The Vatican’s Amazon Synod

  He went on: “It’s very bold to condemn the Pope as an idolater, as he never has been or will be.”  The sheer brazenness of the man!  The pope of Rome is an idolater per excellence!  He worships the wafer-god of Rome, a piece of bread, every time he celebrates the mass; he worships Mary and a whole host of dead people falsely termed “saints”; he worships angels; he bows before their images and prays; and yet this bishop says he has never been an idolater, never will be, and what a cheek to say that he is!

  But Mr Esquivel, the bishop emeritus, wasn’t done yet.  Dwell for a moment on these words of his: “I asked an Aymara woman [in Bolivia] if, for them, Pachamama (Mother Earth) and Inti (Father Sun) are gods, and she answered me: Those who haven’t received evangelization consider them gods; for those of us who have been evangelized, they aren’t gods, but God’s best gifts.  Wonderful answer!  That’s what they are!  They are manifestations of God’s love, not gods” (italics added).

  It’s a source of never-failing amazement, the lengths to which Papists will go to deny that they worship idols and are thus idolaters.  The woman admitted they were gods!  

  Of course, like any good Papist would, she then said that for Papists they were no longer gods, just “gifts” from God.  Isn’t this what Papists have been doing since the earliest centuries?  They have always taken the gods of the heathen and “catholicised” them, claiming that now they are merely statues of the saints, and so on.  What deception!  What evil, that these men can call such lies “evangelisation”!

  Was the bishop done?  Oh no, not yet.  He continued to dig a hole for himself.  “In my previous diocese, when I heard with much affection and respect talk of ‘Mother Earth,’ I felt uncomfortable, as I said to myself: My only mothers are my mamma, the Virgin Mary, and the Church.  And when I saw them prostrate themselves and kiss the earth, I was even more bothered.  However, living with the Indians, I understood they didn’t adore Mother Earth as a goddess, but they wanted to value her and acknowledge her as a true mother, as she is the one that gives us food to eat, the one that gives us water,  air and all that we need to live.  They didn’t consider her a goddess; they didn’t adore her; they only expressed their respect and prayed, thanking God for her.”

  Nice try, Mr Esquivel.  But it doesn’t wash.  The Indians prostrated themselves to the earth, kissed the earth, spoke (i.e. prayed) to “her”.  Anywhere in the world this would be understood as worship of a deity.  And what Esquivel said next absolutely confirmed this: “I felt the same when I saw them going to the four corners of the universe, the cardinal points, they revered them, they prayed and they also addressed the sun with great respect.  Before knowing them and sharing the faith with them, I was tempted to judge them and condemn them as idolaters.”  This is a case of the pot calling the kettle black: one idolater condemning another idolater as an idolater!   Catholic contortionism!  Jesuitical gymnastics!


  There is, however, one difference this time round: in the past, Rome “catholicised” the idols of the heathen, renaming them after Mary and the various Romish “saints”.  But today, as the Papal system under Francis and the Jesuits embraces interfaith and syncretism, they are quite happy to use the idols in worship just as they are – without even going through the motions of “catholicising” them!

  This was obvious from the way in which the presence of the idol was defended and justified by participants in the Synod.  For example, in an article in a Roman Catholic paper entitled “Synod: Learn from Other Expressions of Faith” – something priests of earlier times would never have said – a Romish bishop, Emmanuel Lafont, said that once upon a time these “indigenous ways of life” would have been considered as forms of “idolatry” or a sign of a “lack of civilisation” – “because we thought that only we had the truth and other people had nothing.”[29]

  Think about what this man, a bishop in the Roman Catholic institution, was in fact saying.  He was claiming that there were at least elements of truth within heathen religions!  There was indeed a time when no Romish bishop would ever have said such a thing.  But there he was, saying it.  And he was not the only one.  Truly, syncretism and the interfaith movement have taken up residence within the Romish system.

Francis and his henchmen contemplating the Pachamama idol in the Vatican garden

Dunking the Deities: Zealous Papists Toss the Idols into the Tiber!

  The Jesuit stranglehold over the Vatican and the Roman Catholic institution is ostracising many scandalised Roman Catholics, who view what is going on as nothing less than the paganisation of their beloved “Church”.

  But two persons, their identities unknown at first, decided to act.  At dawn on October 21, in the midst of the Amazon Synod, they entered the “Church of St Mary” in Traspontina, near the Vatican, grabbed several images of the naked, pregnant woman from two chapels at the back of the building, and tossed them into the Tiber River!  The entire thing was videoed and uploaded to YouTube.

  By this time the idols had been present at several of the events connected with the Synod in the Vatican, and had caused huge controversy.  In an edited version of the video, a caption was added which said the action was taken “for only one reason: Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, his blessed Mother, and everybody who follows Christ, are being attacked by members of our own Church.  We do not accept this!  We do not longer stay silent!  We start to act NOW!  Because we love humanity, we cannot accept that people of a certain region should not get baptized and therefore are being denied entrance into heaven.  It is our duty to follow the words of God like our holy Mother did.  There is no second way of salvation. Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat!”[30] 

  Clearly, many Roman Catholics were angry, frustrated, and fed up with their “Church”.  A huge polarisation between conservatives and liberals, traditionalists and “progressives”, is under way in the Roman Catholic institution.  Francis is being openly condemned as a heretic in many Roman Catholic circles, so intense is the depth of feeling.