Occult Oxymoron: The “Christian Witch” Phenomenon

“Christian witchcraft”: a growing phenomenon amidst the abounding religious confusion and delusion of our times.  Satan is merging his various religious lies.  For centuries he has fobbed off the impossible on the world: the so-called “Roman Catholic Christian.”  In recent times we have seen the growing merger between the Seventh-day Adventist cult and what passes for “Evangelical Christianity” today.  Even the Mormon cult is increasingly being accepted as part of “Christianity”.  And yet another impossible combination is being accepted by some: “Chrislam” – an attempt to merge Christianity and Islam.

And now we have “Christian witchcraft”.  What’s next on the horizon of Satan’s smorgasbord ?  In today’s mixed-up, confused and crazy religious world, all we can say for certain is, “Never say never”!  The devil has a few tricks up his sleeve yet.  The way that leads to everlasting destruction is a very broad way indeed.

May 2019

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