The False “Conversion” of Kanye West: Deception Abounding

  Various pop, rock and other “music stars”, over the years, have professed conversion, such as Alice Cooper and Bob Dylan, among others.  But were their conversions genuine?  No.  “But it is happened unto them according to the true proverb, The dog is turned to his own vomit again; and the sow that was washed to her wallowing in the mire” (see 2 Pet. 2:20-22).    In time they all went back to playing their devilish “music”.

  Bob Dylan, decades ago, claimed to become a Christian.  He then started using his concerts to “evangelise”, and he produced a few so-called “gospel” albums.  But he could not “evangelise” with them (even though he thought he was).  Now if Bob Dylan couldn’t do it’ – and he couldn’t, and for the very same reasons – Kanye West can’t “evangelise the youth” with what he rather optimistically calls his “music”. 

  And did Dylan return to his vomit?  Yes, he did.  And so will Kanye West, unless the Lord truly saves him.

  Shawn Bolz said of his attendance at the Kanye West concert, “What we got was a hybrid of a Gospel Choir concert and a Billy Graham type of outreach.”[7]  He saw nothing wrong with this, yet there is the word he used: a hybrid.  A hybrid is a mixture of two very different things.  How can something which is a hybrid be the pure, unadulterated Gospel of Christ?  As for being like a Billy Graham outreach, all I can say is: Graham was no true evangelist either, so this is not surprising.  See the evidence in my article about Graham.[8]

  Bolz listened to the interview West did.   He stated that West was unquestionable truly converted, even though he added immediately, “He [West] still has some deep emotional struggles which came across many times in the interview like when he said, ‘I am unquestionably the greatest artist of all time.’”[9] No, this is not a “deep emotional struggle” – it is sin.  It is arrogance, it is pride, it is a lie, and therefore it is a great sin.  Let’s call it what it is.  “Let another man praise thee, and not thine own mouth; a stranger, and not thine own lips” (Prov. 27:2).

  Bolz then stated: “People might even say after some of the more recent interviews that this is just another part of the mental illness that the media has reported.  After all, just a decade ago he did claim to be the Messiah.”  Even though we must reject the false psychological term of “mental illness”, the fact is that West is a very, very strange man indeed. 

  Then came this gem from Bolz: “But Kanye is having so many moments of true mental and spiritual clarity.”  Moments of spiritual clarity?  And we’re supposed to accept this man’s “conversion” as a genuine work of the Holy Spirit?  If all he has are moments of mental and spiritual clarity, what about the rest of the time?  And why is he being given a platform to “preach” and supposedly “sing” a “gospel message”?  Would any man, claiming to be called as a minister of the Gospel, be accepted as such if he only had moments of clarity?  Yet we’re just expected to accept that a man who has moments of clarity is going to evangelise the youth of the world?

  Just how abysmal is the state of professing Christendom today?

  Does Shawn Bolz even hear himself?  Here comes his version of the “fruit” supposedly being produced by the “Christian”, Kanye West (and incidentally he slips in Kim Kardashian as well, as if she too must now be accepted as a Christian?): “On top of this, his desire to bring about sustainability and community is coming out where he has purchased several thousands of acres in Wyoming to start a campus for his clothing and shoe brand where it goes from seed to market from one campus.  His whole desire is sustainability as well as bringing jobs back to America.  He, along with his wife, Kim Kardashian who is studying law, wants to impact the incarcerated community and help people to have opportunities when they get out of lockup.  This type of compassion for the Earth, for prisoners, and for people, doesn’t come from a man like Kanye, it comes from Jesus who is recreating that very man, and he is the first to admit that.”

  Oh, where to start?  Let’s just plunge right in:

  First: “sustainability”, “compassion for the Earth”, are nice-sounding “Green” terms, immensely popular in radical environmentalist circles, but these things are nowhere spoken of as fruits which the Lord produces in a man who is converted!  This is pagan earth-idolatry, not the Gospel of Christ.

  Second: he spent a portion of his considerable fortune buying thousands of acres in Wyoming, but for what?  For some good Christian charity?  No – for his clothing and shoe brand!  It’s still all about Kanye, then.

  Third: yes, helping prisoners when they leave prison is a noble cause.  But unless Mr West can get his wife to change her ways before she sets foot in a men’s prison or for that matter in a halfway house when they leave prison, those men will be impacted more by lustful thoughts about Kim Kardashian than anything Kanye West may be doing for them!