The Vatican’s Amazon Synod

  During the Amazon Synod a group of bishops and cardinals met to “renew” and commemorate the 1960s Pact.  One of those who did so was the cardinal, Claudio Hummes, the chief organiser of the Synod.

  The Pact supporters had in fact been planning this Synod for years.  They saw it as an opportunity to advance the One World Oder.  The Synod was “nothing more than a pretext to unite the Church and the United Nations in a power grab against Brazil and other Latin American countries where the Amazonians reside.  Rome… is crawling with UN officials, such as Jeffrey Sachs, who seek to use the Church to turn the Amazonian regions into NGO-ville, as it were, so that they can push their radical environmentalist and socialist projects.”[6]

  Francis met with the UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, in April 2015, who thanked him for accepting an invitation to address the UN in September of that year – revealing the intimate collaboration between the Vatican and the UN.  Soon afterwards Francis issued a major papal encyclical on “Green” issues, entitled Laudato si’.  This document was praised by Ban Ki-moon.

Opposition from Traditionalist Roman Catholics

  As the Synod drew nearer, traditionalist Roman Catholic theologians increasingly viewed it with deepening alarm.  They saw its working document as respecting “nature” but without any direct mention of Christ or His mission.  The traditionalist archbishop, Carlo Maria Viganò, who is in hiding for standing up to Francis (see my articles on this[7]), asked, “Where is the Christian [i.e. Roman Catholic] message here?”  And: “In fact, the figure of Christ is absent.  The Synod working document testifies to the emergence of a post-Christian Catholic theology, now, in this moment.  And this is very troubling.”[8]

  A German cardinal, Walter Brandmüller, a leading Roman Catholic historian, wrote the following in June 2019, in strong criticism of the preparatory working document for the Synod: “In principle, we must ask why a synod of bishops should deal with topics which, at best… relate only marginally to the Gospels and the Church.  Clearly, there is an encroaching interference here by a synod of bishops into the purely secular affairs of the Brazilian state and society.  What do ecology, economy, and politics have to do with the mandate and mission of the Church?  More importantly: what professional expertise authorizes an ecclesial synod of bishops to express itself on such topics?…

  “Furthermore, throughout the Instrumentum Laboris one finds a very positive assessment of natural religions, including indigenous healing practices, etc., even mythic-religious practices and cult forms.  In the context of the call for harmony with nature, for example, there is even talk about ‘dialogue with the spirits’….

  “It has to be emphatically stated that the Instrumentum Laboris (for the upcoming October 6-27 Synod on the Amazon Region) contradicts the binding teachings of the Church on decisive points, and is therefore to be qualified as heretical.  Inasmuch as the fact of Divine Revelation is here even being questioned or misunderstood, one must also speak of apostasy.”  Extraordinary times, these, when high-ranking cardinals openly speak of their pope as being a heretic and apostate.  A rebellion is brewing just below the surface.  There is a polarisation occurring, and it is stark.

  The cardinal even went so far as to state, correctly: “The anti-rational rejection of ‘Western’ culture (that stresses the importance of reason) is characteristic of the Instrumentum Laboris, which speaks… of ‘Mother Earth’ and of the ‘cry of the earth and of the peoples’…. Accordingly, the territory – the forests of the Amazon region – even becomes a locus theologicus, a special source of Divine Revelation.  These are ‘epiphanic places’ where ‘the reserve of life and wisdom for the planet is manifest, a life and wisdom that speaks of God’…. Meanwhile, the subsequent regression from Logos to Mythos is raised to the criterion of what the Instrumentum Laboris calls the inculturation of the Church.  The result is a natural religion in Christian masquerade.”[9]

  That a leading cardinal-historian of the Roman Catholic institution has dared to come out openly and speak of heresy and apostasy on this matter of the Amazon Synod indicates the depth of feeling which the Jesuit pope is stirring up in those leading Papists who hold to the traditional teachings and practices of the Roman Catholic institution, and oppose what the Jesuits are seeking to do to their “Church”.

  Let there be no misunderstanding: both versions of Roman Catholicism – conservative/traditionalist and liberal/Socialist – are utterly unbiblical and antichristian.  What we are witnessing is a Jesuit-orchestrated shift of the Roman Catholic “Church” from its unbiblical traditional position to a new, unbiblical liberal position.

Is the Amazon Really in Danger?

  Using the document, Instrumentum Laboris, as the basis for their pagan eco-spirituality, radical liberal/Socialist/Marxist priests made much of the fact, during the preparatory stages for the Amazon Synod, that the Amazon is under ecological threat by multinational companies and by governments of the region.    And when wildfires caused some damage to Brazil’s Amazon, it gave these radical “Green” priests the ammunition they needed to launch an assault on the Brazilian government.[10] 

   Let it be clearly understood that, as with so much emanating from radical environmentalists worldwide, the scale of the “disaster” is always amplified and exaggerated.  Yes, there were many wildfires in the Brazilian Amazon this year, and yes, they caused damage.  But there are wildfires every year, and every year there is damage.  Yet it is nothing like on the scale the Greens claim it is!  The Brazilian Amazon is truly vast, and it was not in any sense all ablaze.  The wildfires were bad, but compared with the sheer size of the Amazon itself they amounted to next to nothing in terms of any real or permanent damage. 

  But what ammunition all this provided for those radical priests pushing the Jesuit/Francis concept of how mankind (oops, humankind) is destroying Planet Earth!