The False “Conversion” of Kanye West: Deception Abounding

False Prophet Johnny Enlow: Scrambling Kanye West’s Name Gives Us “Waken”! (Huh?)

  Another of the many false teachers jumping on the “Praise Kanye West” bandwagon was one Johnny Enlow, described as “a social reformer, international speaker, spiritual mentor, and author of The Seven Mountain Prophecy, The Seven Mountain Mantle, and Rainbow God.”  Yet his fawning adulation of West shows utter spiritual blindness.  Calling his article “The Kanye Awakening: Jesus is King”, Enlow gushed, “Undoubtedly the most unexpected and heartwarming story presently being played out on the front stage of culture is the spiritual awakening of Kanye West and its subsequent ripple effect of thousands upon thousands coming to Jesus.”[10]  With breathtaking stupidity, showing himself to be a false prophet, Enlow wrote: “[Donald] Trump and Kanye now represent a ‘one-two punch’ from Heaven, working strategically under the sovereignty of He who is King.  These are two major trump cards Heaven is playing, and they will be joined by other major trump cards yet to be fully revealed and released.”

  Certainly Donald Trump is an instrument in God’s hands, in the same way as other kings and leaders have been throughout history; but he is no more a true Christian than West is.  Oh, and just to be clear – no one in Heaven plays cards.

  This deceiver writes further, “Kanye West is, as sometimes self-reported, perhaps the most successful recording artist ever.  He has won 21 Grammys, had so many #1 hits and sold so many records (over 100 million) that it is almost impossible to keep up.  He is truly a creative genius and has written and produced many hits for other tops stars as well.”  Incredible, isn’t it, how these so-called “christian” leaders are absolutely star-struck by worldly fame.  Enlow’s gushing praise is worthy of a lovesick teenage girl with posters of Kanye West adorning her bedroom walls, but hardly appropriate language for one claiming to serve the Lord.  Does he condemn the “music” of West and the other “top stars” he mentions?  Does he know what these people sing about?  Has he any idea of the filth, the abominable nature, of this “music”?  He’s too busy telling us what a genius West is, and about all the worldly trophies he has won, and how many records he has sold.  The Grammys are given to the offscourings of society, “music” stars with filthy mouths, sex-obsessed, grotesque.  As for the number of records he has sold, this proves nothing other than that the youth of America and the world are in serious, serious trouble, morally and intellectually.  They are so dumbed down that they cannot see this junk for what it is.  Their stupidity has turned Kanye West into a very, very wealthy man.

  In this world which is so opposed to Christians and Christianity, where Christians in the West are now a small remnant and under ever-increasing threat, Kanye West, claiming now to be a Christian, manages to rake in multiplied millions of dollars.  It is all too obvious that his support is not coming from true Christians. 

  Enlow then wrote: “Over the last several days, the Lord has impressed upon me that Kanye’s deceased mom has a significant role in what is playing out before us.”  Whoa!  His deceased Mom?  She “has” (not “had”) a significant role?  Oh, yes, Enlow says: “I believe it greatly pleases his mom, who I have seen in vision incessantly talking to the Father about her boy.  She has known for a long time that he was supposed to change the world in a positive way.”  This sounds like the deception of a spiritualist medium!

  Here we go again: visions.  This time of a dead woman talking to the Father in heaven.  It’s easy enough to claim to have seen a vision like this, but all we have to go on is his say-so.  Yet great numbers will fall for his lies.  He went on – if the reader can bear it: “In the uniqueness of God and the unusual way He speaks to me, if you take ‘KANYE W,’ remove the Y and scramble the remaining letters, it becomes ‘WAKEN.’  Once the Y is removed (the ‘WHY?’) and things get unscrambled, the nation and the world can now ‘WAKEN.’”  And he calls this lie an “unusual” way for God to speak?  It’s not unusual, it’s nonsense!  God has never spoken this way to anyone, not even in biblical times when He actually spoke to prophets and gave them direct messages.  He isn’t doing this today, even in straightforward, plain language, let alone in convoluted word games like this!  What needs unscrambling is his jumbled understanding of God.  His God is not the God of the Bible – of that we may be certain.  His is a scrambled-egg theology.

  Wrapping up his gobbledygook “visions”, Enlow stated: “Kanye is just a man, but he is another ‘David’ for such a time as this.  There are Goliaths to be slain and he is already addressing Jezebel in his music – the ‘Goliath’ of Hollywood…. I see a big, golden broom over Hollywood sweeping out corruption and compromise, and it is going to be relentless. It seemed outrageous ten years ago when I first gave a prophetic word that Hollywood would become known as ‘Holy-wood.’  Suddenly it is not so unimaginable.”  Grabbing onto the coat tails of West, Enlow has just made it all about him.

  And actually what he claims is not so unimaginable is absolutely unimaginable, because it is not going to happen.  Hollywood becoming “Holy-wood” is like a satanic temple becoming a Christian church.  It cannot happen.  The Christian’s duty is clear: have nothing to do with the filth from Hollywood.  See my pamphlet, Hollywood and the Christian.[11]  Enlow’s “prophetic word” was cooked up in his own scrambled-egg theology.  David was a true man of God, a converted man.  Kanye West is not.  The true Church of God does not need a rapper to slay any Goliaths for it.  The Lord will slay the Goliaths which stand against the Church by the preaching of His own Word: the true Gospel of Christ, calling men to repentance of their sins and to saving faith in Jesus; and then, being new creatures in Christ, called to holiness of life and separation from the world.