Plans for a Coronavirus Vaccine and Digital ID Spark “Mark of the Beast” Hysteria

  Contrary to the testimony of the true Church throughout history, modern Futurists reject all the evidence and choose rather to follow a highly speculative Jesuit theory of prophetic interpretation which leads them to play endless guessing games about Antichrist’s identity.  And because they have rejected the biblical and historical evidence about Antichrist, they are simply unable to properly understand the mark of the Beast.

Bill Gates: Futurists’ Latest Candidate for the Antichrist

  Who is the latest candidate for the position of the Antichrist, according to Futurist prophetic pundits?  Actually, they’ve zeroed in on more than one.  But ever since the coronavirus hysteria began, billionaire Bill Gates moved to the front of the line, becoming one of the most popular candidates, if not the most popular.  He joins the long list of men who have been accused (all of them falsely as it turns out) of being the Antichrist in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries: men such as Hitler, Stalin, Kissinger, the Ayatollah of Iran, Mikhail Gorbachev, Saddam Hussein, Barack Obama, to name just a few.  The guessing-game players have been proved wrong time after time after time.  And they are wrong this time as well: Bill Gates is a very dangerous man, but he is not the Antichrist.  Not even close.

  Gates is a firm believer in reducing the world population by means of eugenics and abortion.  He is now pushing very hard for a vaccine to be developed against the coronavirus, sinking vast amounts of money into the research, and he campaigns for “vaccine certificates” to be issued to the entire population.  He also wants a tracking microchip to be inserted into everyone who takes the vaccine – a device which Microsoft, which was Gates’ company, is hard at work developing.  Therefore, voila!  Gates must be the Antichrist.  So the Futurists reason. 

  But how wrong they are.  This is where you end up when you start playing guessing games with the identity of the Antichrist and the meaning of the mark of the Beast.  It’s all just thumb-sucking codswallop.  In time Bill Gates will go the way of all the earth, just like the others through the years who have been emphatically declared to be the Antichrist by men who have rejected the evidence of God’s Word, backed up by historical facts, on this matter.  And then the Futurist prophecy pundits will latch onto the next candidate, and all the lies they spouted before will be forgotten as they whip up their followers into a froth of excitement over their latest sensational claim.

  But Bill Gates is not the only candidate for the Antichrist being pushed forward by the prophecy speculators:

Emmanuel Macron: Another Candidate for the Antichrist, According to Some Futurists

  Along comes a Futurist “ministry” called “Now the End Begins.”  At times they have some useful factual information on their site for documentation purposes, and like many others they are doubtless very sincere; but unfortunately when it comes to interpreting Bible prophecy they are utterly confused, having been misled by the lies of Futurism.  Their latest candidate for Antichrist is (wait for this)… French President Emmanuel Macron!