Plans for a Coronavirus Vaccine and Digital ID Spark “Mark of the Beast” Hysteria

  Let’s break this terrible heresy down:

  1. “Listen to me people, because your eternal soul depends upon it. If you miss the Pretribulation Rapture”. The true Church is not raptured before some seven-year tribulation, as Futurists believe.  There is not a verse in the entire Bible, rightly divided, which teaches such a thing.  When Christ Jesus returns at His second coming on the last day, all the Lord’s people are taken up to meet Him in the air at that moment – not years before.  A straightforward reading of 1 Thess. 4:13-18, without the complicated web of head-spinning charts and diagrams so beloved of pre-trib rapture Futurists, makes this abundantly clear.  And much more evidence is available.[22]
  2. “and are reading this during the time of Jacob’s trouble”. The reference to “Jacob’s trouble” in Jer. 30:7 has absolutely nothing to do with some future period near the end of the world. It was fulfilled centuries ago, as is clear from the entire context.
  3. “do not take the Mark of the Beast”. Again, this mark is not a barcode, a microchip, or any such thing.  It is to be understood symbolically, as meaning that the Roman Catholics, the people of the Papal Antichrist, are his possession. 
  4. “or have anything to do with the image, name or number of the Antichrist”. The mark, image, name and number are not something still future.
  5. “Do not worship him in any way, shape or form. You will be executed and beheaded for your refusal to do so”. This doesn’t happen in some imagined, brief “tribulation period” at the end of the world.  The Papal Antichrist has executed millions already through the centuries.
  6. “but you will spend eternity in Heaven with Jesus for your faithfulness”. What happened to first being converted to Christ? But let’s assume this was just a slip: Futurists teach that during their supposed seven-year tribulation the true Church has been raptured, the Holy Spirit has left the earth – so how exactly will those who refuse the mark of the Beast during this time be converted to Christ?  Conversion is the work of the Holy Spirit, not man’s supposed “free will” to choose to follow Christ whenever he likes!
  7. “But you need to know that God will not, under any circumstances, forgive you for taking the Mark of the Beast or worshipping the Antichrist, that is the one sin that God cannot and will not forgive you for.” God cannot forgive? That in itself is a most serious heresy, as is making this “sin” the second unpardonable sin, without any biblical justification whatsoever! And so is making salvation dependent on not taking a physical mark, instead of faith alone in the Lord Jesus Christ! 

  Pay no attention to “teachers” such as these.  They know not what they say. 

A Coronavirus Vaccine: Good or Bad?

  Receiving a vaccine, therefore, is not the mark of the Beast, and is in no way connected with the mark of the Beast. 

  So then: would a vaccine against the coronavirus be a good thing?