The Vatican’s Amazon Synod

  And Rome is proposing radical Marxist solutions to all the above!  In its final document it calls for a global fund to be created, to repay the “ecological debt” that countries have with Amazonia; it calls for recycling, reduction of dependence on fossil fuels and plastics, changing our eating habits so as to consume less meat and fish, planting more trees, promote education in “integral ecology”, etc. – all the usual Red/Green solutions to a crisis that does not exist.  All designed to increase totalitarian power over all the people of the world.  And the majority will eventually fully accept it, because they will have been indoctrinated into the lie that “if we don’t, we will destroy Planet Earth.”

  Diabolically cunning.

  A global fund to repay “ecological debt”?  So now we’ll all be taxed to repay a non-existent “debt” we supposedly owe to a far-away part of the earth we did not damage!  Truly, Green is the new Red, as I have explained previously.[22]  As for eating less fish and meat, not that there is any need to do so, but since they claim there is, will cardinals of Rome lead the way by drastically reducing their own gluttonous intake of these things?  Don’t hold your breath.  This is the same hypocrisy which drives the pope of Rome to condemn Donald Trump’s wall even though the Vatican itself is surrounded by walls; the same hypocrisy which enables the cardinals to call for a “Church of the poor” even while they themselves live in opulence as leaders of the wealthiest institution on the face of the earth.

  But here’s an aspect of all this which the Vatican never mentions, and in fact tries its best to conceal: one of the very first foreign powers to come in and hugely damage the lives of literally hundreds of thousands of Amazonian Indians was the Roman Catholic “Church” itself!  Just read the tragic history of South America, brutally conquered militarily by the Spanish and Portuguese and brutally conquered religiously by the priests of Rome.  It is a story of tragedy, greed, brutality, murder, rape and pillage.

Accepting Other “Roads” to God: “Mother Earth” Joins “Mother Mary”

  The next important purpose of the Synod was the major impetus it gave to the Jesuit agenda of promoting the multifaith and syncretist movement.  Although utterly contrary to traditional Roman Catholic doctrine, the Jesuits have decided that this is now what Rome must promote, in this multifaith world.  They will continue to claim that the Roman Catholic institution contains the true and best way to God, but will allow that people of other religions could get to heaven if they are sincere, for their religions contain “elements” of truth.

  Adam Littlestone-Luria, historian at the University of California, Berkeley, wrote in September 2017: “With his new political and theological approach, Pope Francis is doing something truly revolutionary – he is reshaping the fundamental identity of Catholicism in the 21st century…. the pope’s open-minded acceptance of the legitimacy of other roads to God represents more than grudging acceptance of an increasingly diverse and secular reality.  It heralds a fundamental shift in the church’s aspirations.”[23]

  And the nun quoted above, Birgit Weiler, said, “Creation is a gift of love from God the Creator,” and that this is the meeting point with women of other religions.[24]

“Mother Mary” Now Has Competition: Pachamama (“Mother Earth”)!


As part of the preparations for the Amazon Synod, an Amazonian religious ceremony was held in the Vatican gardens in October 2019.  An image used by Amazonian Indians was employed during the ceremony – a fact which shocked and appalled many conservative, traditionalist Roman Catholics.  The wooden image was vaguely described as “a bare-breasted, pregnant woman”.[25]  This vagueness was deliberate, designed to deflect people from viewing the image as an idol.  For example, a bishop from Peru, David Martinez de Aguirre Guinea, claimed the image seemed to be a non-specific symbol for fertility, life and women, which could be seen as symbolising “the Amazon like an entity that is pregnant with life for the entire planet, for all people.”[26] 

  Except that it was an image of Pachamama (“Mother Earth”), a deity worshipped by many Amazonian Indians!

  The presence of the Pachamama idol shocked and appalled the Roman Catholic grandson of an ex-shaman, Rexcrisanto Delson, when he watched a video of the event.  “I saw the ceremony that was performed in the Vatican garden and couldn’t believe my eyes,” he said.  “There were idols, and even a Franciscan participated.  I later learned that an Amazon tribal leader confirmed it was purely pagan.  Did the Catholics who participated and supported such a vile act not know it was pagan?”[27] 

  Of course, Roman Catholicism is, itself, a religion of idol-worship.  It has innumerable idols of its own, before which its people bow and pray and worship.  In fact, in its long history it has always taken the idols of heathenism and adopted them into its own worship, simply “catholicising” them and giving the idols new names.  It is, after all, the ancient religion of Babylon – which was full of idolatry – dressed up as a “Christian” church (see Rev. 17 and 18).  But most Roman Catholics are not aware of this.  They think their Romish idols are not real idols, and that they do not violate the divine commandments regarding idolatry.  When, therefore, they saw an obviously heathen idol in a Roman Catholic ceremony, many of them were deeply shocked and disgusted.  They rightly viewed it as an idol, yet were blind to the fact that their “Church” is actually overflowing with idols!

  This poor man, so offended by the pagan idol, failed to understand that his pope, cardinals and priests were simply following the practice their religious system has always followed – that of incorporating heathen idols into Roman Catholic worship.  Alexander Hislop was right in his great book, The Two Babylons: Popery is nothing but “baptized paganism”.

“Catholic Contortionist” Twists and Turns to Defend Pachamama

  The most Jesuitical explanation of all for the presence of the Pachamama images came after the Synod was over.  It was given by the bishop emeritus of San Cristobal de las Casa, in Mexico, a monsignor named Felipe Arizmendi Esquivel.  He said of the use of these images at various points during the Synod, “Some condemned these actions as if they were idolatry, adoration of ‘Mother Earth’ and other ‘divinities.’  Nothing of that happened.  They aren’t goddesses; it was not an idolatrous worship.”[28]  Yet immediately afterwards he said: “They are symbols of Amazonian realities and experiences, with motivations that are not only cultural but also religious, but not of adoration, as this is owed only to God” (italics added).  So then they are religiously motivated idols!  And as for his explanation that they are not adored for only God is to be adored, if they are religiously motivated then again – they are used for worship.  But this is so typical of Romanism, which actually hoodwinks its followers into believing that the worship offered to Mary and the “saints” is of a lower order than the worship offered to God!  This bishop could therefore brazenly claim that adoration must only be offered to God, even though he knows only too well that adoration is also offered to Mary and the so-called “saints” in his “Church”, and to their idols which were taken wholesale from heathenism!  It is entirely possible, then, to accept adoration offered to some Amazonian image as well!