Francis I Should be Removed from Office for Heresy, Say Priests and Other Papists

Roman Catholicism is a vast system of antichristian doctrine.  Its priests are not Christians, its people are not Christians, and it is not a Christian church.  Too many Protestant preachers and authors have made this shocking error.  In ignorance almost beyond comprehension, they place Roman Catholicism within the broad parameters of Christianity. They apply the word, “Church”, to it.  They say it is error-filled Christianity, but Christianity nonetheless. They speak of “some Roman Catholics being Christians.”  This is shocking error, and that any professing man of God holds to it is disgraceful.  The harm that has been done by such unbiblical teaching!

Roman Catholicism is the most foul, antichristian, false religious system the world has ever known.  It is no more Christian than Hinduism, Buddhism, or Islam.  It is the devil’s lie.  It does not matter if its priests or people are conservative or liberal in doctrine – for conservative Roman Catholic doctrine is just as heretical as liberal Roman Catholic doctrine.  Both are unscriptural!  Both are doctrines of devils!  And Roman Catholics, whether conservative or liberal, are on the broad way that leads to destruction.

Be warned, then, Christian!  These accusations of heresy, etc., are the internal squabblings of the deceived against the deceived.  Do not be deceived yourself, on this matter, in the process!

May 2019

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