An Archbishop in Hiding, And a Pope Denying Everything

Francis to His Nuncios: Do Not Criticise Me

  Then on 13 June 2019 Francis held a meeting in the Vatican with all the nuncios of the Roman Catholic institution – over 100 of them, active and retired.  Nuncios are the men who serve as the pope’s ambassadors around the world.  Francis’ prepared speech included “ten commandments” for men who wished to be “good nuncios.”  And one of those “ten commandments” stated that a good nuncio would not “criticise the pope behind his back”.  Here are his words:

 “A good nuncio cannot be a ‘hypocrite’ and engage in back-stabbing.  It is irreconcilable, therefore, to be a pontifical representative while criticising the Pope behind his back, to have a blog or even unite with groups hostile to him, the Curia or the Church of Rome.”[7]

  Taken at face value, there is nothing in this remark that is…well, remarkable.  It is demanding no more than what any president of any country would demand of his ambassador.  But although innocent enough in itself, it was well understood by Vatican observers to be a very “loaded” remark in truth.  They understood it to be a lightly-veiled criticism of Carlo Maria Viganò.

  The reasons for believing these words were a reference to Viganò are: firstly, because his accusations shook Francis and the Vatican and the repercussions have continued to be felt ever since; and secondly, because Francis’s prepared speech came just days after The Washington Post published its interview with Viganò.

  Although these remarks were part of Francis’ prepared speech, he did not actually read them, because he departed from the prepared text and spoke off the cuff to the nuncios.  But that hardly matters, since the prepared text was handed out to the nuncios anyway.  It would appear that Francis intended these remarks for the nuncios, but not for the general public.  Hence his extemporaneous remarks, while at the same time giving his ambassadors the prepared remarks.


  We are witnessing the true, wolf-like nature of the Jesuit pope who has fooled the world into believing he is a lamb, in fact an easy-going, affable teddy bear.  And at heart, the Vatican he presides over is the same as it has always been: intolerant, persecuting, deadly.  In this 21st century, a man –one of their own – is in hiding from Vatican agents.  It is like something out of those dark historical times when the Inquisition hunted down those it deemed to be heretics.  This is the “habitation of devils” (Rev. 18:2) which the world blindly refers to as the Roman Catholic Church

July 2019

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