Occult Oxymoron: The “Christian Witch” Phenomenon

Hold on a minute!  They can’t have their cake and eat it too.  Witcher says, “you can’t really talk about being a Jesus follower without doing what he did which is magic” – and yet he claims to be a “Christian magician” while at the same time admitting that he can’t do what Jesus did! He says that basic sorcery “is really just being able to change the natural by supernatural means” – he makes it sound so easy, saying it’s “just being able” to do such miraculous things – and yet he admits he can’t!

So then, just to be clear: Jesus was supposedly a sorcerer who performed magic; all His followers should be able to perform the same magic if they are truly His followers; and yet neither Love nor Witcher have ever “got up to the level” of Jesus!  Well then: if Love and Witcher, who claim to be experts and guides for others, have never performed “magic” like they say Jesus did, how can they claim to be genuine and powerful practitioners of witchcraft and sorcery and magic?  They are charlatans by their very own admission!

What is the true meaning of Jn. 14:12?  The apostles and some other early Christians were given such extraordinary gifts as working of miracles, miraculous healings, etc.  And by them doing greater works than Jesus Himself did, the meaning is not that they did greater miracles in kind – it has nothing to do with professing Christians performing even greater miraculous miracles than Jesus did – but that they did more; because they lived longer, and travelled further, than Jesus did, and performed miracles in His Name and by His power.  Also, and even more to the point, the “greater works” refer to the greatest miracle of all – the conversion of sinners to Christ.  Under the ministry of the apostles, more people were converted than under the Lord’s personal ministry while on earth.  And as the verse says, this was because Jesus returned to His Father in heaven; for from heaven He sent forth the Holy Spirit, who worked through those men unto the conversion of great multitudes in those times.

The tragedy in all of this is that Witcher’s blasphemous beliefs are a product, to a large extent, of his unbiblical Pentecostal background.  Yes, he was once a Pentecostal.  And this background made it easy for him to cross over from Pentecostalism into witchcraft and sorcery.  He said, “My background in Pentecostalism really set me up on a good foundation.  We had tools.  We did anointing oils, prayer shawls, demonology was taught very regularly at least in my circles.  So those conversations were not weird.  We talked on the gifts of the Spirit… going into magic was a very easy segue…. The only thing it did was expand that particular power outside that particular practice.”

Pentecostalism is not biblical Christianity.  It is unsound in doctrine and unsound in practice.  And its emphasis on what it falsely claims to be miraculous gifts of the Spirit narrows the gap between its spurious version of Christianity and the occult!  Much of what occurs within Pentecostalism is occultic: being “slain in the Spirit”, so-called speaking in “tongues” and “prophecies”, hypnotic music, a heightened emotional state and even hysteria – all these things occur within various branches of the occult.  They are counterfeits of the true gifts of the Spirit which the apostles possessed.  It can very easily be a stepping stone into hardcore occultism, for so much of it falls within occultism already.

Witcher went on: “We believe that we are one with the Spirit…. All Christians are mystic, especially Charismatics [because] it was always taught that I and my Father are one.  We are one with the Spirit.  We are the children of God.  We are the children of the Almighty…. There is no difference between me and the Father.  There is no difference between me and Jesus.”

It is true that many Charismatics are mystic – no doubt about it.  But Witcher’s use of the words of Jesus, “I and my Father are one” (Jn. 10:30) has nothing to do with mysticism, nor is the “I” in that verse referring to professing Christians!  Jesus was very obviously speaking of Himself.  He is one with God the Father.  Witcher may believe that there is no difference between him and the Father, or between him and Jesus, but he is horribly deceived by the devil.  This is not the meaning of Jn. 10:30, nor is Witcher’s heresy taught anywhere in the Bible.  His teaching is nothing but occultic New Age/Hindu/pantheistic mysticism, the demonic notion that all men are “one with the divine”.  It is a typical case of a blind man pulling what he wants to find out of the Bible, even though in truth it is not there.  It is amazing how many people, who have no true knowledge or understanding of what the Bible says, will dogmatically assert that they know what it says and means!