The Vatican’s Amazon Synod

The Pope of Rome Turns against His Own Followers!

  The hierarchy tried to dismiss the Tiber-tossing incident, with the head of Vatican communications calling it a “stunt”.  Not only that, but Francis himself became involved, and actually apologised.  Yes, but what did he apologise for?  Was it for the presence of heathen idols in a Roman Catholic place of worship?  No, not that.  Of course, Romish places of worship are full of idols anyway; but the point here is that these particular idols were not even “catholicised” idols.  They were openly heathenish.

  No, the pope of Rome did not apologise for the display of the idols.  Instead, he apologised to all those who felt offended by the action of the two Roman Catholics who threw the idols into the Tiber!  He asked for forgiveness.  In the eyes of the Jesuit pope, those Roman Catholics were the ones who had sinned, not those who placed openly heathen idols in a Roman Catholic place of worship!

  The idols were fished out of the river by the Italian police.  Then Francis went even further, asking the Vatican secretary of state to consider a suggestion made by the police, that the Vatican might ask the police to hand over the recovered images so that they might be brought into St Peter’s Basilica to be present at the closing mass of the Amazon Synod!

  Here are Francis’ actual words to the Synod delegates:

 “Good afternoon, I would like to say a word about the pachamama statues that were removed from the Church at Traspontina, which were there without idolatrous intentions and were thrown into the Tiber. 

  “First of all, this happened in Rome and, as bishop of the diocese, I ask pardon of the people who were offended by this act.  Then, I can inform you that the statues which created so much media clamor were found in the Tiber.  The statues are not damaged…. The leadership of the Carabinieri [Italian police] will be very happy to follow any indication given on the method of making the news public, and regarding the other initiatives desired in its regard, for example, the commander said, ‘the display of the statues at the closing mass of the Synod.’  We’ll see.  I delegate the Secretary of State who will respond to this.  This is good news, thank you.”[31]

  What times we are living in!

  The Jesuit vision for the Roman Catholic institution in this twenty-first century is spreading and engulfing many priests, nuns and others throughout the world, softened up to accept a liberal version of Romanism as compared with the traditionalist, conservative version of past centuries.

  This was further confirmed after the Synod by the president delegate, the Jesuit cardinal, Pedro Barreto, who said: “I personally, and many of us were hurt by the lack of respect in Rome of some groups that didn’t have the most minimal sense of good behaviour.  To come in, steal and hurl those images into the river was a slap, given the intolerance they manifested.”[32]  No true Christian wants anything to do with any kind of idols, of course, whether pagan or Papist – but the point is that this cardinal was hurt by what some Papists did to these non-Papist images, and felt no sympathy whatsoever for the millions of Papists who were hurt that the images were ever brought into one of their “churches” in the first place.

  And that was not all.  Veteran Roman Catholic journalist, Robert Moynihan, visited the “Church of St Mary” where the idols were kept, and in addition to them he also saw a poster of a woman nursing a child on one breast and a small animal on the other!  When he asked a nun from Brazil if she thought the poster was appropriate, she replied that she did, because it showed the intimate connection between human life and all animal life in the great cycle of life in this world.[33]  These are not your nuns of yesteryear, defending the age-old teachings of their religion.  A new breed of nun is abroad in the earth.  New priests and bishops too.

The Man who Dunked the Idols

   Two weeks later Alexander Tschugguel, 26, a Roman Catholic from Vienna, Austria, revealed in a video that he was the one who had taken the images and tossed them into the Tiber.  He believed they were “graven images” in contradiction of the first of the ten commandments, and did not belong in a Roman Catholic place of worship because they represented the “Mother Earth” goddess.

  It is so sad that this zealous young man, shocked that his beloved “Church” would do such a thing, remains blind to the fact that his “Church” continuously breaks the commandments relating to idolatry, for it is literally stuffed to the brim with idols of all kinds.  But like all Roman Catholics he has been taught that the images used in Romish places of worship are not idols – oh no, not those!  Only the “heathen” have those!

  Explaining why he revealed his identity, he said: “I don’t want them to think it was a coward action.  We didn’t go out earlier because we wanted the action itself being the main point of the discussions, and we wanted the people to talk about what happened and not who did it.  But now, two weeks later, one week after the Amazon synod, we are ready.  We want to face them.  We wanted to show them there are some laymen… we stand up, and we don’t longer accept things like that happening in the Catholic Church.”[34]

  This man represented multiplied millions of angry, frustrated, traditional, conservative Roman Catholics the world over, including Romish bishops and others such as Carlo Maria Viganò, the archbishop in hiding, who said: “Like many others, including Bishop Athanasius Schneider and Prof. Roberto de Mattei, I think that this young man is a hero…. [he] acted out of his Catholic conscience.”[35]

  The Jesuit-controlled Vatican of Francis I is shocking and appalling Roman Catholic conservatives around the world.  They rightly see it as giving in to all the currents troubling the world today, including liberalism, Marxism, interfaith, syncretism, pagan earth worship, and all the rest.  And they are beginning to rise up and protest. 

  True Christians should pray for this young man, that his eyes may be opened to all the idolatry of his false “Church”, and to the true Gospel of Christ.  And pray also for all those misguided, zealous souls who remain attached to this vile religious system, even though it lies to them, deceives them, and leads them ever deeper into the dark regions of the devil’s maze.