An Archbishop in Hiding, And a Pope Denying Everything

Still in Hiding Many Months Later

   The Washington Post recently interviewed Viganò (not in person, not even by phone, but by email), and published the interview on 10 June 2019.  It said:

  “In the instant he became one of the most controversial figures in modern Catholic Church history, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò went dark. 

  “The retired Vatican ambassador to Washington wrote a bombshell letter last summer calling on Pope Francis to resign on the grounds that he had tolerated a known sexual abuser.  As that letter was published, Viganò turned off his phone, told friends he was disappearing, and let the church sort through the fallout.

  “Nine months later, in his first extended interview since that moment, Viganò refused to disclose his location or say much about his self-imposed exile.”

  Viganò well knows the danger his life is in!  The Jesuits are not above committing murder when they deem it necessary.  This is the diabolically evil religio-political institution which arrogantly calls itself the Church of Christ on earth.  An institution where even its own leaders live in fear of their very lives when they break ranks and speak out against its abominations.  Nothing has truly changed since the Dark Ages.  Rome still persecutes whenever she can get away with it.  Viganò knows it.  This is why he is in hiding.  He said in the interview that he had become “more careful about whom I meet and what I say.”  When asked by email where he was living, he wrote “N/A.”  Likewise when he was asked if he believed his safety was under threat.  A man who feels no fear for his safety would say so, openly and vehemently.

The “Gay Mafia” in the Roman Catholic Priesthood

  In the interview he said that the priestly sexual abuse crisis would be far less severe if “the problem of homosexuality in the priesthood were honestly acknowledged and properly addressed.”  Again, he was absolutely correct.

  “”Given the overwhelming evidence,” he wrote, “it is mind-boggling that the word ‘homosexuality’ has not appeared once, in any of the recent official documents of the Holy See” on events dealing with the sexual abuse of youth.

  He added that a “gay mafia” among bishops who were intent on protecting themselves was “sabotaging all efforts at reform.”

  For example, he cited an exchange from a Vatican press conference in February, when a journalist asked an archbishop, Charles Scicluna about a case in Argentina.  This press conference was held during what was supposed to be a very important abuse summit at the Vatican.  When Scicluna started to answer, the Vatican spokesman interrupted, saying that the press conference was not the time to “focus on individual cases.”  Commenting on this incident, Viganò wrote: “One may be forgiven for wondering whether the results of an honest and thorough investigation really will be released, and in a timely fashion.  There is a certain irony here: This exchange happened while [the summit organisers] were discussing what they themselves called transparency.”

  He also wrote: “The results of an honest investigation would be disastrous for the current papacy.”

  Regarding his open letter of August 2018 which started it all, Viganò said that in retrospect, he would have softened his call for Francis to resign.  He now leaves open the possibility that Francis could repent, but that he should resign “if he refuses to admit his mistakes and ask for forgiveness.”