The Next Great Priestly Scandal: Priests Who Have Fathered Illegitimate Children

It is worldwide.  And it always has been.  Untold numbers of children have been fathered by priests having affairs with nuns.  And untold numbers more have been fathered by priests having affairs with women outside of convents as well.

Examples from History of Priests who Fathered Illegitimate Children

Charles Chiniquy, who was for twenty-five years a priest of Rome in Canada and the United States in the nineteenth century, in his book, The Priest, the Woman, and the Confessional, exposed the sexual sins of priests.  He gives many examples of how priests commit all kinds of sexual sins.  And he mentions the children so often begotten by priests.

He tells of a young married woman in Canada who came to him in the confessional box, and confessed that, of her four children, three of them were fathered by her priest-confessor, not her husband.[8]  And he writes of another woman who confessed to him that she had had affairs with a number of priests, and that, just two days before her marriage, she conceived a child by her priest-confessor.  This was the only child she had, a girl, and she continued the affair with her priest as the years went by.  He also had affairs with many other women in that area.  But the time came when the young daughter went to confession herself, and the priest had sexual relations with her – his own child!  The young girl came to her mother and blurted out the truth.  The mother ordered the priest to leave or she would tell her husband that the child he thought was his, was really the priest’s; she then denounced the priest to his bishop, and warned him to get rid of the man.  Within eight days the bishop had transferred him to another place, where he continued having affairs with the women of that area, just as he had done previously.[9]

When Chiniquy visited Chicago in 1851, he learned that a priest there had fallen for a nun, the superior of the Convent of Lorette; and under the pretext of restoring her health she went to a city in the west, where she died while giving birth to the priest’s stillborn child.  When his bishop instituted an inquiry into the priest’s conduct, the priest poisoned the bishop, who died after a few days.[10]

Henrietta Carraciciolo, daughter of a governor of Italy and author of the book, Mysteries of the Neapolitan Convents, exposed the goings-on in Italy’s convents, which could be multiplied across the earth.  Among innumerable cases she gives is the following, which is all too common: a nun, “being somewhat infirm, her priest confessed her in her room.  After a time, the invalid penitent found herself in what is called an interesting situation, on which account, the physician declaring that her complaint was dropsy, she was sent away from the convent.”[11]

Maria Monk, who was a nun in Montreal, Canada in the nineteenth century, and whose autobiography, Awful Disclosures of Maria Monk, fell like a thunderbolt on the “Church” of Rome of her day, pointed out that priests’ seminaries have so often been deliberately built in close proximity to nuns’ convents, and some have even been connected by underground passages; and nuns gave birth to the children of priests.  These poor babies were strangled, and often put into lime pits to dispose of the bodies.  She herself witnessed the murders of babies born to nuns, and her own baby, conceived by a priest, was murdered.  Her story was published after being carefully examined and clearly proven to be genuine.[12]

She was not the only ex-nun who told of the terrible goings-on in convents, and of babies born to nuns, fathered by priests.  Many other ex-nuns testified to it as well.  One was Margaret L. Shepherd, who at the age of 14 was sexually assaulted by a priest, gave birth to his baby, and was thrust into a convent with her baby.  While in that place she gave birth to two more babies, and they were both murdered there.  She related all in her autobiography, My Life in the Convent.[13]

Another woman, known when she was a nun as Mary Louise, who escaped the convent of Mt Angel in July 1913 in Silverton, Oregon, stated in an affidavit that many babies, fathered by priests, were born in convents to the nuns and murdered at birth, while others were sent to Roman Catholic orphanages.[14]

Examples from Modern Times of Priests who Fathered Illegitimate Children

Let no one think that these cases are limited only to long ago, or only to dalliances between priests and nuns.  Thousands of such cases have occurred in modern times as well.  Man’s nature does not change just because he lives in modern times, and priests are men with the same sinful natures as other men, yet forced into celibacy.  Here is just a sampling of cases that were reported on in more recent years.  They could be multiplied by innumerable others from around the world:

In January 1991 it was reported in Holland that at the diocesan seminary of Rolduc, a priest left the seminary just two days after he was ordained to marry a woman who was pregnant with his child.[15]

In May 1992 it was reported that a Roman Catholic bishop named Casey had had an affair with a woman seventeen years previously, and had fathered a child.[16]

A priest of the Capuchin Friars order, Martin de Leeuw, fathered a child in Auckland, New Zealand, the baby being born in 1991.  The priest then disappeared overseas.[17]

In June 1995, the bishop of the largest Roman Catholic diocese in Switzerland, Hansjoerg Vogel, announced his resignation because he had fathered a child after taking office the year before.[18]