Times”, and cited Lk. 21:11 and Rev. 6:8, where the fourth horseman kills a quarter of the earth’s population with pestilence and the wild beasts of the earth.[8]

  But Hitchcock and other Futurists have a huge problem when they try to make use of such Scriptures as the two given above.  Firstly, with regards to Lk. 21:11: this verse was fulfilled by events which occurred in the first century AD already (I have written about this in my book, The Prophecy of Matthew 24, which also covers the parallel prophecies in Luke’s Gospel[9]).  Secondly, with regards to Rev. 6:8: like Lk. 21:11, this is a verse often applied by Futurist interpreters to our times, or to times soon to come, whereas in truth it was fulfilled many centuries ago.  This is a huge subject and the reader is referred to my sermon series, The Book of Revelation: Chapter Six, consisting of eight messages working verse by verse through this chapter.[10]

  The trouble with Futurism is that it is a speculative method of prophetic interpretation, which assumes that almost every prophetic verse in the New Testament refers to modern times.  It is as if all of Bible prophecy was written solely for this present generation of believers – as if we are the most important generation in all history.  This is not only naive and interpretatively dishonest, but also supremely arrogant.  Just because a disease breaks out or a war occurs somewhere, this does not entitle professing believers to frantically turn over the pages of their Bibles to the well-worn verses which speak of such things, stab down their forefingers onto any verse which remotely sounds as if it could be about our times, and say triumphantly, “There!  Do you see?  Prophecy told us these things would happen!”  This is lazy biblical interpretation.  It is arrogant, sloppy, and naive in the extreme. 

  Oh, and just by the by: take note of how many times some interviewer, or reviewer, mentions with awe that this Futurist prophecy pundit or that one is “an expert in End Times prophecy”.  One doesn’t need to be an “expert” to point to some prophecy or other and confidently assert, “This is about our times!”  No special scholarship needed.  No years (yes, I meant years!) of painstaking biblical and historical research.  Never mind all that.  Just jump in and apply everything you read to modern times.  It’s so easy.