The Vatican’s Amazon Synod

  In true Green fashion, Rome takes some legitimate grievances and exaggerates them, to stir leftists up to embrace the “cause”.  Very possibly certain South American governments, or elements within them, are responsible for some orchestrated assaults on Amazon Indians.  Certainly employees of some multinational companies are.  Ethnocide is occurring in some places – no question about it.  But it would be a huge mistake to view this in terms of “government and multinationals bad, priests good”.  The Roman Catholic institution has its own agenda, and it will stop at nothing – even exaggerations and outright lies – to get what it wants.

  What’s more, some of the things the Vatican condemns are not actually bad for the region, but good!  Cattle raising, for example: this will provide additional food for the people of the region, far more than could possibly be provided through subsistence agriculture.  And infrastructure projects, as another example: these will improve the lives of everyone in the region.  But by lumping the good with the obviously bad, the Greens sway the masses in the developed world to automatically assume that everything which any westerners are doing in the Amazon is bad.  It is a lie, the Vatican knows it is a lie, but it spouts it anyway because the lie advances the agenda.  And that is all that matters.

  It even sinks so low, in the final document of the Synod, to quote the Lord Jesus Christ Jn. 10:10 – “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly” – as applying to “the defense of life, the community, the earth and the rights of the indigenous peoples”, which it terms the Roman Catholic institution’s “evangelical principle”![19]  What a horrible mutilation of Jesus’ lovely words!  The Lord was speaking of spiritual and eternal life, not about “protecting the earth”!

“Sister Mother Earth is Wounded”: a Tale of Two Men Called Francis  

  There was also some radical earth-worshipping language, again designed to tug at the heart-strings but at the same time to soften people, especially Roman Catholics worldwide, to the increasing allignment of the Jesuit-controlled Vatican of Francis with radical environmentalism and pagan earth-worship: it spoke of “the importance of listening to the voice of Amazonia, moved by the greater breath of the Holy Spirit in the cry of the wounded earth and its inhabitants.”[20]

  Note how Rome has now associated the Holy Spirit with “the cry of the wounded earth and its inhabitants”.  A pantheist could hardly have put it better.  It is a small step from this sort of language to outright Gaia worship: the idolatrous worship of the earth as our goddess-mother

  The document went on: “Amazonia today is a wounded and deformed beauty, a place of pain and violence.  The attacks against nature have negative consequences on peoples’ life.”  Note how the Amazon region is depicted as a woman, and note how it speaks of “attacks against nature”.  Attacks?  Is nature a person?  This is precisely how Gaia worshippers and other New Age earth-idolaters would like the rest of us to see it.

  And a little further on the document is as explicit as it could get: “The victims are the most vulnerable sectors, children, young people, women and” – wait for it! – “Sister Mother Earth.”

  The Roman Papacy is now referring to the earth as “Sister Mother Earth”!  Its paganism is displayed for all to see.  Francis of Assisi would be so proud of the use of such earth-idolatrous language as this, and his namesake, the present pope, deliberately took his name so as to link Franciscan ecological worship with his own vision for the Roman Catholic institution.  In fact, the document declares that Roman Catholics are now called “to a true integral conversion, with a simple and sober life, all nourished by a mystical spirituality in the style of Saint Francis of Assisi…. A prayerful reading of the Word of God will help us to reflect further and discover the groans of the Spirit and will encourage us in the commitment to look after the ‘common home.’”[21]

  Truly, Francis’ Vatican is moving into Francis-of-Assisi-inspired eco-spirituality, the New Age/pantheistic concept of “all is one” and “all is god”.  And note how “the groans of the Spirit” are tied to the supposed destruction of the Amazon!  Yet the only place in the Bible which speaks of the Spirit’s “groanings” – Rom. 8:26 – has absolutely nothing to do with this!  Rome is seeking to portray the Holy Spirit in truly earth-worshipping terms, so connected with the earth-goddess that is being “violated” by evil western man that He is “groaning” over it all.  That is, assuming these earth-idolaters still believe the Holy Spirit is a He.

  The Papacy is now totally committed to promoting the radical Green “gospel” that our “Earth Mother” is perishing because of us, and that we must save her by a massive “conversion” to the pantheistic/New Age belief that all of creation is really “god”.  This is demonstrated conclusively by the following paragraph:

 “As Church, we the missionary disciples, implore the grace of this conversion… a personal and communal conversion which commits us to relate harmoniously with God’s creative work, which is the ‘common home,’ a conversion that promotes the creation of structures in harmony with the care of Creation: a pastoral conversion based on synodality, which recognizes the interaction of the whole of Creation.”  It’s all there: the buzz words and buzz phrases (“harmony”, “common home”, “care of Creation”, “Creation” with a capital “C”, “interaction”).  No tree-hugging Green could have put it better than these priestly representatives of the “Church” of Rome. 

  Next, we read that “Amazonia also has a critical role as shock absorber against climate change”.  This is not the place to go into the myth of “climate change”, but myth it most certainly is.  Yet “climate change” is just the right thing for radical environmentalists and governments to use to scare the populations into “doing something” to “prevent climate change”.  And the people, like sheep, fall for the lie and start bleating the same chorus.

  We are not denying that powerful multinational corporations, unscrupulous governments, and others, are doing environmental damage to sections of the Amazon.  We are also not denying that there are those within these organisations and institutions who will stop at nothing, including rape and murder of the native tribes of Amazonia.  These things are facts, and these evil men should be stopped and punished.  All we are saying is that it is on nothing like the scale the Vatican and other institutions are trying to convince the world it is.  The entire region is not under threat as we are being told.  Pockets of it, yes.  All of it, no.  Have they even looked at a map of the Amazon?