Occult Oxymoron: The “Christian Witch” Phenomenon

Occult Oxymoron the Christian Witches Phenomenon, PDF format

In the late 1990s and into the 2000s there was a flood of movies and TV series glorifying witchcraft and the occult, resulting in an explosion of interest in the satanic dark arts.  This has happened at various times in modern history.  But the difference this time was that these stories presented even the most obviously evil themes and characters in a very good light, making them all the more attractive especially to young people.  There was, of course, the Harry Potter series of books and the movies which followed, which depicted the young hero as a “good” wizard, with the books becoming the most popular book series in history, and the movies a phenomenal success globally.  The TV series Charmed was about three young sisters who were depicted as “good” witches.  It too became a massive success.  And another TV series, Angel, actually depicted the hero as a vampire with a restored human soul, and therefore a “good” vampire. Continue reading

Francis I Should be Removed from Office for Heresy, Say Priests and Other Papists

Francis I Should be Removed from Office Say Priests and Others, PDF format

Priests and Academics Accuse the Pope of Rome of Heresy

It has happened before.  And now it has happened again.

With the sweeping changes which the first-ever Jesuit pope, Francis I, has been seeking to make to both the doctrine and practice of the Roman Catholic religion, it was inevitable that conservative Roman Catholics, firmly committed to orthodox Popish doctrine, would accuse him of being a heretic. Continue reading