The Vatican’s Amazon Synod

  The grandson of the ex-shaman quoted earlier, Rexcrisanto Delson, was also very angry at the assertion that the indigenous people of the Amazon are incapable of understanding or receiving a celibate priestly “vocation”.  He said: “These people who believe such things seem to have forgotten the role of missionaries as understood in the past when the primary purpose and goal was to convert and baptize people – to save their souls.”[43]

  Sadly, this apparently sincere Roman Catholic, angered, shocked and confused by what he saw and heard from his bishops, failed to understand what the Jesuits were doing.  They have always believed in going out as Popish missionaries and “converting” people to Romanism, but they have also always been prepared to use any means to do it – even to bend or discard Romish doctrine and practice if it will further their aims among a heathen people.  Jesuit history in such places as China, Japan and India is replete with innumerable examples of this.  They believe that the end justifies the means, and they misuse the Scripture about becoming all things to all men (see 1 Cor. 9:22).  If priestly celibacy stands in the way of Amazonian Indians or modern westerners receiving the Romish “gospel”, then the Jesuits will find a way around it.

  Delson revealed a greater commitment to his Romish faith than the Jesuits and many other priests do when he said: “This bishop fails to understand that the indigenous do not understand celibacy because their intellect has not been fed the truth of our Catholic faith.  Of course they may struggle with the idea of a man not having a wife because this is foreign to them.  They aren’t the first who thought this…. To them, it isn’t natural.  That is precisely why they needed to be taught the ‘supernatural’ of our Catholic faith.  How can one’s will lead to the priesthood if one’s intellect has not been properly fed the truth.  It can’t.  This is why the Church needs to focus on elevating the intellect of the indigenous instead of lowering herself to their pagan beliefs and practices.”

  That last sentence sums up the Jesuit/Francis approach to Romish “evangelism”: the Jesuits (and those priests of so many other orders who have been carried away now with Jesuit teaching) are prepared to overlook pagan beliefs and practices to advance their cause.

  And they have also accepted that it is time to modify the Romish doctrine of priestly celibacy because for too long it has stood in the way of many people accepting Romanism – especially in the wake of the worldwide priestly sex scandal.  They want to gradually get their people used to the idea that celibacy should eventually be optional – and they have chosen the vast Amazon region as the place to begin this change, precisely because they can point to the Indians there and say, “See?  They need priests, but celibacy stands in the way!  We must change the rules on celibacy.”  And eventually the Amazon experiment will be rolled out worldwide.  Delson saw it clearly, saying he resented the fact that the Amazonian Indians were being used as an excuse “to promote an agenda for married priests.”  Precisely so.

Roman Catholic Priestesses in the Future?

  In the same way as the Synod was used to test the waters with regards to married men performing certain priestly functions, it was also used to test the waters regarding women doing the same. In the modern world this issue has become extremely important to liberal priests and bishops.  They know the Papal institution is shedding members, because the equality of the sexes is now a reality throughout the western world, and the prohibition on women priests appears to be a chauvinistic anachronism from a bygone age.  The hierarchy has to find a way around this.

  The working document for the Synod called for the bishops to “identify the type of official ministry that can be conferred on women, taking into account the central role that they currently play in the Amazonian Church.”[44]  Note two things from this quotation.  First, the bishops were to discuss some kind of official ministry for women.  This was revolutionary.  Second, over and over it was repeated that women in the Amazon region already play a central role in the life of the Roman Catholic “Church”.  By repeating this constantly, it was drummed into Roman Catholic heads that since it was already a fait accompli, it should now simply be recognised officially.

  The Jesuitical cunning behind this approach is evident.  For the fact is that Roman Catholic women in many parts of the world play the central role in “Church” life.  Therefore, if they can be granted more powers in the Amazon region to begin with, this will inevitably lead to them being granted more powers in other parts of the world, and eventually throughout the Papal institution.  Possibly even priestesses!

  This is the Jesuit plan to fundamentally alter the Papal institution so that it conforms even more to the world, so as to be acceptable to it.

  After the Synod the cardinal and president delegate, Pedro Barreto, said regarding women’s ministry: “The topic was touched upon, but Pope Francis himself felt that perhaps it wasn’t touched upon in great depth.”[45]  Perhaps so, but the fact that it was raised at all was a good beginning as far as the hierarchy was concerned.  The subject was introduced, and now the global Roman Catholic population knows it is something that is going to be considered in the future.  The softening-up process has begun.

  And note the following words of his, which are extremely significant: “there are women religious, in very remote areas, which a priest cannot reach, and they baptize, they are present in religious marriages, they take part in the liturgy, in Communion, in practice they are already Deaconesses, and people perceive it very well.  Now, in regard to the Sunday ‘para-liturgy,’ they do the homily and sometimes, no matter how much they explain to the people that it’s not a Eucharistic Celebration, the simple people say, ‘We are happy, Monsignor, because these little mothers celebrate a beautiful Mass,’ no matter how much one explains to them…. So, in practice, it’s already happening.”

  Think of what this man was saying.  It truly shows that the Papacy of Francis I is a liberal Papacy,  willing to cast aside even the most cherished Roman Catholic doctrines, just so long as this will enable the Papacy to maintain and indeed expand its influence in the world. 


  The Amazon Synod of 2019 was a moment of extreme significance in the Roman Catholic institution; a defining moment.  If the Papacy continues along its present trajectory in the years to come – in other words, if the seismic shift occurring under the Francis pontificate continues without being stopped by some kind of conservative, traditionalist backlash – the Roman Catholic institution of the near future will be a very different one, in all kinds of ways, from what it was in the past.  Rome boastfully claims it never changes.  This is a lie.  It has changed in the past, and it is changing again now.  Only time will tell what it will look like a few years down the line.  But of this much we may be certain: in a rapidly-changing world, it must change with the times in order to maintain its hold on its people.  It is not opposed to the world, but very much a part of it.  And the Jesuits who run it are past masters at “becoming all things to all men”, not in the true biblical sense, but in the sense of pleasing the worldly with devilish lies to keep them chained to the feet of the Roman pope.

November 2019

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