Rome Triumphs Over Canterbury Again: John Henry Newman Made a “Saint”

  “[A]nd then, disaster…. Instead of [the “Church of England”] being a national institution, it degenerated into a disunited collection of quarrelling Christian sects…. And Britain had changed, too.  Out had gone the Protestant stiff upper lip.  In had come ‘Dianafication’: the advent of mass emotion, outpourings of hysteria.  The Strictly Come Dancing generation is all smells and bells in a soft, fluffy, Blairite world, a world that is superficially, as the Blairs themselves demonstrate, sympathetic towards Catholicism…

  “Today the [Anglican] Church is a shadow of what it used to be, rotten from within.”

  Astoundingly, Starkey discerned what so many gullible, naive Anglicans and Protestants just cannot or will not see: the true face of Roman Catholicism.  He concluded by stating:

 “But perhaps they [those sympathetic towards Romanism] have not tasted the hard edge of the faith.  They have not encountered its magisterium, the power to impose doctrine at will, papal infallibility.  Up till now, Rome has been handling Anglicanism with the velvet glove.  Traditionally, however, it has a very iron hand…. Eventually, the noose will tighten.”

Vatican Victory: Newman’s Canonisation

  And so it came to pass that on 13 October 2019, John Henry Newman became a Roman Catholic “saint”, when the Roman pope, Francis I, “canonised” him before an audience of some 50 000 in St Peter’s Square in the Vatican (along with a few other dead people, whose canonisation at the same time was utterly overshadowed by Newman’s).  Francis happily greeted an official Anglican delegation who came to witness the canonisation.  Think about this: one of their own had converted to Romanism, yet here they were, smiling and rejoicing to be there to watch this sorry spectacle!  

  By canonising Newman, the Roman pope has done two major things.  He has canonised a man who started out as an Anglican and then became a Papist, thereby encouraging many other Anglicans today to take the same step, to convert to Rome.  And he has canonised a man who worked with subtlety and dishonesty to undermine the Anglican institution and turn it Romeward in its doctrine and practice, thereby preparing it for eventual return to the Roman fold.  By canonising such a man at this time, the Antichrist has sent a clear message to England’s Anglicans and even to England’s political leaders: it is time for you to return to Rome.

Prince Charles Heaps Praise on Newman

  Among those present for the ceremony were various official delegations and even royals – including Britain’s Prince Charles.  The British Embassy to the “Holy See” even put on an exhibition entitled “John Henry Newman: A Saint in Rome.”  British ambassador to the Vatican, Sally Axworthy, along with Westminster’s Roman Catholic cardinal, Vincent Nichols, co-hosted in the Vatican “Cardinal Newman: a Celebration.”[22]  This was the depth to which the British government sank! 

  Prince Charles, well known for his utter spiritual confusion and his strong attraction to all things mystical and New Agey, including the mystical aspects of Roman Catholicism, actually wrote a column praising Newman!  This man, if he ever becomes king, will swear to uphold the Protestant faith as part of his oath (we do not believe any earthly monarch should unite State and “Church” this way, and in becoming head of the “Church of England” he will not be the head of a true Christian church in any sense; we simply point out the fact of what will happen when he is crowned); and yet here he was, an Anglican, heaping praise on an Anglican pervert to Romanism, who by his deceitful teachings did so much to undermine the Anglican institution and prepare it for being taken Romeward.

  Charles’ article was published in no less than the Vatican’s own L’Osservatore Romano, the Jesuit-run Vatican newspaper, on 12 October.  It was in fact published as the paper’s editorial for that day!  The Jesuits must have been gloating over and exulting in the stupidity of the future king of England.

  Charles wrote: “When Pope Francis’ canonizes Cardinal John Henry Newman tomorrow… it will be a cause of celebration not merely in the United Kingdom, and not merely for Catholics, but for all who cherish the values by which he was inspired.”[23]

  Does Charles have any idea of what he is doing?  Oh how the Papacy and its Jesuits must have been laughing and mocking, to see him praising the very man who did so much to destroy Charles’ own country and “church”!  They are literally watching the English Reformation unravelling before their eyes.

  Charles praised Newman’s ecumenism, and what he saw as Newman’s contribution to the interfaith movement.  He also pointedly stated that Newman was a leader of his Roman Catholic “Church” during the era of Roman Catholic emancipation in England – making it sound as if the poor Roman Catholics had suffered greatly in England prior to their emancipation.  Not a word about the centuries of Papal persecution of Protestants in England and throughout the world.

  In fact, Charles wrote: “[Newman] gave the Catholic Church renewed confidence as it re-established itself in a land in which it had once been uprooted.”  Not a word about why Roman Catholicism had been uprooted; not a word about its centuries of corruption, greed, rape, murder, witchcraft, political power and intrigue, persecution unto death of all those who disagreed with it, and all the rest.  No: instead the prince went further still, writing: “The Catholic community in Britain today owes an incalculable debt to [Newman’s] tireless work, even as British society has cause for gratitude to that community for its immeasurably valuable contribution to our country’s life.”  What a shocking statement and an outright falsification of history!  The contribution of the Roman Catholic institution to British society can be seen in the records of history: persecution, fire and sword, murder, plots against the monarchs and the government, burnings at the stake of men, women and children.