The Vatican’s Amazon Synod

The Vaticans Amazon Synod, PDF format

Blazing a Jungle Trail to World Government


  1. The Amazon Synod: Embracing Radical Environmentalism and Pagan Earth Worship
  2. Accepting Other “Roads” to God: “Mother Earth” Joins “Mother Mary”!
  3. Preparing Roman Catholics for a Future Relaxation of Priestly Celibacy
  4. Roman Catholic Priestesses in the Future?


  The Vatican’s Synod of Bishops for the Pan-Amazon Region met in Rome for three weeks in October 2019.  The theme: “Amazonia: New Pathways for the Church and for an Integral Ecology.”  Present were Roman Catholic bishops, missionaries, representatives of the native peoples of Amazonia, and others.

  But the big question is: Why?  Why suddenly this huge interest in the Amazon region?  How come a major Vatican synod was devoted to this remote area of the world, mostly jungle, inhabited by primitive tribes scattered over a vast area?

  Conservative Roman Catholics were very suspicious.  And with good reason.  Francis I is a Jesuit under orders, as all Jesuits are.  A Jesuit under absolute obedience to his master, the Jesuit general (the “black pope”).  And the Jesuits are devoted to a liberal/Socialist/Marxist agenda, and to swinging the Papal system away from its traditional position on various issues to radically different ones.  It is not at all surprising, therefore, that with a Jesuit at the helm the entire Roman Catholic institution is being pushed inexorably towards one-world Marxism.  And radical environmentalism is being used as a major tool to deceive the world into accepting a one-world, Vatican-controlled government.

The Amazon Synod: Embracing Radical Environmentalism and Pagan Earth Worship

  The most important objective for the Amazon Synod was to push Francis’ radical, pagan Green theology for the earth.  Not because of any great concern he has for the earth, but because it is the best means to bring about the Vatican’s long-desired world government. 

  In a previous article, The Papacy’s Sinister “Green” Agenda, I wrote: “long ago the Reds realised that if they became Greens, they could achieve many of Communism’s goals by another means.  And they are succeeding worldwide.”  “The Vatican has alligned itself to the radical global environmentalist agenda.  For decades it has been working hand in hand with Communism, so this is not surprising.  And under Francis I it has massively accelerated its involvement in ‘Green’ issues, all for the purpose of accumulating ever more power.”[1]

  In January 2018 Francis met with over 2000 Amazonian Indians in Peru, told them the Amazon was “holy ground”, and that they and the Amazon region were important to the Roman Catholic “Church” and to the whole world.[2]  The whole world?  What was he getting at?  The average person, living in any other part of the world, does not give the Amazon a second’s thought from one year to the next!

  Francis said this because he and his Jesuit Order plan to use the Amazon region as a giant experiment!  What has been decided concerning the Amazon is not solely about the Amazon.  It is about what Rome wants for the whole world.  The Amazon is the experiment, and the Amazonian Indians are the unwitting lab rats.

The “Pact of the Catacombs”

  Around the time of the Second Vatican Council in the 1960s, a group of Socialist bishops signed a secret manifesto.  It was called the Pact of the Catacombs, having been signed near the catacombs in Rome.  They pledged to politicise the Roman Catholic institution along Socialist/Communist lines, so as to usher in the “advent of another social order.”  Bottom line: Rome was to be Communised.  It was to support the creation of a Communist world. 

  When Jorge Bergoglio became the first Jesuit pope, Francis I, in 2013, those who supported the Catacomb Pact were ecstatic.  German cardinal, Walter Kasper, said that Francis’ election was a vindication of the Pact, for now the “Church” of Rome finally had a Socialist pope.  “It [the Catacomb Pact] was forgotten,” he said.  “But now [Francis] brings it back…. His program is to a high degree what the Catacomb Pact was.”[3] 

  One of the signers of the Pact was Brazilian archbishop, Hélder Câmara, a radical Socialist.  This man gave his support to priests who joined armed revolutions, saying: “I respect priests with rifles on their shoulders; I never said that to use weapons against an oppressor is immoral or anti-Christian.”[4]  Yet in 2015 Francis I approved a request for the “canonisation” process to begin for Câmara!  Francis greatly admires this evil man.

  “Câmara’s name has been on the lips of many Amazon Synod participants.  Nicknamed the ‘red’ bishop, he was the perfect forerunner of Jorge Bergoglio, combining modernist theology with radical politics.  Camara supported divorce and remarriage, women priests, and once described the Church’s prohibition on contraceptives as ‘an error destined to torture wives and to disturb the peace of many homes.’  He played a leading role in the politicization of the Latin American bishops, pushing them to embrace socialist liberation theology”.[5]  These are all causes dear to the heart of the Jesuit pope.

  During the Amazon Synod a group of bishops and cardinals met to “renew” and commemorate the 1960s Pact.  One of those who did so was the cardinal, Claudio Hummes, the chief organiser of the Synod.

  The Pact supporters had in fact been planning this Synod for years.  They saw it as an opportunity to advance the One World Oder.  The Synod was “nothing more than a pretext to unite the Church and the United Nations in a power grab against Brazil and other Latin American countries where the Amazonians reside.  Rome… is crawling with UN officials, such as Jeffrey Sachs, who seek to use the Church to turn the Amazonian regions into NGO-ville, as it were, so that they can push their radical environmentalist and socialist projects.”[6]

  Francis met with the UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, in April 2015, who thanked him for accepting an invitation to address the UN in September of that year – revealing the intimate collaboration between the Vatican and the UN.  Soon afterwards Francis issued a major papal encyclical on “Green” issues, entitled Laudato si’.  This document was praised by Ban Ki-moon.

Opposition from Traditionalist Roman Catholics

  As the Synod drew nearer, traditionalist Roman Catholic theologians increasingly viewed it with deepening alarm.  They saw its working document as respecting “nature” but without any direct mention of Christ or His mission.  The traditionalist archbishop, Carlo Maria Viganò, who is in hiding for standing up to Francis (see my articles on this[7]), asked, “Where is the Christian [i.e. Roman Catholic] message here?”  And: “In fact, the figure of Christ is absent.  The Synod working document testifies to the emergence of a post-Christian Catholic theology, now, in this moment.  And this is very troubling.”[8]

  A German cardinal, Walter Brandmüller, a leading Roman Catholic historian, wrote the following in June 2019, in strong criticism of the preparatory working document for the Synod: “In principle, we must ask why a synod of bishops should deal with topics which, at best… relate only marginally to the Gospels and the Church.  Clearly, there is an encroaching interference here by a synod of bishops into the purely secular affairs of the Brazilian state and society.  What do ecology, economy, and politics have to do with the mandate and mission of the Church?  More importantly: what professional expertise authorizes an ecclesial synod of bishops to express itself on such topics?…

  “Furthermore, throughout the Instrumentum Laboris one finds a very positive assessment of natural religions, including indigenous healing practices, etc., even mythic-religious practices and cult forms.  In the context of the call for harmony with nature, for example, there is even talk about ‘dialogue with the spirits’….

  “It has to be emphatically stated that the Instrumentum Laboris (for the upcoming October 6-27 Synod on the Amazon Region) contradicts the binding teachings of the Church on decisive points, and is therefore to be qualified as heretical.  Inasmuch as the fact of Divine Revelation is here even being questioned or misunderstood, one must also speak of apostasy.”  Extraordinary times, these, when high-ranking cardinals openly speak of their pope as being a heretic and apostate.  A rebellion is brewing just below the surface.  There is a polarisation occurring, and it is stark.

  The cardinal even went so far as to state, correctly: “The anti-rational rejection of ‘Western’ culture (that stresses the importance of reason) is characteristic of the Instrumentum Laboris, which speaks… of ‘Mother Earth’ and of the ‘cry of the earth and of the peoples’…. Accordingly, the territory – the forests of the Amazon region – even becomes a locus theologicus, a special source of Divine Revelation.  These are ‘epiphanic places’ where ‘the reserve of life and wisdom for the planet is manifest, a life and wisdom that speaks of God’…. Meanwhile, the subsequent regression from Logos to Mythos is raised to the criterion of what the Instrumentum Laboris calls the inculturation of the Church.  The result is a natural religion in Christian masquerade.”[9]

  That a leading cardinal-historian of the Roman Catholic institution has dared to come out openly and speak of heresy and apostasy on this matter of the Amazon Synod indicates the depth of feeling which the Jesuit pope is stirring up in those leading Papists who hold to the traditional teachings and practices of the Roman Catholic institution, and oppose what the Jesuits are seeking to do to their “Church”.

  Let there be no misunderstanding: both versions of Roman Catholicism – conservative/traditionalist and liberal/Socialist – are utterly unbiblical and antichristian.  What we are witnessing is a Jesuit-orchestrated shift of the Roman Catholic “Church” from its unbiblical traditional position to a new, unbiblical liberal position.

Is the Amazon Really in Danger?

  Using the document, Instrumentum Laboris, as the basis for their pagan eco-spirituality, radical liberal/Socialist/Marxist priests made much of the fact, during the preparatory stages for the Amazon Synod, that the Amazon is under ecological threat by multinational companies and by governments of the region.    And when wildfires caused some damage to Brazil’s Amazon, it gave these radical “Green” priests the ammunition they needed to launch an assault on the Brazilian government.[10] 

   Let it be clearly understood that, as with so much emanating from radical environmentalists worldwide, the scale of the “disaster” is always amplified and exaggerated.  Yes, there were many wildfires in the Brazilian Amazon this year, and yes, they caused damage.  But there are wildfires every year, and every year there is damage.  Yet it is nothing like on the scale the Greens claim it is!  The Brazilian Amazon is truly vast, and it was not in any sense all ablaze.  The wildfires were bad, but compared with the sheer size of the Amazon itself they amounted to next to nothing in terms of any real or permanent damage. 

  But what ammunition all this provided for those radical priests pushing the Jesuit/Francis concept of how mankind (oops, humankind) is destroying Planet Earth!

Rome Creates a New Sin!

  Those within the Vatican hierarchy who supported Francis and the Amazon Synod were full of the same pagan prattle as their leader.  Suddenly one heard talk of “ecological sins”; and during the Synod Mexican cardinal, Carlos Aguiar Retes, called for “ecological conversion”.[11]  He said “climate change” has amplified the “cry of the poor”, and the Church must respond with an “integral ecology”.  This, he explained, means a change of lifestyle, abandoning the throw-away culture. 

  It was stressed at the outset of the Synod that the task for the bishops gathered in the Vatican was to lay out “new paths for the Church and for an integral ecology”.[12]  What precisely is this?  According to Francis and the now-Green Vatican, integral ecology holds that everything is intimately related, and therefore ecology and social justice are to be intrinsically united.  One has to “listen to the cry of the earth as well as the cry of the poor”.  Thus integral ecology connects “care of nature” with “justice for the poor”.

  Retes also said that we need to start thinking about a simpler, more essential lifestyle.  Well, perhaps when the world sees these wealthy, luxury-loving, often overweight prelates putting their money where their mouths are and setting the example, it would be more believable!  But even then it would not make something sinful that was not sinful before.

  Are there, in fact, such things as “ecological sins”?  Not according to the Bible!  But an archbishop from Brazil named Pedro Brito Guimarâes spoke of “ecological sins” and added that although they may be something new, people needed to start confessing them![13]  So now the Papacy is creating new sins!  Things which were never sins before!  Here are the exact words from the final document of the Amazon Synod:

 “We propose to define ecological sin as an action or omission against God, against our neighbour, the community and the environment.  It is a sin against the future generations and is manifested in acts and habits of contamination and destruction of the harmony of the environment…”[14]

  Read that again: “We propose to define ecological sin…”  The Vatican has to propose such a thing, because never in all of history has such a “sin” existed before!  Rome is actually creating a new sin category, with absolutely no biblical support whatsoever!  Such is its supreme arrogance.  It does as it pleases, for its pope believes himself to be above God.

  To justify this nonsense in the minds of Roman Catholics, the president delegate of the Synod, a Jesuit cardinal named Pedro Barreto, said the formulation of “ecological sin” is “the expression of what we say in the creed of our faith: I believe in God the Father, Creator of Heaven and earth.  What happens is that we always say it without realizing it, and if God is Creator of Heaven and earth, we have to take care of what God has given us.  Therefore, this formulation has now been opened but, deep down, it’s something that was inherent, although we weren’t conscious of this ecological sin.”[15]

  Oh, they are devilishly clever, these Jesuits!  He knew that Romanists would be scratching their heads and saying, “But if this was a sin before, why didn’t we know about it?”  So he said in essence, “Oh, it was there all along, but we weren’t conscious of it.  Now we are, and we must stop committing it.”  And thus has Rome added a new sin to what God’s Word actually says sin is! 

  “Ecology is harmony,” said the Jesuit.  “Harmony with other brothers and sisters, and harmony with nature.”  And “when this harmonious relationship is broken it’s a sin.  Sin is to sever the relationship with God, to sever the relationship with brothers and to sever the relationship with nature.”  So then, if it is a sin, the poor benighted Roman Catholics will now have to go to the confessional box to confess it – a “sin” they never before knew they were committing!  What will they be required to confess?  Will they have to confess, and then perform some penance before receiving “absolution” from the priest, that they threw plastic away and failed to recycle?  Or perhaps that they drove a gas-guzzling car?  Or that they worked in the logging industry?  Or that they complained when some government environmentalist agency expropriated some private property to protect some supposedly endangered butterfly or frog species?  We wait with bated breath to see how this will pan out for Papists.  “Forgive me, father, for I have sinned.  I cut down an endangered tree on my plot.  Oh, and I went to a family reunion in my four-wheel-drive gas-guzzler.  Woe is me!  Oh my wicked, wicked carbon footprint!”

“Saving” the Amazon from Greedy Western Capitalists

  A nun who had participated in the Synod, Birgit Weiler of the Congregation of Medical Missionary Sisters, showed that she too had drunk deeply of liberation theology and the Green agenda, when she spoke of the “Church” needing to speak with a “prophetic voice” to address the health of the entire planet![16]

  She also said we need to welcome the culture of indigenous people and their vision of living in solidarity with the earth.  When we maltreat the earth, she claimed, we are maltreating ourselves as well. 

  Then she went on to parrot the usual refrain of liberation theologians and radical Greens: multinational corporations are all evil, trampling on the indigenous people. 

  The final document of the Synod stated: “All the participants expressed an acute awareness of the dramatic situation of destruction that affects Amazonia.  This means the disappearance of the territory and its inhabitants, especially the indigenous peoples.  The Amazonian forest is a ‘biological heart’ for the earth, which is increasingly threatened.  It finds itself in an unbridled race to death.  It requires radical changes with utmost urgency, a new direction that will enable it to be saved.”[17]

  This paragraph contains deliberate exaggeration of the true facts, in the typical style of radical environmentalists everywhere.  The vast territory of the Amazon is not disappearing.  The entire territory is not under threat of being destroyed.  There is no “race to death”.  Only certain sections of it are being destroyed, not the entire region.  But this kind of emotive language, they well know, is what stirs people up to support the “cause”.  And this is what they want.

  The document stated: “Greed for land is at the root of the conflicts that lead to ethnocide…. a good part of indigenous territories are without protection and those already demarked are being invaded by extractive fronts, such as mining, forest extraction, by great infrastructure projects, by illicit crops and by large estates that promote monoculture and extensive cattle raising.”[18]

  In true Green fashion, Rome takes some legitimate grievances and exaggerates them, to stir leftists up to embrace the “cause”.  Very possibly certain South American governments, or elements within them, are responsible for some orchestrated assaults on Amazon Indians.  Certainly employees of some multinational companies are.  Ethnocide is occurring in some places – no question about it.  But it would be a huge mistake to view this in terms of “government and multinationals bad, priests good”.  The Roman Catholic institution has its own agenda, and it will stop at nothing – even exaggerations and outright lies – to get what it wants.

  What’s more, some of the things the Vatican condemns are not actually bad for the region, but good!  Cattle raising, for example: this will provide additional food for the people of the region, far more than could possibly be provided through subsistence agriculture.  And infrastructure projects, as another example: these will improve the lives of everyone in the region.  But by lumping the good with the obviously bad, the Greens sway the masses in the developed world to automatically assume that everything which any westerners are doing in the Amazon is bad.  It is a lie, the Vatican knows it is a lie, but it spouts it anyway because the lie advances the agenda.  And that is all that matters.

  It even sinks so low, in the final document of the Synod, to quote the Lord Jesus Christ Jn. 10:10 – “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly” – as applying to “the defense of life, the community, the earth and the rights of the indigenous peoples”, which it terms the Roman Catholic institution’s “evangelical principle”![19]  What a horrible mutilation of Jesus’ lovely words!  The Lord was speaking of spiritual and eternal life, not about “protecting the earth”!

“Sister Mother Earth is Wounded”: a Tale of Two Men Called Francis  

  There was also some radical earth-worshipping language, again designed to tug at the heart-strings but at the same time to soften people, especially Roman Catholics worldwide, to the increasing allignment of the Jesuit-controlled Vatican of Francis with radical environmentalism and pagan earth-worship: it spoke of “the importance of listening to the voice of Amazonia, moved by the greater breath of the Holy Spirit in the cry of the wounded earth and its inhabitants.”[20]

  Note how Rome has now associated the Holy Spirit with “the cry of the wounded earth and its inhabitants”.  A pantheist could hardly have put it better.  It is a small step from this sort of language to outright Gaia worship: the idolatrous worship of the earth as our goddess-mother

  The document went on: “Amazonia today is a wounded and deformed beauty, a place of pain and violence.  The attacks against nature have negative consequences on peoples’ life.”  Note how the Amazon region is depicted as a woman, and note how it speaks of “attacks against nature”.  Attacks?  Is nature a person?  This is precisely how Gaia worshippers and other New Age earth-idolaters would like the rest of us to see it.

  And a little further on the document is as explicit as it could get: “The victims are the most vulnerable sectors, children, young people, women and” – wait for it! – “Sister Mother Earth.”

  The Roman Papacy is now referring to the earth as “Sister Mother Earth”!  Its paganism is displayed for all to see.  Francis of Assisi would be so proud of the use of such earth-idolatrous language as this, and his namesake, the present pope, deliberately took his name so as to link Franciscan ecological worship with his own vision for the Roman Catholic institution.  In fact, the document declares that Roman Catholics are now called “to a true integral conversion, with a simple and sober life, all nourished by a mystical spirituality in the style of Saint Francis of Assisi…. A prayerful reading of the Word of God will help us to reflect further and discover the groans of the Spirit and will encourage us in the commitment to look after the ‘common home.’”[21]

  Truly, Francis’ Vatican is moving into Francis-of-Assisi-inspired eco-spirituality, the New Age/pantheistic concept of “all is one” and “all is god”.  And note how “the groans of the Spirit” are tied to the supposed destruction of the Amazon!  Yet the only place in the Bible which speaks of the Spirit’s “groanings” – Rom. 8:26 – has absolutely nothing to do with this!  Rome is seeking to portray the Holy Spirit in truly earth-worshipping terms, so connected with the earth-goddess that is being “violated” by evil western man that He is “groaning” over it all.  That is, assuming these earth-idolaters still believe the Holy Spirit is a He.

  The Papacy is now totally committed to promoting the radical Green “gospel” that our “Earth Mother” is perishing because of us, and that we must save her by a massive “conversion” to the pantheistic/New Age belief that all of creation is really “god”.  This is demonstrated conclusively by the following paragraph:

 “As Church, we the missionary disciples, implore the grace of this conversion… a personal and communal conversion which commits us to relate harmoniously with God’s creative work, which is the ‘common home,’ a conversion that promotes the creation of structures in harmony with the care of Creation: a pastoral conversion based on synodality, which recognizes the interaction of the whole of Creation.”  It’s all there: the buzz words and buzz phrases (“harmony”, “common home”, “care of Creation”, “Creation” with a capital “C”, “interaction”).  No tree-hugging Green could have put it better than these priestly representatives of the “Church” of Rome. 

  Next, we read that “Amazonia also has a critical role as shock absorber against climate change”.  This is not the place to go into the myth of “climate change”, but myth it most certainly is.  Yet “climate change” is just the right thing for radical environmentalists and governments to use to scare the populations into “doing something” to “prevent climate change”.  And the people, like sheep, fall for the lie and start bleating the same chorus.

  We are not denying that powerful multinational corporations, unscrupulous governments, and others, are doing environmental damage to sections of the Amazon.  We are also not denying that there are those within these organisations and institutions who will stop at nothing, including rape and murder of the native tribes of Amazonia.  These things are facts, and these evil men should be stopped and punished.  All we are saying is that it is on nothing like the scale the Vatican and other institutions are trying to convince the world it is.  The entire region is not under threat as we are being told.  Pockets of it, yes.  All of it, no.  Have they even looked at a map of the Amazon?

  And Rome is proposing radical Marxist solutions to all the above!  In its final document it calls for a global fund to be created, to repay the “ecological debt” that countries have with Amazonia; it calls for recycling, reduction of dependence on fossil fuels and plastics, changing our eating habits so as to consume less meat and fish, planting more trees, promote education in “integral ecology”, etc. – all the usual Red/Green solutions to a crisis that does not exist.  All designed to increase totalitarian power over all the people of the world.  And the majority will eventually fully accept it, because they will have been indoctrinated into the lie that “if we don’t, we will destroy Planet Earth.”

  Diabolically cunning.

  A global fund to repay “ecological debt”?  So now we’ll all be taxed to repay a non-existent “debt” we supposedly owe to a far-away part of the earth we did not damage!  Truly, Green is the new Red, as I have explained previously.[22]  As for eating less fish and meat, not that there is any need to do so, but since they claim there is, will cardinals of Rome lead the way by drastically reducing their own gluttonous intake of these things?  Don’t hold your breath.  This is the same hypocrisy which drives the pope of Rome to condemn Donald Trump’s wall even though the Vatican itself is surrounded by walls; the same hypocrisy which enables the cardinals to call for a “Church of the poor” even while they themselves live in opulence as leaders of the wealthiest institution on the face of the earth.

  But here’s an aspect of all this which the Vatican never mentions, and in fact tries its best to conceal: one of the very first foreign powers to come in and hugely damage the lives of literally hundreds of thousands of Amazonian Indians was the Roman Catholic “Church” itself!  Just read the tragic history of South America, brutally conquered militarily by the Spanish and Portuguese and brutally conquered religiously by the priests of Rome.  It is a story of tragedy, greed, brutality, murder, rape and pillage.

Accepting Other “Roads” to God: “Mother Earth” Joins “Mother Mary”

  The next important purpose of the Synod was the major impetus it gave to the Jesuit agenda of promoting the multifaith and syncretist movement.  Although utterly contrary to traditional Roman Catholic doctrine, the Jesuits have decided that this is now what Rome must promote, in this multifaith world.  They will continue to claim that the Roman Catholic institution contains the true and best way to God, but will allow that people of other religions could get to heaven if they are sincere, for their religions contain “elements” of truth.

  Adam Littlestone-Luria, historian at the University of California, Berkeley, wrote in September 2017: “With his new political and theological approach, Pope Francis is doing something truly revolutionary – he is reshaping the fundamental identity of Catholicism in the 21st century…. the pope’s open-minded acceptance of the legitimacy of other roads to God represents more than grudging acceptance of an increasingly diverse and secular reality.  It heralds a fundamental shift in the church’s aspirations.”[23]

  And the nun quoted above, Birgit Weiler, said, “Creation is a gift of love from God the Creator,” and that this is the meeting point with women of other religions.[24]

“Mother Mary” Now Has Competition: Pachamama (“Mother Earth”)!


As part of the preparations for the Amazon Synod, an Amazonian religious ceremony was held in the Vatican gardens in October 2019.  An image used by Amazonian Indians was employed during the ceremony – a fact which shocked and appalled many conservative, traditionalist Roman Catholics.  The wooden image was vaguely described as “a bare-breasted, pregnant woman”.[25]  This vagueness was deliberate, designed to deflect people from viewing the image as an idol.  For example, a bishop from Peru, David Martinez de Aguirre Guinea, claimed the image seemed to be a non-specific symbol for fertility, life and women, which could be seen as symbolising “the Amazon like an entity that is pregnant with life for the entire planet, for all people.”[26] 

  Except that it was an image of Pachamama (“Mother Earth”), a deity worshipped by many Amazonian Indians!

  The presence of the Pachamama idol shocked and appalled the Roman Catholic grandson of an ex-shaman, Rexcrisanto Delson, when he watched a video of the event.  “I saw the ceremony that was performed in the Vatican garden and couldn’t believe my eyes,” he said.  “There were idols, and even a Franciscan participated.  I later learned that an Amazon tribal leader confirmed it was purely pagan.  Did the Catholics who participated and supported such a vile act not know it was pagan?”[27] 

  Of course, Roman Catholicism is, itself, a religion of idol-worship.  It has innumerable idols of its own, before which its people bow and pray and worship.  In fact, in its long history it has always taken the idols of heathenism and adopted them into its own worship, simply “catholicising” them and giving the idols new names.  It is, after all, the ancient religion of Babylon – which was full of idolatry – dressed up as a “Christian” church (see Rev. 17 and 18).  But most Roman Catholics are not aware of this.  They think their Romish idols are not real idols, and that they do not violate the divine commandments regarding idolatry.  When, therefore, they saw an obviously heathen idol in a Roman Catholic ceremony, many of them were deeply shocked and disgusted.  They rightly viewed it as an idol, yet were blind to the fact that their “Church” is actually overflowing with idols!

  This poor man, so offended by the pagan idol, failed to understand that his pope, cardinals and priests were simply following the practice their religious system has always followed – that of incorporating heathen idols into Roman Catholic worship.  Alexander Hislop was right in his great book, The Two Babylons: Popery is nothing but “baptized paganism”.

“Catholic Contortionist” Twists and Turns to Defend Pachamama

  The most Jesuitical explanation of all for the presence of the Pachamama images came after the Synod was over.  It was given by the bishop emeritus of San Cristobal de las Casa, in Mexico, a monsignor named Felipe Arizmendi Esquivel.  He said of the use of these images at various points during the Synod, “Some condemned these actions as if they were idolatry, adoration of ‘Mother Earth’ and other ‘divinities.’  Nothing of that happened.  They aren’t goddesses; it was not an idolatrous worship.”[28]  Yet immediately afterwards he said: “They are symbols of Amazonian realities and experiences, with motivations that are not only cultural but also religious, but not of adoration, as this is owed only to God” (italics added).  So then they are religiously motivated idols!  And as for his explanation that they are not adored for only God is to be adored, if they are religiously motivated then again – they are used for worship.  But this is so typical of Romanism, which actually hoodwinks its followers into believing that the worship offered to Mary and the “saints” is of a lower order than the worship offered to God!  This bishop could therefore brazenly claim that adoration must only be offered to God, even though he knows only too well that adoration is also offered to Mary and the so-called “saints” in his “Church”, and to their idols which were taken wholesale from heathenism!  It is entirely possible, then, to accept adoration offered to some Amazonian image as well!

  He went on: “It’s very bold to condemn the Pope as an idolater, as he never has been or will be.”  The sheer brazenness of the man!  The pope of Rome is an idolater per excellence!  He worships the wafer-god of Rome, a piece of bread, every time he celebrates the mass; he worships Mary and a whole host of dead people falsely termed “saints”; he worships angels; he bows before their images and prays; and yet this bishop says he has never been an idolater, never will be, and what a cheek to say that he is!

  But Mr Esquivel, the bishop emeritus, wasn’t done yet.  Dwell for a moment on these words of his: “I asked an Aymara woman [in Bolivia] if, for them, Pachamama (Mother Earth) and Inti (Father Sun) are gods, and she answered me: Those who haven’t received evangelization consider them gods; for those of us who have been evangelized, they aren’t gods, but God’s best gifts.  Wonderful answer!  That’s what they are!  They are manifestations of God’s love, not gods” (italics added).

  It’s a source of never-failing amazement, the lengths to which Papists will go to deny that they worship idols and are thus idolaters.  The woman admitted they were gods!  

  Of course, like any good Papist would, she then said that for Papists they were no longer gods, just “gifts” from God.  Isn’t this what Papists have been doing since the earliest centuries?  They have always taken the gods of the heathen and “catholicised” them, claiming that now they are merely statues of the saints, and so on.  What deception!  What evil, that these men can call such lies “evangelisation”!

  Was the bishop done?  Oh no, not yet.  He continued to dig a hole for himself.  “In my previous diocese, when I heard with much affection and respect talk of ‘Mother Earth,’ I felt uncomfortable, as I said to myself: My only mothers are my mamma, the Virgin Mary, and the Church.  And when I saw them prostrate themselves and kiss the earth, I was even more bothered.  However, living with the Indians, I understood they didn’t adore Mother Earth as a goddess, but they wanted to value her and acknowledge her as a true mother, as she is the one that gives us food to eat, the one that gives us water,  air and all that we need to live.  They didn’t consider her a goddess; they didn’t adore her; they only expressed their respect and prayed, thanking God for her.”

  Nice try, Mr Esquivel.  But it doesn’t wash.  The Indians prostrated themselves to the earth, kissed the earth, spoke (i.e. prayed) to “her”.  Anywhere in the world this would be understood as worship of a deity.  And what Esquivel said next absolutely confirmed this: “I felt the same when I saw them going to the four corners of the universe, the cardinal points, they revered them, they prayed and they also addressed the sun with great respect.  Before knowing them and sharing the faith with them, I was tempted to judge them and condemn them as idolaters.”  This is a case of the pot calling the kettle black: one idolater condemning another idolater as an idolater!   Catholic contortionism!  Jesuitical gymnastics!


  There is, however, one difference this time round: in the past, Rome “catholicised” the idols of the heathen, renaming them after Mary and the various Romish “saints”.  But today, as the Papal system under Francis and the Jesuits embraces interfaith and syncretism, they are quite happy to use the idols in worship just as they are – without even going through the motions of “catholicising” them!

  This was obvious from the way in which the presence of the idol was defended and justified by participants in the Synod.  For example, in an article in a Roman Catholic paper entitled “Synod: Learn from Other Expressions of Faith” – something priests of earlier times would never have said – a Romish bishop, Emmanuel Lafont, said that once upon a time these “indigenous ways of life” would have been considered as forms of “idolatry” or a sign of a “lack of civilisation” – “because we thought that only we had the truth and other people had nothing.”[29]

  Think about what this man, a bishop in the Roman Catholic institution, was in fact saying.  He was claiming that there were at least elements of truth within heathen religions!  There was indeed a time when no Romish bishop would ever have said such a thing.  But there he was, saying it.  And he was not the only one.  Truly, syncretism and the interfaith movement have taken up residence within the Romish system.

Francis and his henchmen contemplating the Pachamama idol in the Vatican garden

Dunking the Deities: Zealous Papists Toss the Idols into the Tiber!

  The Jesuit stranglehold over the Vatican and the Roman Catholic institution is ostracising many scandalised Roman Catholics, who view what is going on as nothing less than the paganisation of their beloved “Church”.

  But two persons, their identities unknown at first, decided to act.  At dawn on October 21, in the midst of the Amazon Synod, they entered the “Church of St Mary” in Traspontina, near the Vatican, grabbed several images of the naked, pregnant woman from two chapels at the back of the building, and tossed them into the Tiber River!  The entire thing was videoed and uploaded to YouTube.

  By this time the idols had been present at several of the events connected with the Synod in the Vatican, and had caused huge controversy.  In an edited version of the video, a caption was added which said the action was taken “for only one reason: Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, his blessed Mother, and everybody who follows Christ, are being attacked by members of our own Church.  We do not accept this!  We do not longer stay silent!  We start to act NOW!  Because we love humanity, we cannot accept that people of a certain region should not get baptized and therefore are being denied entrance into heaven.  It is our duty to follow the words of God like our holy Mother did.  There is no second way of salvation. Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat!”[30] 

  Clearly, many Roman Catholics were angry, frustrated, and fed up with their “Church”.  A huge polarisation between conservatives and liberals, traditionalists and “progressives”, is under way in the Roman Catholic institution.  Francis is being openly condemned as a heretic in many Roman Catholic circles, so intense is the depth of feeling.

The Pope of Rome Turns against His Own Followers!

  The hierarchy tried to dismiss the Tiber-tossing incident, with the head of Vatican communications calling it a “stunt”.  Not only that, but Francis himself became involved, and actually apologised.  Yes, but what did he apologise for?  Was it for the presence of heathen idols in a Roman Catholic place of worship?  No, not that.  Of course, Romish places of worship are full of idols anyway; but the point here is that these particular idols were not even “catholicised” idols.  They were openly heathenish.

  No, the pope of Rome did not apologise for the display of the idols.  Instead, he apologised to all those who felt offended by the action of the two Roman Catholics who threw the idols into the Tiber!  He asked for forgiveness.  In the eyes of the Jesuit pope, those Roman Catholics were the ones who had sinned, not those who placed openly heathen idols in a Roman Catholic place of worship!

  The idols were fished out of the river by the Italian police.  Then Francis went even further, asking the Vatican secretary of state to consider a suggestion made by the police, that the Vatican might ask the police to hand over the recovered images so that they might be brought into St Peter’s Basilica to be present at the closing mass of the Amazon Synod!

  Here are Francis’ actual words to the Synod delegates:

 “Good afternoon, I would like to say a word about the pachamama statues that were removed from the Church at Traspontina, which were there without idolatrous intentions and were thrown into the Tiber. 

  “First of all, this happened in Rome and, as bishop of the diocese, I ask pardon of the people who were offended by this act.  Then, I can inform you that the statues which created so much media clamor were found in the Tiber.  The statues are not damaged…. The leadership of the Carabinieri [Italian police] will be very happy to follow any indication given on the method of making the news public, and regarding the other initiatives desired in its regard, for example, the commander said, ‘the display of the statues at the closing mass of the Synod.’  We’ll see.  I delegate the Secretary of State who will respond to this.  This is good news, thank you.”[31]

  What times we are living in!

  The Jesuit vision for the Roman Catholic institution in this twenty-first century is spreading and engulfing many priests, nuns and others throughout the world, softened up to accept a liberal version of Romanism as compared with the traditionalist, conservative version of past centuries.

  This was further confirmed after the Synod by the president delegate, the Jesuit cardinal, Pedro Barreto, who said: “I personally, and many of us were hurt by the lack of respect in Rome of some groups that didn’t have the most minimal sense of good behaviour.  To come in, steal and hurl those images into the river was a slap, given the intolerance they manifested.”[32]  No true Christian wants anything to do with any kind of idols, of course, whether pagan or Papist – but the point is that this cardinal was hurt by what some Papists did to these non-Papist images, and felt no sympathy whatsoever for the millions of Papists who were hurt that the images were ever brought into one of their “churches” in the first place.

  And that was not all.  Veteran Roman Catholic journalist, Robert Moynihan, visited the “Church of St Mary” where the idols were kept, and in addition to them he also saw a poster of a woman nursing a child on one breast and a small animal on the other!  When he asked a nun from Brazil if she thought the poster was appropriate, she replied that she did, because it showed the intimate connection between human life and all animal life in the great cycle of life in this world.[33]  These are not your nuns of yesteryear, defending the age-old teachings of their religion.  A new breed of nun is abroad in the earth.  New priests and bishops too.

The Man who Dunked the Idols

   Two weeks later Alexander Tschugguel, 26, a Roman Catholic from Vienna, Austria, revealed in a video that he was the one who had taken the images and tossed them into the Tiber.  He believed they were “graven images” in contradiction of the first of the ten commandments, and did not belong in a Roman Catholic place of worship because they represented the “Mother Earth” goddess.

  It is so sad that this zealous young man, shocked that his beloved “Church” would do such a thing, remains blind to the fact that his “Church” continuously breaks the commandments relating to idolatry, for it is literally stuffed to the brim with idols of all kinds.  But like all Roman Catholics he has been taught that the images used in Romish places of worship are not idols – oh no, not those!  Only the “heathen” have those!

  Explaining why he revealed his identity, he said: “I don’t want them to think it was a coward action.  We didn’t go out earlier because we wanted the action itself being the main point of the discussions, and we wanted the people to talk about what happened and not who did it.  But now, two weeks later, one week after the Amazon synod, we are ready.  We want to face them.  We wanted to show them there are some laymen… we stand up, and we don’t longer accept things like that happening in the Catholic Church.”[34]

  This man represented multiplied millions of angry, frustrated, traditional, conservative Roman Catholics the world over, including Romish bishops and others such as Carlo Maria Viganò, the archbishop in hiding, who said: “Like many others, including Bishop Athanasius Schneider and Prof. Roberto de Mattei, I think that this young man is a hero…. [he] acted out of his Catholic conscience.”[35]

  The Jesuit-controlled Vatican of Francis I is shocking and appalling Roman Catholic conservatives around the world.  They rightly see it as giving in to all the currents troubling the world today, including liberalism, Marxism, interfaith, syncretism, pagan earth worship, and all the rest.  And they are beginning to rise up and protest. 

  True Christians should pray for this young man, that his eyes may be opened to all the idolatry of his false “Church”, and to the true Gospel of Christ.  And pray also for all those misguided, zealous souls who remain attached to this vile religious system, even though it lies to them, deceives them, and leads them ever deeper into the dark regions of the devil’s maze.

Preparing Roman Catholics for a Future Relaxation of Priestly Celibacy

  Another purpose behind the Amazon Synod was to start the process of preparing Roman Catholics for a future relaxation of the doctrine of priestly celibacy.  This will come as a surprise to many.  After all, what possible connection could there be between Indian tribes in the Amazon and priestly celibacy?

  Ah, but there is.

  In the vast Amazon region, there are not enough priests for all the Roman Catholics among the many tribes.  In some places a priest is only able to visit once a year, to say mass and perform “baptisms” and marriages.  In other places the Indians almost never see a priest.  To address this, the working document for the Synod contained a proposal for a type of ordination for village elders.  They would not be priests, they would not have all the attributes of priests, and they would have to be in stable relationships; but they would be able to preside over certain rituals of the faith, for example “eucharistic celebrations”, i.e. the mass.[36]

  Sure enough, when the Synod was under way, the proposals started flowing – from those within the hierarchy of the “Church” of Rome, be it noted! – to address the scarcity of priests in the Amazon region, including proposals to revise the formation programme for candidates to the priesthood, to start new ministries for “lay men and lay women”, to ordain married men of “proven virtue”, and to ordain women deacons.[37]

  A bishop, Rafael Cob Garcia, said one reason that there are so few men becoming priests in the Amazon is the “difficulty understanding disciplinary norms of the Catholic Church, including celibacy.”  Conditions in the Amazon are different, he said, which is why the “Church” needs to look at “new pathways”.[38]

  When it became known that this was going to be proposed at the Synod it caused a worldwide stir among Roman Catholics, as some believed it meant the first step towards eventually permitting married priests.  Francis denied it, but his denials mean nothing. 

  What, then, was going on?

  It is really quite simple, but also very Jesuitical in its craftiness.

  The fact is, it is not only the Amazon which faces this problem.  In many parts of the world there are not enough priests, to a large extent because of the obstacle of celibacy.  Men do not want to enter the priesthood and remain celibate.  Priestly ordinations have been declining drastically in recent times.  Something had to be done.

  The answer: to start preparing the Roman Catholic faithful for an eventual relaxation of the requirement for priestly celibacy.  But because this would not be popular among traditionalist Roman Catholics, it would have to be introduced gradually.  And the best way to do it would be to point to some remote part of the world where there are few priests, and begin to initiate changes there, where such changes would not affect Roman Catholics elsewhere, but which could later be adopted everywhere as the concept gradually became more acceptable.  In other words, the Amazon region would become a gigantic field test.  Rome could point to the region and say, “There are just too few priests there.  We have to do something!  Let’s grant certain married men some priestly powers.”  Then, as this becomes accepted, it will be extended to other parts of the world.

  Rome already permits married Anglican priests who pervert to Rome to become Romish priests.  They are ordained to the Romish priesthood even though they have wives.[39]  This latest proposal, then, is merely the next step in the softening-up process.

  Rome plans to maintain its doctrine of priestly celibacy, but is creating various exceptions to the rule.  And all so as to maintain its grip on the people!  In a day and age when celibacy is rejected more than ever before, this appears to the Vatican to be the solution.

  Lest any think that the above is merely this author’s interpretation of the Synod, read carefully the following, written by the Romish cardinal, Walter Brandmûller, who saw right through the real Jesuitical intent of the Synod.  In his critique he made no bones about it: “It is impossible to conceal that the ‘synod’ intends, above all, to help implement two most cherished projects that heretofore have never been implemented: namely, the abolition of priestly celibacy and the introduction of a female priesthood – beginning with female deacons.”[40]  Well, perhaps not the complete abolition of celibacy – but certainly the introduction of a married priesthood alongside a celibate priesthood.

  After the Synod Peter Turkson, a cardinal from Ghana, said: “This issue will probably be made the subject matter of a more detailed study with a view to the Church taking a consistent position, not only in view of the Amazon, but of the universal Church” (italics added).[41]  It becomes very clear that the Amazon Synod was just the beginning, a clever way to introduce the subject to the worldwide Roman Catholic population, to get them used to the idea gradually, by harping on, firstly, about the “pastoral needs” in the vast Amazon region with too few priests, and then secondly, by pushing the point that really what the Amazon needs is what the universal “Church” needs.

  He went on to say this very thing, in no uncertain terms: “The situations in the Amazon are pretty similar to those in the Congo.  In both cases, accessibility is very difficult and reduced, communication is tough, and if you want to get to places either by road or by river those challenges are there.”  He added that in the Congo, trained Roman Catholic catechists are leaders in their local communities, who already preach, baptize, bury the dead, and serve as “extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist.”

  Pedro Barreto, Jesuit cardinal and president delegate of the Synod, said: “At no time was celibacy called into question.  Let this be very clear: celibacy is a gift of God for the Church and it’s going to be kept.  What has been talked about is the possibility that married persons be able to receive Priestly Ordination – they are two different things.” 

  The proposal in the Synod’s final document was “to ordain as priests suitable and recognized men of the community, who have a fruitful Permanent Diaconate and receive appropriate formation for the Presbyterate, being able to have a legitimately constituted and stable family, to support the life of the Christian community through preaching of the Word and the celebration of the Sacraments in the most remote areas of the Amazonian region.”[42]

  And so we see how it will progress: first the Amazon; then places like the Congo; and finally the hierarchy will begin to say, “But you know, the same situation really exists even in Europe, and North America!  After all, we are short of priests everywhere; it is time to ordain married men under certain conditions, so that we can have enough priests to serve our communities throughout the world.”

  The grandson of the ex-shaman quoted earlier, Rexcrisanto Delson, was also very angry at the assertion that the indigenous people of the Amazon are incapable of understanding or receiving a celibate priestly “vocation”.  He said: “These people who believe such things seem to have forgotten the role of missionaries as understood in the past when the primary purpose and goal was to convert and baptize people – to save their souls.”[43]

  Sadly, this apparently sincere Roman Catholic, angered, shocked and confused by what he saw and heard from his bishops, failed to understand what the Jesuits were doing.  They have always believed in going out as Popish missionaries and “converting” people to Romanism, but they have also always been prepared to use any means to do it – even to bend or discard Romish doctrine and practice if it will further their aims among a heathen people.  Jesuit history in such places as China, Japan and India is replete with innumerable examples of this.  They believe that the end justifies the means, and they misuse the Scripture about becoming all things to all men (see 1 Cor. 9:22).  If priestly celibacy stands in the way of Amazonian Indians or modern westerners receiving the Romish “gospel”, then the Jesuits will find a way around it.

  Delson revealed a greater commitment to his Romish faith than the Jesuits and many other priests do when he said: “This bishop fails to understand that the indigenous do not understand celibacy because their intellect has not been fed the truth of our Catholic faith.  Of course they may struggle with the idea of a man not having a wife because this is foreign to them.  They aren’t the first who thought this…. To them, it isn’t natural.  That is precisely why they needed to be taught the ‘supernatural’ of our Catholic faith.  How can one’s will lead to the priesthood if one’s intellect has not been properly fed the truth.  It can’t.  This is why the Church needs to focus on elevating the intellect of the indigenous instead of lowering herself to their pagan beliefs and practices.”

  That last sentence sums up the Jesuit/Francis approach to Romish “evangelism”: the Jesuits (and those priests of so many other orders who have been carried away now with Jesuit teaching) are prepared to overlook pagan beliefs and practices to advance their cause.

  And they have also accepted that it is time to modify the Romish doctrine of priestly celibacy because for too long it has stood in the way of many people accepting Romanism – especially in the wake of the worldwide priestly sex scandal.  They want to gradually get their people used to the idea that celibacy should eventually be optional – and they have chosen the vast Amazon region as the place to begin this change, precisely because they can point to the Indians there and say, “See?  They need priests, but celibacy stands in the way!  We must change the rules on celibacy.”  And eventually the Amazon experiment will be rolled out worldwide.  Delson saw it clearly, saying he resented the fact that the Amazonian Indians were being used as an excuse “to promote an agenda for married priests.”  Precisely so.

Roman Catholic Priestesses in the Future?

  In the same way as the Synod was used to test the waters with regards to married men performing certain priestly functions, it was also used to test the waters regarding women doing the same. In the modern world this issue has become extremely important to liberal priests and bishops.  They know the Papal institution is shedding members, because the equality of the sexes is now a reality throughout the western world, and the prohibition on women priests appears to be a chauvinistic anachronism from a bygone age.  The hierarchy has to find a way around this.

  The working document for the Synod called for the bishops to “identify the type of official ministry that can be conferred on women, taking into account the central role that they currently play in the Amazonian Church.”[44]  Note two things from this quotation.  First, the bishops were to discuss some kind of official ministry for women.  This was revolutionary.  Second, over and over it was repeated that women in the Amazon region already play a central role in the life of the Roman Catholic “Church”.  By repeating this constantly, it was drummed into Roman Catholic heads that since it was already a fait accompli, it should now simply be recognised officially.

  The Jesuitical cunning behind this approach is evident.  For the fact is that Roman Catholic women in many parts of the world play the central role in “Church” life.  Therefore, if they can be granted more powers in the Amazon region to begin with, this will inevitably lead to them being granted more powers in other parts of the world, and eventually throughout the Papal institution.  Possibly even priestesses!

  This is the Jesuit plan to fundamentally alter the Papal institution so that it conforms even more to the world, so as to be acceptable to it.

  After the Synod the cardinal and president delegate, Pedro Barreto, said regarding women’s ministry: “The topic was touched upon, but Pope Francis himself felt that perhaps it wasn’t touched upon in great depth.”[45]  Perhaps so, but the fact that it was raised at all was a good beginning as far as the hierarchy was concerned.  The subject was introduced, and now the global Roman Catholic population knows it is something that is going to be considered in the future.  The softening-up process has begun.

  And note the following words of his, which are extremely significant: “there are women religious, in very remote areas, which a priest cannot reach, and they baptize, they are present in religious marriages, they take part in the liturgy, in Communion, in practice they are already Deaconesses, and people perceive it very well.  Now, in regard to the Sunday ‘para-liturgy,’ they do the homily and sometimes, no matter how much they explain to the people that it’s not a Eucharistic Celebration, the simple people say, ‘We are happy, Monsignor, because these little mothers celebrate a beautiful Mass,’ no matter how much one explains to them…. So, in practice, it’s already happening.”

  Think of what this man was saying.  It truly shows that the Papacy of Francis I is a liberal Papacy,  willing to cast aside even the most cherished Roman Catholic doctrines, just so long as this will enable the Papacy to maintain and indeed expand its influence in the world. 


  The Amazon Synod of 2019 was a moment of extreme significance in the Roman Catholic institution; a defining moment.  If the Papacy continues along its present trajectory in the years to come – in other words, if the seismic shift occurring under the Francis pontificate continues without being stopped by some kind of conservative, traditionalist backlash – the Roman Catholic institution of the near future will be a very different one, in all kinds of ways, from what it was in the past.  Rome boastfully claims it never changes.  This is a lie.  It has changed in the past, and it is changing again now.  Only time will tell what it will look like a few years down the line.  But of this much we may be certain: in a rapidly-changing world, it must change with the times in order to maintain its hold on its people.  It is not opposed to the world, but very much a part of it.  And the Jesuits who run it are past masters at “becoming all things to all men”, not in the true biblical sense, but in the sense of pleasing the worldly with devilish lies to keep them chained to the feet of the Roman pope.

November 2019

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