Rome Triumphs Over Canterbury Again: John Henry Newman Made a “Saint”

  And then he wrote this: “As an Anglican, he [Newman] guided that church back to its Catholic roots, and as a Catholic, he was ready to learn from the Anglican tradition.”  Do we have, here, a statement from Prince Charles of his own belief – that Anglicanism, being essentially Roman Catholic, should therefore return to Rome?  I think we can safely say this is precisely what he was meaning.  This is what the future king of England would like.  If Charles is not yet a secret Papist already, he soon will be if he carries on like this.

The Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury Heaps Praise on Newman

  The Anglican archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, spiritual leader of the world’s Anglicans, waffled on about Newman a few days after the canonisation, at a service in celebration of the canonisation.  He realised how strange the whole thing looked!  For he said, “So what does a modern archbishop of Canterbury make of being invited to preach at this service?”[24]  Well, we could tell him, but he wouldn’t listen!  He said some might argue that it was like “asking a party leader to welcome one of his own who had crossed the floor in the worst of circumstances.  Or… like asking Queen Victoria to release one of her shrewdest military tacticians to take up a command in an enemy army.”  These analogies would be excellent – if Anglicanism was in any way Christian.  But it is not, it is a spiritual daughter of the Mother Harlot, and therefore his next words were true:  “How wrong can analogy be?  For we [Romanists and Anglicans] are not enemies, nor are we opponents, nor even rivals.”  Anglicanism is a weak, wimpish, washed-up, wasted religious harlot, only too willing to find any way possible to return to her mother on the seven hills. 

  Welby went on: “We are more like a family that had a very bitter dispute, a divorce in the past… For all that we are still family”.  Precisely.  Anglicanism was the creation of King Henry VIII and his henchmen – it was not a Christian church then, and it is not one now.  It was nothing but Romanism without the pope.  It was a divorce from Rome because Henry wanted a divorce from his wife.  And now the relationship is almost healed.

  Welby then said: “This is where St John Henry comes in, for he is the saint of this age as well as of his own, and thus we rejoice both at his canonisation, more appropriately we learn from his life and seek his intercession.”  And: “St John Henry reminds us that there is only one flock of Christ.”

  Oh, the Jesuits must love Justin! This blind hireling in a dress, this archbishop of Canterbury, blabbers on, rejoicing over the Papist canonisation of an ex-Anglican who did his best to destroy Anglicanism!  Have you ever heard anything so pathetic?  And then to “seek his intercessions” – i.e. to make like the Papists and pray to Newman!  Truly, Welby is a Papist already, at least at heart.  He just doesn’t have the honesty to come out openly and admit it.


  As I wrote at the conclusion of a previous article: as far as the Vatican is concerned, its victory over the United Kingdom, and over the “Church of England”, is almost complete.  Four and a half centuries of Papist intrigue, it feels certain, are soon to pay off.  These are momentous times, and it becomes the Lord’s true people to be much in prayer as they watch these things unfold, to understand the times, to witness for Christ and preach His glorious Gospel of grace, and to cleave to His Word, the Bible, so as not to be deceived by all that is taking place.[25]

October 2019

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