Francis’ Folly: The Coronavirus is Earth Throwing a Tantrum

  In late March, speaking to another journalist, he insisted the coronavirus was “nature’s cry” for humans to take better care of creation.  Again, note how he constantly personalises nature.  He is really something of a pantheist pope – he sees a deity (at least in some fuzzy way) in what he has called “Sister Mother Earth”, echoing not only the earth-worshipping Papist “saint”, Francis, of yore, but also earth-worshipping pagans around the world, for whom he cherishes a very special place in his Green and Red heart.  For him the earth is a living being, and thus essentially a goddess of some sort, to be reverenced and served lest she rise up in anger against us.   Professing himself to be wise, he has become a fool, changed the truth of God into a lie, and worships and serves the creature [creation] rather than the Creator (Rom. 1:22-25). 

 When the journalist asked him whether the virus was nature’s way of taking “revenge” on humanity, Francis replied: “Fires, earthquakes… nature is throwing a tantrum so that we will take care of her.”[2]  Say what?  “Sister Mother Earth” throws tantrums?  What kind of petulant goddess is she?  And while we’re at it, if the earth really is our mother and a deity in her own right, why can’t she take care of herself?  Why does she have to throw tantrums like a naughty child until we coddle her? 

  But then again, this earth-worship comes from a man who heads up a religion which teaches that a priest has the power to turn a piece of bread into God.  So anything goes. 

  And then came Earth Day 2020.

  Never mind that Earth Day is an absolute farce.  Never mind that it is nothing but the Reds, fobbing themselves off as Greens, seeking even greater world control.  Never mind that Ira Einhorn, the self-described co-founder of Earth Day, not only beat and murdered his ex-girlfriend but also composted her body, stuffed it into a trunk that had been packed with Styrofoam, air fresheners and newspapers, and kept the partially mummified body in a closet in his home.[3]  Never mind all these things.  The pantheist pope, along with so many other deluded leaders across the earth, promotes Earth Day and spouts pagan environmentalist nonsense as if it was part of the Gospel.

  This year he outdid himself, calling for the protection of the world’s environment and – again – tying the perceived lack thereof to the coronavirus outbreak.  Let’s break down some of the key points in his speech for Earth Day:

  “In today’s celebration of Earth Day we are called to renew our sense of sacred respect for the earth, for it is not just our home but also God’s home,” he said.[4]

  God’s home?  Really?  Where did he read that in the Bible?  He didn’t, because he doesn’t believe the Bible.  But this is what it really says: “Howbeit the most High dwelleth not in temples made with hands; as saith the prophet, Heaven is my throne, and earth is my footstool” (Acts 7:48,49; see also Isa. 66:1).  Ever hear of anyone living in a footstool?  Francis’ god is very evidently not the sovereign and true God of the Bible.

  But we knew that already.

  And by using the word “sacred”, Francis attached a religious dimension to the respect he claimed we should all give to the earth.  This is because he deifies the earth.  This was further confirmed by his next words – that renewing our “sacred respect” for the earth “should make us all the more aware that we stand on holy ground!”  When Moses went to look at the burning bush, God said to him, “Draw not nigh hither: put off thy shoes from off thy feet, for the place whereon thou standest is holy ground” (Exod. 3:5).  It was not the whole earth, but only that place, and only for that time, that was declared holy ground.  If the whole earth is holy ground as Francis claims, then we should all be walking barefooted, everywhere, all the time.  Francis himself should take off his own shoes and set the example for the rest of us.  But will he?

  No, we didn’t think so.