Plans for a Coronavirus Vaccine and Digital ID Spark “Mark of the Beast” Hysteria

Should Christians Take the Vaccine? (Shattering Myth No. 1)

  So then, the question naturally arises: should a Christian accept the vaccine against the coronavirus (or any other similar virus at a later stage)?

  The answer is: not if you can help it!  

  It is unnecessary to your health.  The coronavirus, as I have written about repeatedly, is not a deadly plague; it is not even remotely dangerous to the vast majority of the world’s population; and most people who get it either recover without even knowing they had it, or experience only mild symptoms.  A vaccine is thus as utterly unnecessary as an annual flu vaccine.  The coronavirus is not smallpox.  It is not polio.  There is simply no need for a vaccine.  And what could make it even worse is that there is a rush to develop this vaccine, which means proper tests and procedures, conducted over a long period of time to be absolutely certain of its safety, will almost certainly be dispensed with.  The first pharmaceutical company to come up with a vaccine stands to make millions, even billions of dollars.

  Therefore, since it is unnecessary, Christians should avoid having it as far as possible. 

  But there may be occasions when, for many believers, it is simply not possible to avoid it being forced upon them.  For example, in certain professions it may be mandatory for people to accept the vaccine in order to continue working.  It is even likely that at least in some countries, and perhaps many, it will be a government-legislated vaccine for the entire population.  What then should the believer do?

  As bad as any enforced vaccine would be, since it would be contrary to liberty and individual choice, and even though one disagrees with the entire concept of a mandatory vaccine for something that is not even life-threatening to the vast majority of the world’s population, one does not sin against God if one is forced to be vaccinated.  We are to obey the authorities in everything except that which causes us to sin against the Lord, and since a vaccine is not in itself sinful, for Christians to be dragged off to prison for refusing a vaccine would be to go to prison for entirely the wrong thing.  This would not be suffering for righteousness’ sake (1 Pet. 4:14).  Since it is not the mark of the Beast, taking a vaccine, no matter how unnecessary it may be, is not sinning against the Lord.

  Bottom line: if it is possible to refuse such a foolish vaccine, then the Christian should do so!  For health reasons, privacy reasons, etc.  It is just unnecessary.  But if it is impossible to refuse, the believer does not sin against the Lord if it is made mandatory for him to take it.

Should Christians Permit the Insertion of a Microchip? (Shattering Myth No. 2)

  We do not know how close the world is to this as yet.  It may be very close, or it may yet be some time off.  Certainly it is being planned, and some very powerful and influential men and organisations are campaigning for it to be made mandatory worldwide.  Will the Lord permit this stage to actually be reached?  We do not know.  It is very possible.

  So the question is: should a Christian accept this or any other device being inserted into him, implanted into him, or in any other way being affixed to him? 

  And again the answer is: not if you can help it!