The Jesuits, Their Pope, and the Plan to Fundamentally Change the Roman Catholic Institution

   “Activities that seem most distant from the priesthood, because they seem more secular or material, are assumed, integrated, directed and vivified” by Jesuit priests!  But the important thing to understand is that this is not something new with the Jesuit Order: this is how they have always operated.

  Arrupe went on: “Therefore, that sacerdotal character that leads us to total identification with Christ and deeper union with Him automatically leads us to evangelize just as Christ Himself did, that is, by means of the cross; and in that evangelization to promote and accomplish properly the work of justice.”  Arrupe was saying that Marxist “social justice” causes were now a part of the Roman Catholic “gospel” and that therefore the Jesuits should be up to their dog-collared necks in them.  And he added this:

 “Is our General Congregation ready to take up this responsibility and carry it out to its ultimate consequences?  Is it ready to enter upon the more severe way of the cross, which surely will mean for us a lack of understanding on the part of civil and ecclesiastical authority and of our best friends?”

  Read that last part again!  The Jesuit general was saying to his shock troops that even those within the Roman Catholic hierarchy would not understand their “mission”, but that they must press ahead anyway.  And is not this precisely what Francis I has done, in obedience to his orders?

The Francis Pontificate: the Jesuit Plan Forges Ahead

  The Jesuits suffered setbacks under the pontificate of John Paul II, and they had major issues with Benedict XVI’s pontificate, but they were determined to have their own way in the end.  They continued to influence the entire Roman Catholic institution in a Communist direction, just as they had from the 1960s onwards.  And their plans culminated with the election of one of their own, the Jesuit cardinal Jorge Maria Bergoglio, in 2013.

  Viganò stated in 2019 that the Francis pontificate represented the achievement of a Jesuit plan dating back 60 years, i.e. to the beginning of the 1960s and the radical change which occurred with the pontificate of the Communist pope, John XXIII, and the Second Vatican Council.  Ponder the words of this knowledgeable archbishop of the Roman Catholic institution:

 “Let’s consider the history of the Jesuits…. What we are now seeing is the triumph of a 60-year-old plan, the successful execution of a well-thought out plan to bring a new sort of thinking into the heart of the Church, a thinking rooted in elements of Liberation Theology containing strands of Marxism, little interested in traditional Catholic liturgy or morality or theology, but rather focused on ‘praxis’ in the field of social justice.  And now this plan has achieved one of its supreme goals, with a Jesuit on the See of Peter”.[11]

  Jesuit priest Paul Shaughnessy wrote: “The German theologian Karl Rahner was able to exhort his fellow Jesuits: ‘You must remain loyal to the papacy in theology and in practice, because that is part of your heritage to a special degree, but because the actual form of the papacy remains subject, in the future too, to an historical process of change, your theology and ecclesiastical law has above all to serve the papacy as it will be in the future.’  See the move?  Our current Jesuits are all loyal to the papacy, but to the future papacy – that of Pope Chelsea XII, perhaps – and their support for contraception, gay sex, and divorce proceeds from humble obedience to this conveniently protean pontiff.”[12]

  This quote is very revealing.  It shows that the Jesuits have a long-term objective: to change the Papacy into an extreme Socialist/Communist institution.  They were, as the priest quoted above states, loyal to the Papacy – but to the Papacy they envisaged for the future!  They were loyal to their vision of what the Roman Papacy should be.  With typical Jesuit casuistry, they often worked in direct disobedience to previous popes of the modern era, yet were able to justify this by arguing that they were obeying what those popes should have been telling them to do! 

  And the Papacy they envisage for the future is a very different one from what it has been in past centuries.  They envisage a Papacy that is in step with modern society, and therefore permits priestesses; supports sodomy and sodomite priests; downplays divorce; is comfortable with contraceptives; and a whole host of other “progressive” positions.  That is why they manipulated things in 2013 so that one of their own members was elected as the first-ever openly Jesuit pope.  A man who rapidly, but with great care and subtlety for the most part (the occasional slips notwithstanding), began the process of radically altering the very nature of the Papacy.

  In this article brief mention will be made of just three major changes which the Jesuits are instituting:  changes to the definition of the family; the acceptance of “other roads” to God; and the acceptance of radical environmentalism.  This is because the western world has now radically changed with regard to all three.  But more could be added: the embracing of violent Marxism; planned changes to the priesthood; the alliance with the UN; etc.